40+ Customer Engagement Statistics Must Know in 2024

customer engagement statistics

Why do businesses focus so much on customers? Because they earn their revenue through customers. To make sure the customers feel welcome, businesses set up customer support services and many such strategies. But, at the end of the day, customer satisfaction is only brought about by engaging in smooth customer interactions.

In this blog, we will list some useful customer engagement statistics. These statistics are the best way to wrap your head around the rise in customer engagement programs. As a result, you will be able to create effective strategies.

Benefits of Customer Engagement

#1. Successful engagement of customers contributes to 23% of the revenue increase in businesses. (Gallup)

Enhancing customer relationships is a fruitful venture where you gain not just trust but also revenue. A well-engaged customer is more likely to invest in your products than others.

#2. The hospitality industry sees a 46% rise in revenue due to fully engaged customers. (Cognizant)

Most hospitality industries have well-laid out plans to please the customers. Thus, resulting in high engagement rates.

#3. Engaged customers bring 37% more revenue than customers who are active but disengaged. (Gallup)

Proper customer engagement plans help you in the long run. It contributes to the annual revenue more than any other kind of customer.

#4. B2B customers reported a 50% rise in productivity when they interact well with the businesses. (Gallup)

Interacting well with the customers not only improves the revenue. It also helps you improve coordination and boost productivity.

#5. B2B businesses enjoy a 55% higher share of wallet because of their customer engagement strategies. (Gallup)

Strategical placement of customer support and services throughout a customer’s journey is the best way to engage customers. It pockets more profits as well.

#6. Successful engagement by B2B companies resulted in 63% lower customer loss rates. (Gallup)

Both B2C and B2B sectors see lower customer attrition when they engage with the existing customers.

Successful Customer Engagement:

#7. Netflix ranked the best in meeting customer expectations in the entertainment industry with a ranking of 89%. (Statista)

Meeting customer expectations and needs is one of the best ways to create loyal customers. Netflix attained such a feat by using probability codes to find a suitable program for each user.

#8. 60% of failed customer calls are due to the lack of relevant data on the customer. (IBM)

This is one of the customer engagement statistics that highlight the importance of tooling a CRM solution. A CRM aids in collecting and storing vital customer information.

#9. Providing personalised support services results in an increase in revenue per user by 166%. (IBM)

By using the data retrieved, you can create a personalised support solution for every customer. It improves the overall customer engagement with your brand.

#10. Engaging with knowledgeable executives is important for 79% of customers. (Microsoft)

You must train your employees to facilitate an in-depth understanding of all your products. It persuades the customers to continue doing business with you.

Customer Engagement Challenges

#11. 57% of the time customers make up their mind before engaging with your business. (Oracle)

More than half of the leads already make a purchase decision. So when you try to engage it can be a bit challenging.

#12. Almost 62% of customer complaints are about the customer service personnel’s attitude. (Deloitte)

When the customers do not feel welcomed, they usually bail. Only 34% complaints are about the quality of the products. Hence, training your staff proves to be an effective method to increase customer engagement.

#13. 81% of the customers expected the exact answers to their questions. (Verint)

Customers expect the business to value their time. Hence, they require your salespeople to answer the questions without beating around the bush.

#14. Online reviews are a reliable source of information for almost 88% of customers. (Verint)

If you really helped your customers overcome challenges, they are sure to leave an awesome review on the internet. But be sure not to diss your customers. Because one bad review can collapse the brand’s trust in moments.

#15. More than 50% of customers do not trust retailers and manufacturers. (Deloitte)

It is important to know customer engagement statistics that prove the need for effective customer engagement. All you need to do is provide a worthwhile experience to your customers.

Customer Engagement Expectations:

#16. 80% of customers expect businesses to provide a personalised experience to make them buy. (Epsilon)

As customers are able to see all the offers through the internet, they expect a more custom product. If your service doesn’t provide a relevant experience, they readily choose another.

#17. 48% of customers quit the website because they weren’t offered content curated for them. (Accenture)

Prioritising customisation is the only way to retain modern customers. You can use automation tools to find an effective marketing strategy for every user.

#18. 95% of customers choose a business that offers help through all the stages of the purchase. (Oracle)

Leaving the customers with nothing but payment options is not going to help. So, always provide an extensive knowledge base for customers to understand your product/service.

#19. Almost 60% of customers expect consistent inputs through all channels. (Deloitte)

Omnichannel marketing is one of the most innovative ways of marketing in the recent era. It helps you engage with your customers on the platform they prefer.

