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9 Effective Post Purchase Email Examples & Tips to make Loyal Customer

We all know that email marketing is perfect for increasing sales. It gives a great ROI for every dollar spent.

However, usually, companies only use email marketing to attract new customers. They don’t use email marketing to retain and attract customers. Post-purchase emails allow you to sell or resell products to customers based on their purchase history.

Therefore, email marketing is the best way to target existing customers and convert them into loyal customers. This blog will teach you the 9 Effective Post Purchase Email Examples & Tips to make Loyal Customers.

What do you understand about Post Purchase Emails?

Any communication sent to a customer after making a purchase may be considered a Post Purchase Email. Such emails usually include action emails that contain important information about people buying, but they can also be marketing or promotional emails.

For example, order confirmation emails are proactive and post-purchase emails. But you can add a thank you note to your post-purchase automation email.

Let us now look at examples of Post Purchase Emails and tips to make a loyal customer.

9 Effective Post Purchase Email Examples

1. Order Confirmation Emails

Order Confirmation Emails

Order confirmation emails are a great way to build customer trust after making a purchase.

However, a cute thank you note can help you look good when thinking of your customers—when they give you their payment information. 

 A Thank you message can help you stand out. 

In the example above, you can see how the brand isn’t shy about saying thank you. The tag shows thanks for the purchase, with a summary of the order and contact information if the customer needs help.

2. Delivery Confirmation Emails

Delivery Confirmation Emails

Delivery confirmation emails are a great way to motivate customers to know when their order will arrive.

Especially if your store has long delivery times or is currently delayed, these emails can provide peace of mind to customers patiently waiting for their orders.

This delivery confirmation email from Beauty Bay lets customers know when and where their order has been delivered. They even provide tracking links for helping customers.

3. Reorder reminder emails

Reorder reminder emails

Reorder email reminders are necessary for any e-commerce brand if they think a product makes sense to be reordered.

This type of email works with everything from pet food and personal care to household items. It is a great way to use post-purchase emails to keep customers returning.

The above-given email strategy rocks because you know the customer has a need. You can offer them a luring deal to make sure they instantly buy the product. 

If you sell products that one can reorder, you would be a fool to refrain from sending this email.

4. How-to Emails

How-to Emails

No matter what you sell, some people need extra help to make the most of it.

For example, Dossier sells expensive perfumes, and people sometimes need more information about how to store them. That’s why they post helpful content like the example given below. 

Information that helps your customers get the most out of their purchase is great for shipping products days or weeks after you receive them. 

An educational or how-to post-purchase email can be about how to best care for a product, how to use it, how to assemble it, etc.

5. Loyalty Program Emails

Loyalty Program Emails

Post-purchase is the best time to promote your loyalty or rewards program. Showing customers that they can earn rewards the more they shop at your store is a great way to keep new customers coming.

An important email marketing metric to measure is the click-to-open rate or CTOR. For example, the New York-based handbag company Caraa is a great example of a loyalty program email with an unexpected bonus points email. Customers are given bonus points simply as an act of appreciation, increasing the likelihood of a higher CTOR.

6. VIP offers for repeat customers

VIP offers for repeat customers

Even without a formal loyalty program, you can reward your repeat customers. Use post-purchase emails to offer better deals, special offers, and VIP benefits.

  • If a VIP customer leaves your website because they need the right size (the size they usually buy), find them and email them.

  • Offer tiered discounts based on customer lifetime value.

  • Send free shipping offers for a limited time.

  • Make it a fun and captivating experience with freebies.

7. Customer information emails

Customer information emails

When customers place an order with you, they provide enough information about themselves. You have their name, address, and order history; you can even track their behavior with email marketing software.

But you can always learn more about your customers, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to ask.

Bespoke Post sells themed subscription boxes for men, so they want to ensure each box is tailored to each client’s interests. Instead of guessing and submitting potential boxes, they emailed existing subscribers.

8. Feedback request email

Feedback request email

The most significant post-purchase email is the feedback request email. Any e-business can benefit from promoting its products based on customer feedback.

When people are deeply committed to something, they are loyal to it. 

Ask your customers what new features and colors they would like to see. Their suggestions may surprise you, but they are an honest look at what they like and want your product to accomplish.

This email from Airbnb is a perfect example of asking for feedback from customers.

9. Cross-selling or up-selling email

Cross-selling or up-selling email

After your customers use your new product, they will be more impressed with your brand and more likely to buy from you again. Also, because you already know what customers want, you can send them more relevant content.

Wrapping Up

These examples will help you create great email campaigns. Your brand and story are unique. That’s why you must come up with ideas matching your brand’s style and message. As long as it is interesting and relevant, it will stand out and increase customer retention.

To help you create the perfect post-purchase email campaign, you can schedule a demo with NotifyVisitors. With it, you can leave the worry of crafting the perfect email to the professionals and focus solely on growing your revenue.


1. What do you understand about Post-Purchase?

Post-purchase means the time after a customer places an order with your store. 

2. What do you understand about Post Purchase Email?

Any communication sent to a customer after making a purchase may be considered a Post Purchase Email. Such emails usually include action emails that contain important information about people buying, but they can also be marketing or promotional emails.

3. When should one send a Post Purchase Email?

The best time to send this email is after the product is delivered and the customer uses it. They could offer you better feedback after delivery rather than sending it after shipping.

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