25 Productive Things To Do At Work When You Are Bored

25 Productive Things to Do at work When you a bored

Boredom seeps in when your routine is monotonous. Are you sick and tired of the same desk and keyboard job day in and out? Or are you having a tough time finding some productive things to do?

Productivity accompanies success, enthusiasm, and happiness. One way to kill time is scrolling through your mobile phone spending hours on social media. The other way is to add some creativity to your work or life by doing something productive.

If you lack ideas and are still thinking about what you should do, we will guide you.

25 Productive Things to Do at Work When You Are Bored

1. Take a Short Break

Having a tough time with deadlines and project completion? The best way to increase your efficiency is to take short breaks in between work. Scientific research proves that the human mind recharges and concentrates better when it is given breaks. So the best way is to work for 25 minutes and take a 5 minutes break. If this is too short a duration, work for 50 minutes and take a ten minutes break.

2. Organize Yourself

Research proves that the environment has a direct impact on your productivity. If your workstation is organized, it will add to your efficiency. Working in a cluttered space will increase your anxiety looking for files and clips. So, if you are bored, arranging your workstation is a great productive thing to do.

3. Listen to Podcasts

Listen to Podcasts

Listening to productive podcasts is an incredible way to boost your confidence. Listening to podcasts has been rated amongst the top five productive things to do to improve your personality. Focus on listening to success stories or tips given by world leaders.

4. Upskill Yourself

 Upskill Yourself

Career progression is linked to adding more skills to your portfolio. Unfortunately, most people are stuck between jobs and daily routines. An excellent way to utilize your idle time is to add a few more skills or upgrade your acquired skills. Taking online courses such as Microsoft AZ-900 Exam Dumps is one of the best productive things to do for career progression.

5. Plan Your Finances

Keeping a tag on your expenses is now easy. There are plenty of apps available that will track your income and expenditure. It is a great way to look at your expenses carefully and cut down unnecessary expenses. This simple trick will save you money to buy a new gadget or plan a holiday.

6.   Update Your Software

Update Your Software

When was the last time you updated your apps and software? Even when your apps are automatically updated, it is best to check them regularly. Security software is the most important tool that needs to be updated regularly. So, next time you are looking for some productive thing to do, check for updates of your software and apps.

7.   Learn a New Language

  Learn a New Language

Learning a new language is now simple with apps like Duolingo. The apps are simple to use and engaging. You can take these small lessons from the comfort of your desk. Learning a new foreign language will become handy and increase your employability in foreign countries.

8.   Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts increase your efficiency. Research on computers found that people who were familiar with keyboard shortcuts were able to save 5 to 6 hours in a month. So, learning keyboard shortcuts is the best productive thing to do if you work on a computer.   

9.  Play Brain Games

  Play Brain Games

Brain games improve your mental capacity improving productivity and creativity at work. Brain games stimulate your mind, which is great for combatting stress and mental illness. In addition, medical research proves mind games are best for enhancing memory and cognitive functions.

10.  Read a Book

 Read a Book

Reading a book has always been a great productive thing to do, provided you pick the right one. Pick a book that enhances your knowledge, improves your personality, or gives you an insight into new technology. It will enhance your knowledge as well as your creativity routines.

11. Update Your Resume

 Update Your Resume

Updating your resume is important and one of the most productive things to do at work. It prepares you for new opportunities and allows you to reflect on any skills you may be lacking.

A resume maker helps simplify this process by creating a professional resume that highlights your qualifications and prepares you for career advancement.. Including professional headshots can also add a polished touch to your resume. Additionally, incorporating a summary lets you emphasize your top attributes right away, and now a professional summary AI generator can create a customized summary in moments.

12. Maintain a Diary

Maintain a Diary

Maintaining a diary keeps a record of your life. Today, it may seem irrelevant, but going through all these records will be a great experience after some years. A diary or a journal also makes you realize how maturity seeps in with time and experience.

13.  Organize Files on Your Computer

Your computer desktop might put you in depression with so many files and folders. A productive thing to do at work is organizing your computer files and folders. Delete all those irrelevant and old mails and make separate folders task-wise. A better way of doing it is to maintain work folders month-wise. It gives you a quick reference and keeps your desktop neat.

14.  Start a Blog

Set Your Goals

A blog can be your source of enlightenment and entertainment. It provides your point of view to the world. These blogs can also help you with your career progression. So pick up your niche and maintain a blog. It will improve your thought process as well as your confidence.

15.  Reply to Emails

Reply to Emails

You miss out on replying to emails due to your busy schedule. However, replying to emails is a productive thing to do. Even when chats and phone calls are overused, an email has a personal touch.

16.  Get Rid of Distractions

 Get Rid of Distractions

The biggest distraction is your mobile phone. It has become like our vestigial organ that we cannot get rid of. Distractions not only reduce your efficiency but add to the anxiety. A good way to start is to switch off your mobile phone and look for some productive things. The absence of distraction will enhance your ability to think.

17.  Keep track of Your Progress

Keep track of Your Progress

Whenever you have free time, do a self-assessment of your progress. Progress is not only related to official assignments but a holistic view of yourself. Therefore, keep your achievements and failures in front and analyze them carefully.

 18. Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals

Once you have assessed your progress, it’s time to set your goals. A productive thing to do is draw a road map to achieve your goals. Mark small actions you intend to do in a set time to accomplish your goals.

19.  Build Your Social Network

Build Your Social Network

Networking is crucial to develop business relations and keep you in the limelight. If you are an introvert, it can be challenging. However, with little effort and a quick message, you can improve your social circle.

20.  Get a Productivity App

Getting the hang of a productivity app can be a productive thing to do at work. These apps play a significant role in managing tasks and team productivity. In addition, productivity apps help in maintaining a to-do list and scheduling events.

21.  Learn to Invest

Investments in the right places will grow your money. But it needs careful insight and planning before you put your money. Investment tips and money blogs can guide you toward a safe investment.

22.  Plan a Holiday

Plan a Holiday

All work will make you dull and unproductive. Planning a holiday will boost your energy level and productivity. Experts believe more than going on a holiday; it is the planning that builds enthusiasm. So, planning for a holiday is another productive thing to do when you are free.

23. Pursue Your Hobby

In a survey conducted on working men and women, it is found that more than 80% of people stop pursuing their hobbies once they get a job. Job is essential to pay your bills; hobbies keep you alive. Take up things that you love doing and utilize your free time doing them.

24.  Listen to Music

Listen to Music

As wise men say, music is the language of your soul. Listening to music can be a productive thing to do since it soothes your mind and relieves stress. During free time at work, play your favorite music but ensure you are not disturbing others.

25. Practice Gratitude

Lest we forget to thank God for this wonderful life and wonderful day. The most productive thing you can do is thank your parents, friends, and colleagues for making your life better. Gratitude makes you a good human being and improves you in all dimensions of life.


Creativity seeds productivity. Boredom is a lack of creativity and an absence of zeal to fulfill your dreams. Most of us utilize our time in futile things to escape boredom. We hope these 25 productive things to do when bored will improve your efficiency at work and live a happy life.

Sara is a Content Writer at PeppyBiz. She is not only a creative writer but also paints a beautiful canvas. She makes sure that you are left with no doubt about keeping up with marketing and sales.

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