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how to write a confirmation email

How to Write a Confirmation Email? + 5 Best Examples (2024)

Customers, suppliers, or partners expect to receive a confirmation email when they perform, arrange services, or buy products. 

A confirmation email can help recipients and senders investigate ongoing issues or transactions or both have the same information in their logs. Knowing how to write a confirmation email can improve your company’s communication capabilities. 

In this article, we discuss these confirmation emails and provide examples to help you create your email.

What is a Confirmation Email?

A marketing email triggered by a specific customer action best describes a confirmation email. It can be a purchase or registration.

The purpose of confirmation emails is to notify buyers that the payment process has been completed. The confirmation email contains important information about your purchase, such as payment or shipping information.

A Lead generation and Lead management software helps Marketers to generate new leads, manage them as well as provide additional promotions with confirmation emails to increase sales. Marketers can generate new leads and provide additional promotions with confirmation emails to increase sales. Remember that all confirmation emails have high open and engagement rates.

Why Use Confirmation Email Templates?

Email confirmations can be used as an important marketing tactic. It helps the buyer take the next step or complete the transaction. In other words, a confirmation email is a transactional email automatically sent when a transaction is made, such as a sale or the end of a meeting.

Email confirmation templates can be used to further engage with a new customer or potential customer. It’s a great tool to improve customer relationships and build trust.

With poster maker, you can easily create eye-catching posters that reflect your brand identity and values, saving you time and effort while leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

  • Maintain trust between the brand and the customer- With a confirmation email, they will trust you have received their order and follow through with the next payment and shipping steps.

  • You can introduce yourself- You can promote and benefit from a high email open rate in confirmation messages when you send an email. Please keep it simple by sharing social media profiles and other things the customer might be interested in.

  • Act as a reminder- With so much going on, it’s easy to forget! A confirmation letter can remind someone of a meeting, appointment, and more.

  • Share canned responses- Your confirmation email will answer frequently asked questions depending on the message type.

  • Increase participation- About 70% of customers open the confirmation email. Someone on your mailing list might not read your message, but they will open their confirmation, so add something extra.

Types of Confirmation Emails

1. Order Confirmation Email

Order Confirmation Email

When a customer places an order, this action triggers a confirmation email explaining that their request has been processed – confirming the order. Typically order confirmation emails are commonly used in e-commerce stores or B2C transactions. This email contains all relevant information, including a full-order summary.

These emails are further divided into these categories:

  • Monitoring customer feedback
  • Payment confirmation email
  • Purchase confirmation email
  • Email confirmation of shipping information

2. Booking Confirmation Email

Another frequently sent email confirming an online reservation. The reservation confirmation email acts as a thank you email that you send to customers after they confirm the online reservation.

It helps you build stronger relationships with customers who love your services. 

3. Registration Confirmation Email

This email is typically sent to customers registering for an event or pre-booking a product. Marketers often use subscription emails as welcome emails. Later on, customers can also unsubscribe by sending an online confirmation email. 

Confirmation emails are usually of the following types:-

  • Webinar confirmation email
  • Event registration email confirmation
  • Thank you for the registration email
  • A confirmation email for registration
  • Cancellation confirmation email

4. Subscription Confirmation Email

Subscription Confirmation Email

Subscription confirmation emails are generated when a visitor joins your mailing list. In a double opt-in, verifying the confirmation email to verify that a valid email address has been received is critical.

The confirmation emails are further divided into two categories.

  • Thank you for signing up for the email
  • Double confirmation email

Let us now understand how to write a confirmation email.

How to Write a Confirmation Email?

1. Identify and add the recipient

Add the recipient’s email address to the email address bar. If you plan to meet with all the recipients, you can see their email addresses in case they need to contact each other. If you email multiple customers or vendors, you can hide each other’s email addresses using the Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) feature.

2. Write a pleasing subject line

Write a pleasing subject line

Your email subject line should clearly state the purpose of your email. Keep email subject lines as short as possible when expressing yourself when messaging.

3. Explain the purpose of the email

Begin the first paragraph of the body of your message with a brief explanation of why you are writing this email. For example, when writing to confirm an order, you can say: “I am writing to confirm your last order from our company.”

4. List the details

List any details about the event or activity that your buyer needs. Necessary details for meetings, interviews, and meetings usually include the event’s date, time, and exact location. For product orders, provide details such as order number, estimated delivery date, and estimated arrival date.

5. Ask for more information

If you need more information from recipients, please use the confirmation email to receive it. Businesses that accept clients often require clients to pre-fill forms with contact, personal, health, or other useful information. If you plan a meeting, you can ask future participants to add items to a shared meeting agenda. You can make use of tools like Evernote and Onenote to jot down all the relevant information in a centralized location.

