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Web Push Notifications: The Most Effective Way To Talk to Your Audience

As we all know communication is the key to building any relationship. And as a marketer, your goal is to build good relations with your customers. In this blog, we will learn about push notifications’ advantages to building a good relationship with your clients.

As a marketer, your most important responsibility is to establish a channel of communication with your customers. The channel which you establish should have specific, relevant, actionable, and timely information. There are many ways of establishing such a channel like an email, SMS, social media pages like on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

All these channels are good but they all lack one thing. You cannot send your urgent communication to the audience on which you require a certain action. The reason is that you can never be sure of the time span it requires them to read that.

89% of millennials and 94% of teens own a smartphone” – Statista, Pew research center, 2018.

Thus, a smartphone is the most effective device to use Web push notifications.

Customers are mostly glued to their app and are highly likely to respond to a push notification as compared to email and SMS. We are going to give reasons as to why this happens.

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Email is Losing Its Charm

Email is still the most secure channel of communication when it comes to personal and professional communication, but when it comes to marketing emails, it is losing the battle to other automated tools. View rate and open click rates are falling causing conversion rates to plummet.

Today most of the email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. have established tough norms when it comes to filtering unnecessary emails. This has caused lots of marketing emails, either to be not received by the intended recipients or not being noticed by them because they were filtered into the spam or promotion section of the email. Thus you are never sure whether your email is received by the customer.

Email is losing its charm

SMS is Dying a Slow Death Too

Although SMS is a better channel of communication with customers it still has some shortcomings. If you are sending an SMS that needs to be referenced later by the customer to act upon, then SMS is not a good choice because it isn’t easy to search.

Then the length of an SMS is an issue. It’s difficult to transmit the exact meaning of the message you want to send in just 160 characters.

SMS is dying a slow death too

Push notifications are the default communication medium for most of the applications in smartphones, and this is where the advantages of push notifications begin.

Advantages of Push Notifications

  • Mobile platforms let you analyze location-based data and behavioral data. A marketer then makes a better decision based on the data and sends more personalized and targeted communication with a specific call to action for the customer.
  • Push notifications are also very helpful when it comes to real-time communications which are urgent in nature. For example, you are an e-commerce platform and have come up with a flash sale that will go on for say 5 hours. You want your consumers to be immediately notified regarding the sale. Push notifications are very effective in this scenario.
  • Since it is implied that when a customer is installing an app, he is subscribing for push notifications, there is no threat of a third-party blocking your notifications. You are sure that the customer is going to see your communication. That’s a major advantage.
  • Push Notification also allows you to combine thumbnail graphics and images along with the message. Then you can also include the call to action link. This makes the ads very engaging. You can send a targeted notification based on location data and a number of other demographic metrics.
  • You can think beyond selling and focus on building a relationship with your customers by sending helpful and informational push notifications along with selling information. By sending valuable information which they will be eager to receive, you will increase loyalty and trust.
  • You can send other things as well like freebies, event reminders, valuable discounts, weather-related announcements, typical news based on niche or interest, etc.


Push notification has lots of advantages, you can leverage and tweak them according to your organization’s needs. NotifyVisitors has pioneered this technology and provides a customized solution and high-class data analytics in push notifications.

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Stella is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation software that helps businesses to expand their reach. Apart from writing, she enjoys reading and cooking.