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what is push notifications

What are Push Notifications and Why push notifications useful to Boost Sales?

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications is a marketing automation tool that lets you send notifications through a web browser to the user’s desktop and mobile screens. You can send notification regardless of the fact whether the user is on your website or not. Depending on the OS of the device, these notifications may appear similar to push notifications delivered by apps. This is a very good proposition for brands which don’t have dedicated apps. They can use browsers to make their communications reach to the customers in an effective way.

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For Example,
In the holiday season, the stress levels of marketers are reaching sky high. You have to make sure that you have a marketing plan ready to compete in this high stakes war between e-commerce stores to boost their sales. Any major E-commerce stores of repute would have already planned their marketing strategies and started to deploy the tools which they would be used to implement that. A tool which is particularly new to this arena and which has seen a high adoption rate by marketers is the  Push Notifications.

Reasons as to why you should use Push Notifications are mentioned as under:

  1.  Smart Push Notifications based on Segment:

Before you start any marketing automation, it is crucial that you segment your audience properly so that the effect of marketing is maximized. All subscribers are unique and you will benefit majorly if you can smartly group them together based on factors such as their interests, buying behavior, and even the average time they engage on your website.

For example

If the Average Order Value (AOV) of the customer is less than $40, it wouldn’t make sense to send them promotions of your most expensive products. Since the campaign won’t be relevant to them, it won’t create any leads and would lead to waste of your marketing moolah. Therefore segmenting user based on the exact metric they have shown to be interested in through their historical engagement with the website will create more engagement and drive traffic to your website. Make your campaigns even more personalized by adding custom attributes like subscribers the first name to make it more

2. Real-time Push Notification to drive sales:

The holiday season is all about flash sales. By shortening the duration of the sale, you create a sense of urgency in the minds of the customers. Sounds great? And it is. But it is very risky because there is a high probability that your main customers won’t even become aware of the sales until it gets almost or completely over.

You can use the real-time functionality of Push notifications to alert your subscribers of when the sale starts and when the next sale is scheduled so that you don’t lose upon your core audience. You can be sure of that, that they would see the notification right away. Further optimization can be done by setting notification expiration date so that the message will automatically disappear once the sale is over.

Push Notification will increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty since they would be always updated about the new discounts and sales and won’t be disappointed to find out that their favorite product, for which they have been waiting for the price to drop is available in the store.

3. Re-engage your existing customer with Push Notifications :

Due to the highly competitive nature of the E-commerce sector, you can never be to sure about customer loyalty. While your old customers may come back to shop on your store, you simply can’t afford to hope that they will.

Instead of use the power of personalization to send customized campaigns to your old customer based on their historical engagement with your website. Send them sales offer of the items related to their previous purchases. You can also leverage the power of A/B testing to check what exactly works for these sort of customers. This level of personalization will inspire your subscribers to click.

By re-engaging your best customers, you are sure of boosting your sales. Repeat customers tend to have a higher average order value. The added benefit is that these customers may promote your brand in the process, and we all know how powerful word-of-mouth marketing is.

Don’t waste time and set yourself for maximum success by differentiating your campaign to Leverage the power of  Push Notifications to drive more new traffic and re-engage your Existing customers. Thus drive more sales and maintain customer loyalty.

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