6. Ask questions

Ask questions

The confirmation email also provides a good opportunity to ask questions if needed. If you’re writing a confirmation email to confirm an interview with a potential employer, ask if they want you to prepare anything or read the company’s materials beforehand. You can also use the confirmation email to ask if you must bring materials or documents to an upcoming meeting.

7. Express your gratitude

Thank the recipient or recipients of your message. In the messages you send to your colleagues, you can thank them for the hard work they can do before the meeting. If you write to customers, express your appreciation for their purchase, patronage, or loyalty. 

8. Close the email

Choose an email signature, such as “best” or “sincerely.” Depending on the content of your message, you can use your name or the name of your department or company. Enter your personal or company contact information.

9. Edit and correct

Please review your message carefully before sending it. Ensure your content is as clear as possible and contains all the information the buyer needs. Also, check for minor errors, such as typos or misspellings.

Linking to legal documents such as Privacy Policies or Terms and Conditions in confirmation emails is crucial for two reasons. Firstly, it promotes transparency by informing recipients about their privacy rights and the agreements they’ve consented.

This is also a legal necessity in many areas. Secondly, it acts as a protective measure for your business, helping to reduce legal disputes by ensuring agreements and data practices are acknowledged. To easily get started and check this off your list, begin with this guide on how to write a standard privacy policy.

Examples of Confirmation Emails

1. Purchase confirmation email example

Purchase confirmation email example

An online purchase is successful when an autoresponder arrives in your inbox.

The purchase confirmation email includes the product, description, unit, subtotal, price, quantity, etc. The address of the sender and the recipient is also indicated.

The example mentioned below clearly includes all the information and helps the customer get the requisite information about their purchase. It has an interesting CTA where it asks the customers to visit their support section in case they require any help.

2. User feedback email

User feedback email

An email requesting immediate feedback will appear in your inbox within 24 hours of receiving your order. It personalizes the customer’s experience with your brand and encourages long-term retention.

This way, you can ask customers if they have questions or suggestions.

The example of the apple company below appreciates the customers for their time and effort. Also, it asks the customers directly if they have any concerns or feedback.

3. Double opt-in confirmation email example

Double opt-in confirmation email example

It is an easy-to-use email that contains the notification actions sent to confirm your registration.

The primary purpose is to eliminate the possibility of a wrong email address and ensure the user is with an email service provider. 

Sock Drawer kept the double opt-in email design simple to confirm visitor interest and avoid misunderstandings.

4. Webinar Confirmation email example

Webinar Confirmation email example

The user who registers for the webinar will receive a confirmation email describing the upcoming event along with the date and time. Sometimes this can also include the number of participants.

The design of the email is simple and neat. The logo confirms registration for the webinar. You can also see links to social media profiles in the footer. One of the most critical elements in email copy is the “Add to Calendar” CTA button.

The user must set a reminder date on their calendar to be notified so that they can attend the event.

5. Cancellation confirmation email example

Cancellation confirmation email example

If the customer decides to cancel the order, it is still essential to confirm the action. The purpose of unsubscribing confirmation emails is to invite the recipient to return. It also helps marketers understand the reasons for the decision. 

Below is an email from Netflix confirming the cancellation due to unpaid fees.

The CTA encourages users to resume their membership. The email copy excludes any negative impact, allowing the user to enjoy the subscription.

6. Reservation confirmation email example

Reservation confirmation email example

The sending of a restaurant reservation confirmation email confirms a customer’s successful reservation. It contains the necessary information about the time and place of the reservation.

Airbnb shows the reservation of a house in San Francisco. A clear image of a cleanly designed room will appear in the center of the email copy, confirming the customer’s choice. Also, details of the day, date, and check-in and check-out time are mentioned with the CTA, which directs the customer to the desired page for the entire itinerary.


After reading this blog, you may have understood how to write a confirmation email. Confirmation emails are important in the entire customer journey. They reassure your customers while reaffirming your brand recognition in their inboxes.

In addition, thanks to their high open rate, confirmation emails can be used as an integral part of your business marketing strategy, both to start a long-term conversation and as an opportunity to provide more value to your customers. 

To get more help on confirmation emails and templates, you can schedule a demo with NotifyVisitors.


1. How Can You Write a Confirmation Email?

To write a confirmation email, state what you confirm within the subject line. When your recipient has opened the message, you can give additional information concerning the confirmation, add any further steps, and thank them.

2. Can You Politely Confirm?

Absolutely! Respond to the message with a short and thoughtful confirmation response to politely confirm.

3. How Can You Acknowledge a Purchase Order?

Thank the customer for purchasing from you. Your email can give the customer information on the next steps in the process.

4. Who can write a confirmation email from scratch?

If you can’t write a professional confirmation email yourself, go for online business writing help from experts in the industry. Approach an essay writer for hire from CustomWritings or use tools like an ai essay writer to help you.

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