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17 Proven Email Marketing Examples to Inspire your Campaign in 2024

By 2024, data will become increasingly important to marketers because people want to protect their personal information and only share it with companies they trust.

While many of you may be using email in your marketing efforts, are you using it effectively to deliver specific content to your audience?

Most consumers check their email at least once daily. It provides an excellent opportunity to get your company or brand in front of more people.

So let’s look at the best email marketing examples to help improve and optimize your email marketing efforts.

17 Proven Email Marketing Examples to Inspire your Campaign 

1. The ModCloth

The ModCloth

One of the best email marketing examples on our list is The ModCloth. Great companies change all the time, and your customers expect change. So, you should always inform the customers whenever making any change or introducing a new product.

If you want to change the way you communicate, give them clear and reasonable advice so that they can take the necessary steps for the same. ModCloth has rightly done this in its email campaign.

2. Poppy Barley

Poppy Barley

Poppy Barley is a retail shop in Calgary and Edmonton specializing in shoes and leather accessories such as backpacks, bags, and wallets. Poppy Barley is similar to many other retailers that sell similar products, but one key difference is its commitment to ethical business.

Poppy Barley aims to rethink how the manufacturing industry operates, from manufacturing to distribution. It only uses sustainable ingredients in its products and packaging. It only works with companies that meet specific production standards.

3. The Headspace

The Headspace

Welcome emails are your first chance to make an impact on new subscribers, so it’s essential to take the time to reach them correctly. It’s a good idea to host an email campaign, sometimes called a training series, that brings new subscribers “into the fold” by giving them simple information about your brand instead of tons of timely information. 

 In their email marketing campaign, Headspace reaffirms that the subscriber has chosen to sign up for Headspace. The email also includes links that can take subscribers to particular pages designed to add value to subscribers and can easily be used as the first email in a referral series to educate subscribers.

4. Netflix


In the U.S., more than half of households subscribe to multiple streaming platforms. With so many platforms vying for our attention, brands like Netflix are becoming well-known for their emails.

Netflix’s email campaign offers a curated list of new shows that subscribers might be interested in based on their viewing history. It’s skimmable, with plenty of images to complement the new release and a CTA encouraging you to check out the trailer.

The CTAs in these emails entice the user to stop what they are doing and go to Netflix to watch new content.

5. Doomlings


Doomlings is a post-apocalyptic card game where players must survive the end of the world. Each battle brings a new threat to the world’s end, and players draw cards that give them a set of “characteristics” that can be used to avoid the threat.

Doomlings are playful and entertaining. In addition to selling the standard edition of the game, the Doomlings e-commerce store also sells expansion packs and cards that fans can add to their collections or trade with other players.

Recipients are offered discounts on first-time purchases, promote sales, provide more information about the game’s founders, and offer handy links to their collections.

6. Patagonia


Here is an example of another email marketing campaign about receiving emails from outdoor lifestyle brand Patagonia.

Patagonia sets customer expectations to understand what customers will receive in their emails from the brand, including special offers, sales promotions, and in-store events. Customers get a “family welcome,” which significantly increases brand relevance.

Patagonia offers assurances via email, from telling customers that the brand will not reveal their email to an “Ironclad Guarantee” that locks out the email.

7. HBO Max


Streaming services spend most of their marketing budgets on email campaigns. 

An email marketing campaign from HBO Max does a great job of getting subscribers to sign up for the streaming service. 

This approach is similar to most companies’ highly effective abandoned cart emails. Instead, it tries to convert customers into paying customers by showing them their favorite products and giving them a one-week free service trial.

Perhaps the most fierce commitment is no commitment at all. With a clear CTA, HBO Max informs subscribers that they can subscribe anytime. 

8. Schoolhouse


Schoolhouse is a home improvement company that sells lighting accessories (such as pendant lights and recessed lights) that includes a wide range of accessories and accessories, including artwork, pictures, clocks, and chairs. The name suggests the products focus on basic materials to create unique and timeless pieces.

The schoolhouse offers users a 10% discount when they sign up for their newsletter. 

9. Trulia


Some of the best companies earn customer loyalty by being a source of subject matter knowledge. Trulia – a real estate search engine for buyers, sellers, and renters – is a real estate expert. 

“Why aren’t millennials moving?” The subject line of their email campaign is worth reading before it provides interesting information about US migration trends. Trulia isn’t benefiting from people choosing to move, but the company is taking advantage of the industry’s blow — and expressing concern about how the real estate winds are blowing.

Their Marketing Campaign reads Trulia – “Young Americans Are Not Acting Like They Used To – What Has Changed?”

Asking the question that the recipient needs to take action to get an answer is an exciting option.

