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Optimize Conversion Rate Through ab testing

Experiment your ideas , make realtime changes on website ,
AB Testing analytics will help you find which experiment results
better conversion rate optimization.


A/B Testing

Create multiple variations of your website by easily changing the content of your page through notifyvisitors visual editor.Use NotifyVisitors advanced tools to divide your web traffic among all variations and track progress of each variation.


Multivariate Testing

Test 100s of changes at once. The multivariate testing mode combines all the changes you make and generate resulting designs automatically. Test as many versions of your pages to find the optimal design.


Split URL Testing

Create two different URLs of the same landing page and distribute your traffic among them through Split URL testing. You can create and host your own landing pages in Split URL testing.

Build Unlimited Campaigns

Now set up a campaign (such as AB testing, Split URL testing, Multivariate testing etc.) in less than a minute. The intuitive interface makes the process incredibly smooth and quick. Simply provide us your website URL and create a campaign.

  • Create A/B tests and other campaigns in minutes
  • Unlimited undo to fix your mistakes

Simply Handy Editor

Now make changes on your website and apps without the help of a designer or a coder. You drag, move, type and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to modify your website and landing pages without knowing any coding.

  • Create variations of your website at lightning speed
  • Easy-to-use visual editor for marketers
  • No coding knowledge required
ab testing software editor

NotifyVisitors A/B test Works across mobile, tablet, and desktop websites

Create campaigns through NotifyVisitors visual builder which gives you preview's of all your changes on mobile, tablet and desktop so that you can see how the changes will look on different devices.

  • Works great with responsive websites.
  • Change mobile, tablet content on desktop through visual builder device emulator.
  • Supported devices are windows phones, ipad, iphone and android.
multiple device support

Increase Business Growth from our in-depth analytics

For every campaign you run, We provide a report that tells you how your designs are performing against the goals being tracked. Apart from calculating the conversion rate of each design, We will notify you when any version is statistically better than the original. These insights are critical to making business decisions.

  • Know which designs produce maximum conversions
  • Track multiple conversion goals at the same time
  • Validate results through statistical methods
in-depth analytics

Visually analyze visitors behavior

Our Ab testing software comes with a built-in heatmap tool that tracks visitors’ click behavior , scrolling behavior, mouse movements and browsing habits. The functionality is extremely useful for evaluating the usability of your website as it shows where visitors are clicking and what areas they are ignoring.

  • Helps you analyze visitors’ click behaviors
  • Tells you whether visitors are clicking where you want them to click
  • Highlights distracting elements of a page
Easy Installation

NotifyVisitors integration is very simple. Just paste the javascript code in the footer of your website only once and then done. Now you can do A/B testing, personalization, split URL test etc.

  • No need of developer to integrate the code.
  • Create and make campaigns live any time with ease.
  • As code in footer,campaigns will work across website.
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