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How to Boost eCommerce Sales? 12 Best Techniques to Follow in 2024

With global eCommerce sales touching $4 trillion per year, it is the commencement of a golden era for eCommerce businesses. Ecommerce brands need to have a clear marketing strategy in place to tap into their immense potential. This blog lists more than 12 proven ways to increase eCommerce sales in 2024.

12 Proven Techniques to Increase eCommerce sales

1. Target your existing customers


When you find that your business isn’t growing, an important thing you need to do is target your existing customers. For, it is 5 times cheaper to sell to your existing customers than selling to new customers.

Loyal customers add more items to their shopping carts, have a higher conversion rate, and purchase more from you compared to new customers. 

This is because they are already acquainted with your brand and are knowledgeable about using your products (this eliminates the learning curve).

So, you need to strengthen your customer retention strategies more than your customer acquisition efforts. Focus on enhancing their experience and rewarding them through a customer loyalty program.

2. Keep your brand messaging clear


Studies say that an average internet user will take no more than 15 seconds to judge your brand. So, it’s important to convey a unique value proposition to your customers to inspire them to purchase from you.

Your message needs to be consistent in terms of wordings, perspectives, offerings, and layout. 

This will help people associate your brand with its messaging, build awareness about it, and develop credibility and loyalty with customers. The best practices you need to follow in this regard are-

  • Create a compelling sales copy with paragraph breaks, bullet points, and images. 
  • Have videos on your conversion pages.
  • Convey a great value proposition. It should focus on how your product will benefit the end customer, how it’ll solve their problems, and why they should purchase from you.

3. Excel in your customer service


A study says that solving an issue that a customer is facing will increase the chances of his retention far more than one who didn’t come across an issue at all. So, invest in your customer service.

In case you have automated customer service, add a human touch to facilitate the positive association of your brand in customers’ minds.

Train your customer support reps to provide the best pre-and post-purchase shopping experiences. For, the way your brand handles queries, shipping issues, replacements, and returns will determine how customers perceive your brand.

4. Have an SEO strategy in place


In the year 2024, as in the past year and before that, SEO will remain vital. Your products need to be visible to those customers who are looking for them.

So, ensure that you optimize your product listings for voice-based and text-based searches. Also, optimize your product videos for searches. You can do so using thumbnails and transcripts. 

Also, optimize your product videos for searches. You can do so using thumbnails and transcripts. 

Here are a few other things you should consider:

  • Carry out keyword research and align content with search intent. 
  • Improve page load time.
  • Make sure all important pages are Google indexed.
  • Make sure that all pages are mobile-responsive.
  • Let your website architecture be logical with three clicks depth.
  • Address duplicate content.
  • Have structured data.
  • Use image alt text
  • Fix broken links.

5. Market through social media


Billions of people worldwide are on social media. So, it’s a great channel to create awareness about your brand and connect with your target audience. The foremost thing you need to do is to identify the platforms they use the most.

If you target mainly Baby Boomers, your best platform would be Facebook. You’d find Millennials and Gen Z on TikTok and Instagram. You’d find Millennials and Gen Z on Instagram and TikTok, where you can easily engage with your audience and gain TikTok likes, And if you’re selling to women, Pinterest is the right place.

Once you get on the right social media platforms, create and post content that’d engage your prospective customer base.

Connect with them, participate in discussions, help solve their problems, and respond to their comments in a captivating and entertaining way. 

6. Implement live chat

People today prefer getting their queries answered instantly through live chat functionality on eCommerce sites. For, this eliminates the waiting period for a customer support rep to respond.

The quick response helps reduce the sales cycle, make quick purchasing decisions, and hence, contribute to increased eCommerce Increase eCommerce sales. It also reduces bounce rates and increases sales by providing proactive assistance to visitors.

Yet another way in which incorporating live chat boosts revenue is by delivering real-time sales assistance, thereby, converting website visitors into leads.

Additionally, it helps connect leads to the right team for follow-up. No wonder, having live chat increases the conversion rate by 40%. So, do implement live chat on your e-store. 

