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How do e-commerce websites use push notifications to target customers

How Do E-commerce Websites Use Push Notifications to Target Customers

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E-commerce marketing using web push notifications

Push notifications have been the marketer’s number one choice to reach users across devices. According to a survey, users have made an online purchase via mobile devices in the past few years. It means the e-commerce website must not ignore the device engagement.

Push Notification- A Targeting Medium To Engage Customers

E-commerce websites are constantly looking for a medium that has manifold advantages that must ease out the process of targeting customers on one hand. On the other hand, it should bring in more conversions and revenues.

This is why push notifications are the most trending medium amongst e-commerce websites. Real-time notifications raise conversion rates. At the same time, it offers contextual based communication.

Benefits of Web push notifications in Marketing :

  1. Retargeting customers become easier through push notifications.
  2. Audience segmentation eases not only the process of targeting customers but it also boosts sales.
  3. As customers receive the notifications on desktop and devices. The possibilities of conversion rates are much higher.

Target customers through push notifications.

1. Target customers through customized communication

Audience segmentation makes it easy to send customers what they want to see. It will not only evoke their interest. Also, it will trigger a response. For example: if users visit a specific category of products ( Say sports category). Send them notifications according to their preferences. Optimize the content by adding discount offers on the products.

Target customers through customized communication

2. Occasion based triggered notifications

Cash-out the festive season. Encourage users to indulge in the festive season sale through web push messages. Users generally shop for their friends and relatives during the festive season. You can engage the users by vouching for attractive discounts offers.

For example, You can send specific occasion based notifications like the end of season sale, summer collection, and wedding season shoutout.

Occasion based triggered notifications

3. Flash sales

Flash sales offer is the best way to evoke interest in users. They are time-bound. They last for a few hours. As they include lucrative offers. Customers will tend to buy them before the offer ends.

Flash sales

4. Announcements

Inform the users regarding the sales you are conducting by specifying the details. Recommend them to visit your website to have a glimpse of the offers. It will build curiosity amongst the users.


5. Reminders

Send out reminders to the users regarding the ongoing sales. Reminding them time and again, will appeal to the users to buy the product.


Push notifications are already spicing out the tremendous growth of e-commerce websites.

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