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12 Powerful Marketing Tips To Increase Online Sales

For instance, if you find that more customers come from With the worldwide pandemic forcing many businesses to move online, innumerable brands today aim to increase online sales. However, this is easier said than done due to the ever-increasing competition and rising customer expectations.

Here are our 12 powerful and actionable marketing tips to increase your online sales. 

12 Useful Techniques to Increase Online Sales

1. Understand your target audience


You need a good understanding of your customers and prospective customers to make sound marketing and product-improvement decisions.

In a traditional offline store, you can get to know your audience’s needs by striking a conversation with them. But how do you do it? Here are several ways- 

  • Use analytics tools in your e-store and POS (Point-of-Sale) system to identify buying preferences and patterns.
  • Ask open-ended questions to your audience through phone calls, online chat, SMS, and email to learn about your customers.
  • Use multiple-choice questions to them using web surveys. There are numerous templates available online to simplify this job. 

2. Use analytics to learn how visitors find your e-store


Integrate your e-store with analytics tools like website heatmap and Google Analytics so that you can learn how your visitors find your store.

You need to look out for information such as what are the sources that bring you customers who buy, where do your customers exit your site without buying, at what odd places users are unnecessarily spending time, and more and further allows optimization of your website.

a particular blog, you should post more blogs in that niche. If you find that visitors often exit your site from a specific location of your site, you need to identify that element or content that causes customer churn in that page and fix it.

And if you see that users are spending a lot of time at unexpected locations, identify if there is a navigation difficulty there. 

3. Be honest in your sales copy

Often brands find it difficult to remain honest in their online sales copies in an endeavour to market themselves. However, this results in the opposite. People start perceiving your business as untrustworthy.

For, consumers today are hypersensitive to your messages. So, don’t make untrue claims about your products and policies. 

So, honesty isn’t just the best policy it’s also the most profitable marketing strategy. Be straightforward, honest, and approachable in your sales copy displayed on your homepage, sent through email messages, and push notifications.

It builds trust, shows your confidence, highlights your strengths, makes people laugh, and attracts their attention to what you have to say. 

4. Show off social proof


People trust reviews, testimonials, ratings, and other user-generated content more than they trust promotions and advertisements from a brand. So, you need to provide them with social proof marketing.

Ask for testimonials through an email and display them prominently on your website. Ask happy customers for reviews soon after their purchases have been shipped to them. 

Also, make sure that you’ve enabled product ratings and review submissions from customers on relevant product pages. This will help other customers decide whether or not to buy a particular product.

Even if you receive negative reviews, don’t worry. For, it stands as a testimonial that the reviews on your site are from genuine users. 

5. Simplify the checkout process

Research says that online purchases worth $4 trillion were abandoned in the shopping cart last year alone. This statistic highlights the significance of simplifying the checkout process.

So, offer a guest checkout option so that people can buy from you without having to fill up long forms. 

And when you have to collect buyer information, break up the checkout into several pages or keep it as an extending page. So that customers aren’t overwhelmed with having to fill so many fields.

Further, keep your texts short and crisp. Have standard buttons and simple wordings like “Buy”, “Pay”, etc. Further, remove navigation on key landing pages to increase conversions. 

6. Employ SMS marketing


SMS is still one of the best marketing channels because of its high open and engagement rates. You can use SMS marketing to increase online sales in several ways. Here are a few tips. 

  • Send value-providing exclusive offers to your loyal customers.
  • Send messages of limited-time promotions. 
  • SMS alerts for forthcoming sale events.
  • You can send timely reminders. 
  • Send messages asking for customer feedback.
  • Send messages upselling relevant products.
  • Encourage testimonials and reviews.

7. Use web banner ads

Web banner advertising or display advertising is a form of online advertising where a brand places its ad on other popular, high-traffic websites to gain more exposure.

These banner ads take different forms such as text-alone ads, static images, videos, and GIFs. These are rectangular-shaped and are placed within the reader’s eyesight.

We suggest that you use banner ads for your marketing because people who spend their leisure time online find it hard to ignore these.

Further, since you’ll be placing these only on a site relevant to your niche, your brand will be exposed a lot to people who’d be looking for those. 

8. Provide as many payment options as possible

Consumers today have numerous choices when it comes to how they pay for purchasing products and services. Having limited payment gateways slows down buyers from purchasing from you.

So, Offer more payment options so that buyers can choose the option that best suits their preferences. 

Also, include newer payment services that are becoming renowned on mobile. This way, more people will be able to buy from you, especially if your site has a lot of mobile traffic.

Further, when they see that you provide a gateway of their choice, impulse buyers tend to make quick purchases. 

9. Employ chatbots on your site


When your online business generates high volumes of leads and opportunities, it is time you start employing artificial intelligence in the form of a chatbot.

It will function as your sales assistant all round the clock. People can book orders, schedule appointments, check product appropriateness, and more with their help.

Studies say that having chatbots for lead generation and sales can bring in high intent leads. For, they can auto-qualify quality leads as per established rules.

And yet another way in which deploying a chatbot can increase online sales is by providing accurate and fast support. Thus, by engaging leads and prospects effectively, they can increase sales by up to 30%.

10. Personalize your CTAs


Your calls-to-action (CTAs) are important for increasing conversions. These are elements of a page that tells the visitor the next step he or she should take.

Some examples of powerful CTAs are “Add to Wish List”, “ Buy now”, “Add to Cart”, “download now”, etc. When you personalize your CTA, it becomes more specific and prompts the user to take a favorable action.

Personalizing a CTA doesn’t mean that you separately address each visitor. It simply means that you take into consideration their sales funnel stages

A study found that tailoring CTAs on this basis (that is whether users are paying customers, leads, or visitors) increased conversions by 42%. So, segment users meaningfully to personalize your CTAs. 

11. Write clearer headlines

Another essential factor in increasing online sales is your headlines. For, these are the foremost things visitors notice on your site.

So, pay heed to your headlines for blogs, squeeze pages, product pages, and homepage. These have to captivate the reader’s attention to keep them browsing or reading through your site.

Your headline has to clearly and concisely explain your offer. A study found that the more straightforward a headline was about the content’s offering, the more readers favored it.

An investment firm witnessed increased conversions by modifying a generic heading to a clearer one explaining what they do with the funds of their investors. 

12. Provide great customer service

A report says that 84% of survey respondents stated that one of the key factors that propelled their purchasing decisions was customer service.

So, ensure that you provide great customer service both in the form of documentation and live support. To help your visitors get answers to their queries right away, have an FAQ section on your website. 

Besides, provide multiple options (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) for them to avail customer support. In addition, modern solutions like cloud-based phone systems can enhance accessibility and response times.

Train your support reps to promptly handle pre-and post-purchase queries, returns, and replacements with diligent care by directing efforts towards building long-lasting relationships.

For, these truly define your company’s values and contribute to its reputation. Thus, it can also be your best customer retention strategy

Increase Online Sales Infographic

Increase Online Sales Infographic

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Wrapping up

As you’d have observed from our blog, you don’t need exhaustive makeovers and expensive launches to increase your online sales.

Applying minor tweaks and taking small efforts like those mentioned in our blog can greatly promote the growth of your e-business.

So, do try our tips and tap into the potential of eCommerce in these days of a dramatic increase in online shopping. 


Sara is a Content Writer at NotifyVisitors. She is not only a creative writer but also paints a beautiful canvas. She makes sure that you are left with no doubt on keeping up with marketing and sales.