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Push Notification Preparations

5 Preparations You Should Make Before Using Push Notification

Many times, when we receive promotion email newsletters, we end up segregating them in the spam section. In fact, it often floods our mailbox with hundreds of unread emails. However, this is not the case with website push notifications. Rather, you need not even go through the complete procedure of subscribing to newsletters or cluttering your inbox. The web push notification is just a one-click process. The best part about web app push notifications is that by using them you can reach over 80% of users on the internet. Doesn’t it sound fascinating? You can easily reach such a wide audience in some easy steps and tricks. Even though the push notification is new to the marketing world, they are here to stay.

The marketers can easily incorporate the web app push notifications with almost all forms of marketing, whether it be blogs or e-commerce marketing and several others. However, before you finally start using the push notifications, you need to make certain push notification preparation for the successful implementation. 

Preparations to make before using the web push notification

Before you try out any new marketing strategy, it is important to make certain preparations. Here is a list of strategies that marketers can implement for all sorts of email marketing tactics before finally sending the web push notifications to the user. These push notification preparation include:

Build a subscriber database:

 Build a subscriber database

How many times have you clicked on that mail from an unknown site? Maybe 1 in 50 times. Or just a little more. According to the reports, only 10% of the marketers can bring in subscriptions through emails, and only about 1.95% of the people subscribe to the email newsletters. So, to bring successful conversions from the website, it is important to have an audience to spread and send the notifications. Try gaining the audience’s trust and grow the database. Once you get an inflow of subscriptions, you can build communication cycles to convey all the information.

Increase and manage the return rate:

It is important to keep track of new and old users. You need to stick by all throughout to bring the users back to the site. It is not just limited to selling products but attracting users to your site. It is easy for users to find a new site and leave the old ones. But it is not a good omen for the site when the users leave. The web push notifications help you keep up with it and increase the return rate. To increase the effectiveness of the notifications, you can use the user activity, recently viewed products, and other details. Following this, you can easily segment the audience and make campaigns for them.

Increase the conversion rate optimization (CRO) and decrease the abandoned carts:

According to the statistics, about 69% of e-commerce clients abandon their carts. The bottom line of the complete marketing process is to bring in conversions. You can either do this through website optimization or sending in personalized deals and details to the customers. This helps in building trust among the consumers and increasing conversions. You can do this using the web push notification, by checking the abandoned carts and their activity on it. 

Offer options in CTA (call-to-action):

Instead of reading the long paragraph, it is a basic human tendency to make choices if given an option. It is one of the trickiest methods to boost the customer base. You can easily place two CTAs on the notification, landing the customer on a suitable page according to their preferences. The marketers usually send this type of web push notifications a few days after completion of the purchase, or to win back their customers. 

Track the interest of the audience:

With all the technology in hand, you can easily monitor all the customer data and interactions with the site and on the web. It is important to understand what the customers are viewing and whether you meet up to their expectations. This provides you with a headstart to provide the customers with the best options strategically. 

How to write the web push notification?

Once you are done with the push notification preparation, it’s showtime. Often, when we see the push notification, we do not even see some of them, while for some others, we click immediately out of inquisitiveness. This itself justifies the need for attractive and equally engaging content to write the web app push notifications. There can be no perfect fit for all the customers, but there surely is an appropriate one for all.

One thing to remember while writing content for the push notification is that you have a limit of 150 characters. And you have to sum up and convey your message within these limits.

So, while writing the web push notification preparation, here are some tips to follow:

  • Keep it simple: Don’t overflow the content or don’t go overboard with sophisticated words. The fewer efforts the reader has to put in to understand your message, the better.
  • Cool CTA? Why not: Use some powerful word to grasp the reader’s attention adding to the essence of the message? After all, CTA does the work of conversion and bringing in the audience. 
  • FOMO (fear of missing out): As cool as this seems, the better it works. Make the readers feel as if they are missing out on something exclusive. They can be deals, discounts and so much more.
  • A/B testing: It is one of the most efficient methods to check engagement and CTR. Once you have the right statistics, you can easily optimize them according to the customer’s preferences.
AB testing

It is only about the customers:

Only readers and target audience matters for the web push notifications. Do not completely target the product, but on the problem that the product solves. How is it the right choice for the customer? The customers won’t care about the deals and discounts until they find the product beneficial. 

Personalize the message:

When you receive a parcel in your name, it is oddly satisfying to make you happy. So is the case with personalized messages. It makes the customer feel valued. You can easily track the user activity and send them deals on their favorite products to get their attention and increase conversions.

Push Notification Timing:

You surely don’t want any notifications dropping in when you are fast asleep. For better efficacy, send the notifications at the right time. The best part about website push notifications is that you need not wait for the customers to be active on the site. You can easily send them anytime, anywhere. Track the timing of user activity and send in the notifications at that instant to receive the response. 

You have just a few seconds to drop the bomb. So, what are you waiting for? Grab all the attention and be the talk of the town with just a few notifications.


In brief, the web push notifications are the perfect add-on to all effective strategies acting like the cherry on top. Unleash your creativity to the maximum possible and put forth the best that your customers can expect. Surely, you do not want to miss out on any chance to engage the customers. Nor do you want your customers to leave you hanging between the buying process or at the abandoned carts. With all the above-mentioned points, you can strategically get the best out of web push notifications and integrate them with all the marketing strategies for your business.

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