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What is Personalized Push Notification? Its Benefits and How it Work?

Personalized push notifications are an easy solution to increase app engagement. It will be possible only when users receive personalized messages based on their browsing behaviour.

Users love receiving messages that are useful, personalized, and relevant. That is how they can engage with customers in a better way across all channels. Today, digital marketing has opened new avenues for marketers to reach potential customers.

What Are Personalized Push Notifications?


Personalized Push notifications are real-time updates and reminders that are customized as per the user behaviour and journey.

Modern-day consumers desire to have a personalized experience where the power lies in their hands. Also, a consumer goes for something that captivates them.

Nowadays, customers demand marketers to engage with them on a personal level. The excessive usage of the app enables marketers to adopt push notification messaging strategies that increase user engagement and conversions.

Positives of Personalized Push Notifications:

  • Marketers can communicate with users on a more personal level. They can consider what captivates them. Thus they can send the users more specific notifications.
  • Personalization strengthens the bond between the marketer and the user. Also, marketers can keep and please the market king.
  • Marketers can also customize push notifications. So, they can personalize the content and add a catchy icon to it to capture user attention.

How Does Personalization Work?

Personalized push notification operations are based on the following factors :

  • Personalization works via dissecting the audience based on various factors. 
  • Customer segmentation enables a marketer to offer a relevant experience to a specific group. Thereby, he can get more conversions.

The better segmented your audience is, the more targeted your notifications can be.

And, Segmentation can be done based on:

  • Location: Send notifications to a specific group segmented based on Geo-location.
  • Behaviour: Personalization based on user interaction and events performed on the app or website.
  • Demographics: Send personalized push notifications based on the user’s age and gender.

You may have thousands of subscribers on your subscriber list. It’s a challenging task to filter them based on their location or behaviour.

To simplify the process of targeting users by personalized push notifications.

Follow these steps :

  • Use tags: Send personalized push notifications to a specific group by using tags. Put tags to the group based on their interests and their app usage behaviour.
  • Choose the notification type: Use the app builder & choose the notification type. Filter your audience in the section “opt for the notification audience.”
  • Choose the target audience: Choose the target audience and, also write a relevant notification message that captures the user’s attention. You can also add images to grab the user’s eyeballs.

You must analyze the user’s usage behaviour before sending them personalized notifications.

Now, you may get an idea of sending the notifications through segmentation; it’s time to analyze how to increase user engagement through personalized push notifications.

No user wants to receive unnecessary notifications but, they want relevant notifications with great deals. So, a marketer must recognize the factors that lead to increased open rates for push notifications.

Hence, to increase user engagement, you must look upon the essential facts:

  1. Identify the user’s platform: Before creating message campaigns, marketers must consider the user’s platform. So, It has a more profound impact on open notification rates. For E.g. Analytics prove that android has more open rates than ios.
  2. The relevance of content: The content of the personalized text notifications matters the most because It identifies a user’s needs and interests. A marketer can identify a user’s needs through their profiles and serve them via notifications accordingly.
  3. Notifications delivery: Delivery types are of two categories. The first one is a scheduled delivery, and the other is behaviour-based. The time-based delivery is set up for a specific time and behaviour-based notifications deliver based on user app browsing behaviour. Behaviour-based notifications work more effectively.

The above points out the basics of increasing open notification rates.

Now, look at the key pointers to increase user engagement with the personalized push features

  1. Add a personal touch: Add a personalized touch to the notification. Address users by their first name. It marks a long-lasting impact on users.
  2. Deliver content based on user’s behaviour: Deliver content to the users based on their in-app actions. Assure the customers that you value them by offering them discounts and offers.
  3. Best time to send notifications: Track the time when a user is engaged with your app. Send the campaigns during those specific intervals. So that, it will help in generating more conversions.
  4. Optimize your content: Check the keywords to which the user responds the most and Deliver the content with the optimized keyword Because Opting for the right keywords is necessary.


Personalized push notification is a great way to engage active users and awaken the sleeping ones. The real action lies in delivering captivating content that grasps the user’s attention. Analyze the user’s deeper roots. Develop relevant and personalized content to drive more conversions.

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Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.