#20. Quick follow-ups increase the probability of a lead making a purchase by nine times. (Oracle)

Customer engagement statistics of this kind urge you to set up a streamlined customer support system. A faster response results in a faster purchase.

Mobile Customer Engagement:

#21. More than 78% of customers use mobile devices to connect with customer support. (Genesys)

Since most of the customer’s own a mobile phone, it is critical to include steps in your strategies concerning them. You should also enable customer support personnel with mobile devices for anytime interaction.

#22. 50% of customers prefer using mobile messaging apps to reach out for customer support. (Genesys)

This is a major trend that every business needs to keep an eye on. You must set up a system that coordinates customer interactions from every channel.

#23. Phone calls are the least preferred method of customer support according to 72% of the millennials. (IBM)

Customer complaint calls are in the fall after the rise in live chat systems and ticketing tools. It is best to stay updated and install ways other than phone calls to help your customers.

Personalised Customer Engagement:

#24. 45% of customers over the age of 55 prefer privacy to personalisation. (Genesys)

Although millennials are fine with data collection for personalisation, people older than them are not. You need to learn about the customer before sounding like a stalker who knows all the information.

#25. 38% of the digital revenue is possible because of personalisation. (Microsoft)

People who purchase digital content expect you to provide a level of relevant personalisations.

#26. Almost 36% of marketing experts consider personalisation their best strategy for customer engagement. (Adobe)

Marketing experts understand customer engagement statistics. Hence, they persuade businesses to invest in the personalisation of customer conversations.

#27. According to 70% of customers, it is important for the company to understand their needs. (Microsoft)

The customer service personnel represents the organisation as a whole. A conversation filled with empathy is sure to increase the loyalty of customers towards the brand.

#28. For almost 51% of customers, it is important that they get a personalised experience on all channels. (Microsoft)

Having an omnichannel support system is great. But, you must ensure that you provide the same levels of personalisation on all channels. Customer engagement statistics of this kind encourage you to be more consistent in your efforts.

Customer Engagement Impact:

#29. Businesses that have highly engaged customers defeat their competitors by 147%. (Microsoft)

A high rate of engagement not only improves the revenue but also helps you stand out from the crowd.

#30. 64% of customers drop out due to bad experience with the brand. (Microsoft)

Customers expect the brand to provide them with a positive experience. Any bad experience with the brand is sure to keep them away from it for a long time.

Other Customer Engagement Statistics:

#31) More than 50% of the companies in North America consider customer engagement as their topmost priority. (Marketer)

#32) Almost 50% of businesses are investing in planning and forecasting tools to improve customer engagement. (Microsoft)

#33) 80% of millennials use Facebook Messenger as the primary customer support channel. (Genesys)

#34) 75% of consumers expect a quick response for a query made through a social media platform. (Oracle)

#35) Social media posts with less than 250 characters receive 60% more engagement than larger posts. (Invespcro)

#36) Tweeting more than thrice a day reduces the customer engagement rates. (Invespcro)

#37) More than 42% of customers prefer live chat because of the instant response. (Statista)

#38) Businesses that remember customers receive 91% more customers than others. (Microsoft)

#39) In most businesses, existing customers contribute to 40% of the revenue. But they only represent 8% of the overall visitors. (Adobe)

#40) 17% of the time customer service departments can locate the future problems that might occur with customer experience. (IBM)

#41) 62% of successful businesses use advanced tools to gather big data and analytics. It is helpful in retaining customers. (Microsoft)

#42) 53% of customers abandon their carts if they cannot find the answer within minutes. (Forrester)

#43) 59% of customers believe that self-service options are the best way to solve their queries. (Nuance)

#44) 84% of firms that focus on improving their customer experience generate higher revenue. (Forbes)

#45) 54% of customers state that firms need to restyle the way they engage with their customers. 64% of them expect past interaction-based tailored engagements. And by offering a discount, you can get back 30% of lapsed app users. (Salesforce)

#46) 72% of customers will share their experience with six or more individuals. (According to Esteban Kolsky)

 #47) 86% of buyers are ready to spend more for a great customer experience. (Superoffice)

#48) 74% of consumers are likely to make purchases, relying on their experiences alone. (Forbes)

#49) Nearly 78% of customers prefer omnichannel customer engagement. (Salesforce)


As these customer engagement statistics suggest, the interactions you have with customers play a vital role. You can use manpower and advanced software solutions to tackle modern customer needs. Keep engaging and keep growing.

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