What is PMO in Project Management

what is pmo in project management

Project Management Office abbreviated as PMO, is one of the key parts of an organization. For the success of any organization, project management, planning, and execution plays a vital role.

For this purpose, an organization sets up a department called the Project Management Office (PMO).

In this blog, we will talk about the importance of PMO and how PeppyBiz can assist your setting up of PMO.

What is PMO?

What is PMO?

A PMO is a department that focuses on improving productivity by managing, planning, and executing a project. In the past, a project management office used to standardize a project management process in an organization.

But modern project management offices focus on portfolio management. This means they determine which projects the organization undertakes and how it executes the said project.

PeppyBiz helps in developing a project management framework. This framework uses software solutions to help manage, plan and execute a project.

There are many types of project management offices. And the project management office uses various methodologies for project management. We will discuss each of these in detail.

Types of Project Management office

The organization’s choice of PMO depends on factors such as targets and traditional strengths.

There are three types of project management offices. They are:

1. The project repository: This kind of project management office serves as an information hub. They provide support in project management and related fields.

2. The project coach model: This type of project management office shares project management practices across departments. They communicate with every department to help in project development. They also track project performance and have supervisory responsibilities.

The enterprise project management office (EPMO)

3. The enterprise project management office (EPMO): This project management office assumes all projects’ governance. They help in project development in all phases. They also help in resource, time, risk, and budget management.

PeppyBiz promotes business development through project management software. The project management office becomes a virtual department by using software solutions.

What are PMO’s functions?

What are PMO's functions?

Project management offices differ in functions and services they provide, based on the department’s maturity and the skills of the people employed.

Basic level project management offices support the project management, funding, and prioritization of tasks.

Advanced PMOs perform the following operations:

1. Governance

The project management office handles audits, peer reviews, and the development of program structures. It also ensures accountability at all levels.

2. Transparency

The project management office handles providing information that helps in decision-making. The information provided is accurate, relevant, and understandable by all the employees concerned.

3. Reusability

The project management office specializes in the reuse of ideas. Meaning, the project team need not spend time reinventing the already existent ideas. They help the team with templates and best practices prepared with expertise.

4. Delivery support

The project management office helps the project team by reducing administrative works. They also provide training, mentoring, and quality assurance.

5. Traceability

The project management office performs research of organizational knowledge, documentation, and project history.

PeppyBiz provides a range of services and not just the ones mentioned above. They provide tailored services for each organizational needs.

Benefits of PMO

Benefits of PMO

A successful PMO understands the daily needs of an organization and provides the best possible solutions. A project management office aligns the current and future projects with the strategy.

They also work with the higher authorities to ensure efficient work to speed up business. The following are the benefits of having a project management office.

  1. A team of professionals who specialize in project management
  2. A team dedicated to tracking processes, changes, conflicts, risk, and decisions
  3. A team focusing on resource availability and corporate strategy
  4. A team capable of adapting and offering plan alternatives in case of disruptions.
  5. It frees up time and energy for project managers and teams to increase the deliverables.
  6. A team that increases project efficiency and quality while reducing project risk.
  7. A team that helps in communication across the organization.
  8. A team that can provide insights to apply the best methods that help minimize errors.

PeppyBiz ensures your company is working on the right tasks at the right time by prioritizing the important tasks. PeppyBiz software usage also promotes transparency which improves the quality of the working conditions. PeppyBiz helps implement projects within the budget without overburdening the employees.

Project Management Methodologies

As said earlier, a project management office can choose from different methods to execute a project. The PMO makes this decision after careful evaluation of the resources available to manage a project.

1. Agile


This is one of the prominently used methods of project management. First, it focuses on the aim of the project and helps visualize the steps. Then, the project continues in the same direction adding tasks required to improve the quality.

Most organizations use this tool since it is very straightforward and simple to understand.

2. Six sigma

Six sigma

This is also one of the best tools used which focuses on the integrity of tasks. It focuses on how each step depends on the other, providing room for further development.

This method also helps in identifying and controlling risks in all stages of the project lifecycle. It also measures and analyses every aspect of the project.

3. Waterfall


This is one of the primordial methods in project management but still considered a preferable one. It follows well-defined steps that lead to the completion of the project.

This method uses all the resources at the same time to complete one task at a time. This ensures the quick completion of the project. After completion, the project undergoes testing, which then leads to further review and assessment.

Thus, this is one of the significant project management methodologies used by the project management office.

4. Scrum


It is the development of the agile method. The project management office uses this method to refine the process involved to make them more interactive. It has incredible features such as implementation, management, and backlogs.

5. Lean


This is also a method with great credibility. It follows each process with a set of principles. These principles perfect the project at each phase, increasing the success rate of the project.

This method also specifies the value of each task involved in completing a project. Thus, this is one of the major methodologies used by the project management office.


This is a tool that comes with no fixed structure. The structure used varies according to the project and the resources. This method used by the project management office focus on forming plans and organizing the tasks.

It reviews the changes and risks associated with the project. This method allows the project management office to keep a strict eye on all the processes carried out.

7. Kanban


This is one of the most advanced and efficient project management methods used for the project management office. This is one of the most prominent methodologies in project management.

This is a project management technique focusing on communication and ease of management. This method uses cards to display projects and tasks involved. This promotes the optimization of the process of projects.

PeppyBiz project management software uses Kanban boards to divide projects into smaller chunks. This promotes a smoother workflow.

Why choose PeppyBiz for your PMO?

Why choose PeppyBiz for your PMO

PeppyBiz is one of the leading professional organizations for business solutions. PeppyBiz provides these business solutions through software. The meticulous development of this software lets users have a seamless experience.

PeppyBiz offers free demos to see if their service suits your needs. Professionals at PeppyBiz manage your project with the utmost care. Services offered to ensure that you save the time and resources required for your project.

Services offered include but not limited to

  • Marketing Automation
  • Workflow Builder
  • Project management software
  • eCommerce

The following are the features of the project management software.

  • Discussion Board: Creates active engagement between employees.
  • Tasks: Plan tasks, assign them, create deadlines and assess their performance too.
  • Kanban Boards: As said earlier, promotes a smooth workflow.
  • Gantt Charts: Create timelines, manage deadlines, observe schedules, and set priorities.
  • Calendar: Monitor project phases, tasks of the day, and get reminders.
  • Files and documents: Manage, organize and edit all your files and documents.
  • Custom roles: You can assign custom roles for members to restrict or allow accessibility.
  • Chat: Chatbox promotes collaboration and ease of communication.
  • Proofing: Reduces the trouble of searching for your reviews.
  • Timesheets: It lets you know the time spent on the specific task or project
  • Project reports and analysis: Monitor all your project statistics at one click.
  • Qualitative project information: Identify the details of the project with ease. Members can access the required information from anywhere.
  • Project Manager: Assign a managerial role to the person project management office to lead the project.
  • IP restriction: Allows for the restriction of access to unauthorized IPs.

And many more features that make dreams come true.


To summarise, the project management office must act as a strategic business partner. It is there to serve the needs of the organization. An efficient PMO will challenge and have difficult conversations and better approaches. This all combined will lead you to greater success.

With a supportive PMO (like PeppyBiz) behind all your tasks, you achieve your goals more easily than ever. 

Sara is a Content Writer at PeppyBiz. She is not only a creative writer but also paints a beautiful canvas. She makes sure that you are left with no doubt about keeping up with marketing and sales.

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