7. Improve your website’s user experience

An appealing website is one that looks great and works great. Ensuring a good user experience (UX) will increase eCommerce sales. For this, you need to understand the challenges that visitors are facing on your site.

Tools like heatmaps, A/B testing, etc. can help continuously improve your site.

Here are certain things you need to consider while working on your site’s UX:

  • Placement of call to action (CTA) – What’s the use if people do not click through your CTA even if it is highly captivating? Ensure that your visitors notice your CTA and are encouraged to take a favorable decision. 
  • Website navigation – Provide your site visitors with simple navigation to the internal pages. This will motivate them to check the info they need and thus increase their chances of buying from you.
  • Headings and subheadings– Headings and subheadings make it easy for your site visitors to scan through and find content. So, make sure that they are appealing. That is, they should be what customers and prospects are looking for at your site. 

8. Feature user-generated content

People tend to trust social proof more than the content posted by the brand itself. One powerful form of social proof is User-Generated Content (UGC).

A study concluded that users who engage with UGC video are 161% more likely to convert! So, encourage your customers to post more UGC. 

Here are the ways to do this:

  • Send an email asking your customers to take snaps of them using your products and tag your brand.
  • Create a social media #hashtag around your products and motivate customers to use those while discussing them.
  • Make provisions for getting their reviews and ratings for each product.
  • Repost favorable comments posted by customers that otherwise may go unnoticed.
  • Organize a competition for UGC under a particular theme.

When it comes to featuring UGC, you need to be smart else you might get labeled as being braggy, which would have an adverse effect. One tactic is to do it in such a way that you’re expressing gratitude to customers.

9. Make your site mobile-friendly

We’ve mentioned this in the SEO tip. However, we feel the need to emphasize more this. Today, an overwhelming number of online shoppers are shopping through their smartphones and tablets.

Studies show that 40% of mobile users have used their devices to make online purchases. And 63% of millennials use their smartphones to shop online. 

So, make it one of your top-most priorities to optimize your website for mobile devices. An alternative to consider is building a mobile app for your e-store.

Statistics show that people prefer apps more than e-stores. No matter whether yours is an app or an e-store, take into account the following to ensure a great UX:

  • Speed
  • Convenience
  • Personalization 
  • Saved settings and preferences
  • Rewards and benefits
  • Entertainment

10. Showcase your top-selling items

Customers who shop at your e-store may often be overwhelmed by the wide range of product categories and options. They start looking for directions from you. So, give them those.

Have a section to display what other people are purchasing the most. Have a “best seller” category included on the homepage.

Your eCommerce platform has features to automate displaying your popularly selling products in this section.

Just enable it. For instance, when you enable this functionality in your Shopify platform, it will determine and update the best sellers by calculating the total number of each product variant sold each week.

11. Use SMS marketing


SMS marketing also has the potential to increase eCommerce sales. This is because, as per a study, 46% of mobile users spend 5 to 6 hours per day of their personal time on their mobile phones.

So, employ an SMS strategy to announce your newly trending offers and discounts to customers. 

Further, SMS have higher open rates and are great for sending hyper-time-sensitive messages such as limited offers and flash deals. You can also send messages about upcoming events and other info that your customers care about.

What’s more, is that you can personalize your messages to create a 1:1 interactive experience between them and your brand. Mobile push notifications can also have a similar effect.

12. Use web banners

Web banner ads can serve purposes such as advertising your eCommerce site and traffic to a specific product or promotion of yours. The most important benefit of banner ads is that they help boost brand recognition.

When a prospect keeps viewing your brand in a banner ad, search results, relevant websites, social media, etc. it gains his attention and stays on his mind. 

You have to make your banner ad appealing both visually (with images and pleasing colour combinations, fonts, and headings) and value proposition-wise. Also, make sure that your message is simple, concise, incorporates an enticing CTA, and has been designed for your target audience. 

Wrapping up

In today’s heavily competitive scenario faced in the eCommerce sector, businesses need to adopt strategies to aid their growth. We’ve listed twelve proven ways to increase eCommerce sales in 2024.

Apply a few of these in a way that makes sense for your business model. You’re sure to succeed very soon!

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