10. Skull Bliss

Skull Bliss

Skull Bliss is a home decor company that sells wall art made from real skulls. The stunning pieces are hand carved by highly skilled Balinese artists using traditional Balinese craft techniques that last for years.

 It can take days to make a piece, and the intricate decoration is not the same as the home decoration in ordinary stores.

 In their Abandoned Cart email, Skull Bliss opens with a request to negotiate a lower price. Unsurprisingly, many customers abandon the cart because the product price seems to be too costly. 

Skull Bliss products aren’t easy to make, and potential customers who receive the email feel like they’re getting a terrific deal.

Adding a discount to an abandoned cart email is an excellent strategy for recovering lost sales.

11. PayPal


PayPal, an email marketing campaign encourages subscribers to use the “Pay with PayPal” feature and highlights the benefits of using this feature. It’s a simple email with minimal copy that focuses on the features and benefits rather than the details. Everything is presented in an effortless transition style with calm colors.

12. Airbnb


Airbnb promoted travel among its subscribers during the pandemic with its email marketing campaign.

Its design is clean and well-structured. The amount of email copy is small so as not to interfere with the beautiful images. Airbnb’s marketing team decided to focus their campaign more on photos of different places subscribers should consider for their next trip such as surfing the waves in Hawaii’s beautiful beaches, visiting local shrines and temples in Japan for a complete cultural experience, or touring historical landmarks in the streets of France where the liberation of Paris happened. 

What is different is their response to COVID-19 to reassure all subscribers that their safety is a priority.

13. Paperless Post

Paperless Post

When you think of “email marketing for holidays,” there can be many holidays for which you can create campaigns. 

Paperless Posts’ email provides a clear CTA that conveys a sense of urgency. 

The simple grid design under the copy is attractive and easy to scan. Each card image is a CTA in itself. Clicking on one of them will take you to the store page.

It works because it impresses the recipient by asking him to do something they forgot. It offers a solution, so the recipient feels good about remembering an occasion.

14. Uber


Uber’s email campaign is an excellent example of consistency in design as a brand.

Uber’s email marketing campaigns are known for their simplicity, and this one is no exception. 

The images and copy of this email are minimal, but you get Uber’s intended message. Great for highlighting keywords with different colors. It allows customers to scan emails and understand their purpose quickly.

The email marketing campaign aims to inform customers about the activity. 

15. Zenni


Zenni is a San Francisco-based eyewear retailer that sells prescription eyewear to progressive, tech-savvy consumers. Zenni’s will use a digital “try-on” tool to make it easier for users to see what the product looks like when worn and adjust the frame size to create glasses that better fit their face shape. 

Zenni offers various product customization options. All products offer many great customization options.

The actual email copy is short, but it is compelling.

16. Uniqlo


In this Uniqlo email marketing example, the brand shares price changes with customers who like certain items. You can automate this type of email based on website activity using cookies.

In this case, the customer shows a clear interest in the sweater through this email, either by going to the product page or adding the item to their cart. It is the best way to increase your income!

17. Clever Smarts

Cook Smarts’ Weekly Eats newsletter has been in for a long time. The company sends delicious recipes to your inbox as meal plans every week. But not only their recipes but their emails are as exciting as the food.

Each message has three different sections: one for the menu, one for cooking instructions, and one for suggestions. That means you don’t have to go hunting to find their perfect blog post piece—you know exactly where to look for an email address or two.

They also have a “Refer to a Friend” call to action at the top right of the email.

Are you inspired by the above-given examples of an email marketing campaign?

We hope these great email marketing examples have sparked an idea for your next idea. Each of these campaigns caught the attention of their audience for different reasons. Some relied on eye-catching designs, some for their CTA, while others stood out for their personal touch. 

It is always wise to borrow strategies from proven companies. Once you have completed your email marketing campaign, you can take your engagement to the next level with the email marketing funnel

For more help regarding your email marketing campaign, you can schedule a demo with NotifyVisitors.


1. What is a good email practice?

The most important practice is to focus the email on a specific message or action – not distract the reader. Your email should be short and crisp, with eye-catching copy, clear benefits, and a persuasive CTA.

2. How do you test email marketing?

One of the most popular ways to test your email marketing is  Split Testing or A/B testing. A/B testing sends two versions of the same email to a small number of your subscribers. The software identifies the most popular email addresses and sends them to other parts of your subscriber list.

3. How can you run an effective email marketing campaign?

Many factors go in for building an effective email marketing campaign. First, you need to have a clear goal and target audience. Then you need to create your emails with the help of email marketing software and skilled copywriters and designers. Once your email campaign is up and running, you need to test what’s working and what isn’t.

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