10 Effective Team Management Skills & Techniques for Project Manager

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The role of a project manager is not easy at all! It is a number of difficult job supervision and team management assigned to one person. The project manager should attain commendable leadership skills. Leading a team as a manager is a grinding process that needs the manager to be physically, socially, and mentally developed.

The manager has to make sure that everything is balanced between the team and the work. A lot goes around when it comes to managing a team efficiently. The manager has to meet the deadlines, clients to deal with and regularly check on the team.

The manager should stay motivated all the time and be solution-oriented whenever a problem shows up. So how will a project manager be able to tackle all these problems coming on his/her way?

To ease the work and make team management effective, the manager should take care and adopt a few crucial steps. Learning about effective team management skills and technique is the only way to do so. The project manager should adopt these skills and techniques for smooth working and exponential success of the firm.

Why is Team Management Important?

Why is Team Management Important?

A perfectly managed team along with proactive members is the need of the hour. Managing a team efficiently and keeping up with productivity leaves a positive impact on the firm. Setting the company’s culture and explaining it to every new member is very important.

That is because these cultures help in maintaining discipline as it remains constant. The leader, as well as the members, need to take care of their personal growth too. Working under an esteemed and motivating manager is none less than a blessing as they will primarily focus on your personal growth.

Actively taking part in team activities and seeking help will result in exponential personal growth. Keeping an open mind and learning from other’s experiences will make the team reach heights.

Here are 10 Effective team management skills & techniques:

1. Recruit the right people

Recruit the right people

The first step of a project is to hire people to work on it. This step plays a huge role as the whole project depends on this project. Recruiting the right people will ease the work of team management. Taking personal interviews while hiring the teammates will help a lot in this case.

The project manager can know every member’s personal interest, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and efficiency. If the project manager is self-aware about the kind of people he/she wants to hire for that project, it will become very easy.

The selection can be done by jotting down all the essential information about each candidate who gave the interview. Recruitment software can make this process even easier

Also, the project manager shouldn’t forget to keep his/her expectations in front of the candidate during the interview. This will not only help the manager to clarify his/her thoughts in front of the candidate. But it also helps the candidate decide whether they want to work for this opportunity or devote the amount of time and dedication required.

2. Decide a Team Mission 

Decide a Team Mission

A good team leader always makes sure to keep the team together. So deciding a team mission plays a vital role in bringing the team together and understanding the project’s essence. This will connect the team a bit on the personal level as well.

Make a well-planned and structured model of the project. Explain that model to every individual briefly and solve their doubts. Plus, make sure that everyone in the team knows and is focused on working towards the mission.

Have open discussions for tangible problems occurring in the project and take everyone’s feedback. This will not only encourage everyone to keep their point but will also expand their horizons of opinions. 

3. Assign tasks functionally

Assign tasks functionally

Make sure that the tasks assigned to every team member match their job description and abilities. Effective team management ensures to break down projects and assigns tasks accordingly. The workload should be fairly distributed among the team. This will bring the best results on time out of the time. Time management also plays a huge role in the assignment of tasks.

Suppose any member is facing real issues that are not tangible and going out of hands. Then the only solution is to switch his/her department for smooth working.

4. Allow Open Communication 

Allow Open Communication

Allow the team members to communicate with the project manager and fellow teammates openly. Use effective team management applications to keep constant communication.

If any member is stuck in a problem, other members can help through these channels. During that open communication, always stay open to suggestions. If it’s one to one conversation, then the manager should behave like a good listener. Understanding problems with an open mindset and communicating with dignity is very crucial.

5. Manage time wisely

Manage time wisely

Time management includes making schedules and exercises to follow it. Managing time is a personal choice, and the schedule of every project manager differs from one another. But the layout and rules remain the same.

The project manager should avoid wasting time by scheduling lots of meetings or too many phone calls with the firm. Keeping the project as the only priority will help to achieve greater heights. Taking updates and providing feedback in the minimum possible time will help in managing time wisely.

6. Providing constructive feedback regularly.

Providing constructive feedback regularly.

The work of a project manager doesn’t end after choosing the right team members. Effective team management involves providing feedback at daily intervals. This will provide the team members with insights into their productivity and their mistakes. Utilizing HR software companies can streamline the feedback process and make it more efficient. 

Correction of mistakes will be done hand by hand that will help in saving time as well. Make sure to praise members while providing them with feedback, which will help them boost their morale.

Take feedback from team members as well. In case they need modification in your way of leading a team. A true team leader never stops growing. So take constructive feedback and work on them. 

7. Settle team issues

Issues often occur when a bunch of people come together to work on the same project as every individual has their own opinions and outlooks about problems. It is the responsibility of the manager to get things sorted if any conflict occurs. Even if members disagree, the manager needs to ask them to come to the same page. 

Influencing members is an effective team management skill that will help to keep the team together even during hard times.

8. Plan team-building events

Team building events play a major role in bringing the team together. The manager can plan activities and can decide any day weekly to execute them.

Fun activities such as board games or any outdoor activity will work perfectly for team bonding. Take the team out for meals and make everyone communicate with each other. Once they get to know each other more, the chances of conflicts will decrease. 

9. Show your enthusiasm for the project.

The manager needs to be active and cheerful throughout their term. For effective team management, a positive approach towards every problem that comes on the way is a must. Every team member looks up to the manager. If the manager loses faith, the team will get demotivated.

Arrange fun meets, personal counselling sessions, or extra incentives for the team if they feel discouraged. As a team manager, you should be the most cheerful person on the team. Make sure to appreciate their efforts to bring the best out of them.

Motivating the team members and making sure that the zest to work better every day stays alive in them is mandatory. Sometimes small pep talks are all a member needs to get back to his/her pace. So make sure to keep an eye on every member’s work progress and help them if they get stuck.

10. Walk that extra mile.

A true leader not only assigns work but also comes into action whenever and wherever required. Alarming deadlines can result in stressful situations and sleepless nights. There will be times when the burden on certain members will increase exponentially.

At that time, the manager needs to help with that task. This will not only decrease the amount of pressure on the member but will also increase the efficiency. Walking that extra mile will also build a sense of respect in the eyes of team members. Burning the midnight oil and working hard will always pay off for the company.


Effective team management is all about learning, adapting, and implementing the changes. It is important to remember that a leader is incomplete without the team. A hardworking team with aspiring goals is crucial to bring the best out of the project that has been assigned. 

A project manager can follow the 10 techniques and skills for efficient team management mentioned above throughout their life. Along with it, using software like PeppyBiz can enhance productivity. It will not only keep their work-life balanced but will also leave a good remark on everyone’s mind they will work with.

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