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19 Best Email Newsletter Examples and Why They Work in 2024

What if we told you that some great email newsletter examples would get your creative flow flowing?

Email newsletters are great for your business and easily engage your target audience with your brand. Email provides a great opportunity to promote your brand and increase sales.

We’ve covered 19 best email newsletter examples for businesses in various industries similar to yours.

What Should Be in Your E-newsletters?

Don’t create a newsletter to create one – every email you send should, without exception, have a purpose.

Please research carefully to understand what your audience is hearing, as they will decide whether to click and read this email.

Many different elements can be included in an e-newsletter like the following:-

  • Case studies 
  • Industry news
  • Upcoming events or webinars
  • Deals or promotions
  • FAQ’S
  • Blog posts
  • Quotes
  • Recent job openings at your company
  • Customer testimonials and photos

Tips to Consider for Your Email Newsletter

Before creating a newsletter and checking the best email newsletter examples, check the quick tips we have listed below.

  • Use clear images.
  • Include a strong CTA.
  • Emails should be mobile friendly
  • Try using videos, memes, etc
  • Use white space intelligently

Let us now look at the best email newsletter examples and why they work for the company.

19 Best Email Newsletter Examples

A) Personalization email newsletter examples

1. BarkBox


Bark is a company that wants to be the voice of dogs in a world run by humans. BarkBox is a newsletter related to the monthly sale of dog toys and treats. It also provides an easy way to buy inventory.

It works because the newsletter features a story about themed toys and pictures of dogs playing with them. The designs are fun and whimsical, with bright colors, unusual textures, and eye-catching designs and patterns. It sets the tone for Bark’sBark’s mission perfectly.

BarkBox has a very engaging visual appeal.

2. The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is a charity dedicated to protecting the land and waters on which all life depends. As a non-profit organization, the Nature Conservancy wants to inspire people to join its cause. If people feel particularly motivated after reading the newsletter, the Nature Conservancy has a donation button above and below the newsletter. 

It works because the brand also includes all the different social channels that readers can connect with personally. When personally engaged, readers are more likely to read each newsletter. Social networks are also great for The Nature Conservancy to tell important stories, spread brand awareness and connect with supporters.

3. PlayStation


It is an entertainment system that is used by a lot of impressionable teenagers. It works because each newsletter includes a welcome message with the recipient’s name, trophies won by that person, and total hours played. 

It is personal information that every player needs to know, and it’s great to see these stats at the top. It encourages users to play and collect these rewards.

B) Product Update Newsletter Examples

Letting customers know about a new feature, update, or upcoming event is an important function of email newsletters.

4. Samsung 


Samsung recently launched the Samsung Z Flip3 and Fold3 smartphones. This newsletter announces new products and offers a few special offers.

This newsletter works because the news captures your attention with a great image and a big, eye-catching headline. Each paragraph has a clear CTA. 

It has various sections, but the company makes sure to put the essential information in the CTA, which is the catch.

5. Starbucks


Starbucks fans look forward to the arrival of their herbal drinks every year. This newsletter lets subscribers know it’s time.

It works because the newsletter allows the reader to give a choice. Instead of just providing information, they ask about their preference.

The newspaper has a great layout with pop hues, and the Starbucks logo is visible at the top.

6. Lenovo 


According to the newsletter below, Lenovo chose a bold color scheme against black to promote Legion 7. There’s a lot more to the email, but Legion 7 info, free shipping offers, and calls to action are all near the top. It is the main reason why this newsletter works.

“Build Your Rig” is a great call to action that appeals to readers who want to customize their computer.

7. Kinsta 


The Kinsta newsletter is great and works because everything stands out in the email. The color and shape of the email are familiar to all who are familiar with the brand.

This letter has something for everyone. If readers don’t like the latest product functionality, they can be dragged to Kinsta’s website to learn more about malware or how to ship great products.

8. Subaru 


Subaru has announced the Subaru STI S209 with this stylish email design. 

The topic itself is intriguing. The news coverage looks good, has top-notch technology, and uses quality photography. The email copy reinforces the idea that you must act fast to get this exceptional offer.

C) Examples of e-commerce newsletters

E-commerce newsletters usually serve several main purposes: Promoting new products, announcing seasonal sales, building strong relationships with customers, etc.

9.  Stitches n Giggles


Stitches n Giggles is an online store that sells quilting fabrics and accessories. 

The newsletter is a great example of quality holiday marketing. Instead of using the weekend as an excuse to run promotions, Stitches N Giggles offers added value to its customers, including the little things that make up the perfect stocking stuffer. 

It works because it accurately describes the content of the newsletter. It provides value in the form of sales.

The CTA Button is also very compelling. 

10.  Mulligans Pharmacy


The newsletter works because of its content. Mulligans used its newsletter to support its patients remotely as a pharmacy with an online store. 

This example is from January 2021, when Ireland entered another Covid-19 lockdown. The Mulligans’ newsletter offers important health tips without too long or heavy text.

To grab readers’ attention, they start the newsletter with a special graphic that showcases their immune care products. 

This newsletter template is designed effectively and showcases the products people want in the middle of winter. A small CTA button under each product makes it easy for customers to find what they want.

11.  69b Boutique


69b Boutique is a sustainable fashion retailer with both an online and brick-and-mortar store. 

This newsletter is a great introduction to effective email structure and design elements. 

The headline begins by grabbing readers’ attention with an offer of free shipping.

This email is very simple in design, but it supports the purpose of the newsletter – conversions – well. The color palette is consistent with the brand and attractive. CTA buttons make them stand out and add a nice touch to the palette.

12. Warby Parker


This Warby Parker Email Newsletter is a lesson in email marketing minimalism. You don’t need a five-page essay to sell a consumer product.

With the right graphics, you can make the product speak for itself. Warby Parker understands that how you look matters when you decide to buy glasses. Therefore, it jumps at every opportunity to show businesses that the company trusts in its marketing cards.

13.  Fleur and Bee


Fleur and Bee is a skincare company that creates natural, ethical products. For Fleur and Bee and its customers, being vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly is essential for conscious, glowing skin.

With this letter, Fleur and Bee remain true to the brand. It works because it has an attractive special image that gives the impression that the featured product is made of simple, natural materials, while the design emphasizes the company’s values.

14. Brooks Running


It’s hard to make a shoe photo interesting, but Brooks does it. This email advertises sneakers effectively.

It works because the colors make it interesting and go with the shoe’s bright look, which is fun and artistic.

This email doesn’t just show you things. It offers online shoe searches to help you find the right fit.



The content of this email is only 18 words, but it’s very effective.

The reader cannot help but glance at the picture of the portable hot pink bidet. For those familiar with TUSHY, humorous writing makes the company more memorable. For inexperienced customers, it will certainly pique interest.

D) Examples of brick-and-mortar newsletters

Email newsletters for brick-and-mortar stores serve a slightly different purpose than online retailers. They create a sense of community around your store and inform customers about new products, hours of operation, current sales, and offers.

16. Calif Chicken Cafe


Calif Chicken Café offers “the best-grilled chicken” in Los Angeles. Their newsletter is a great example of attracting customers to your restaurant or store. 

The beautiful photography (attractive staging, yellow props, etc.) makes this email so effective. Also, displaying a product like lemonade is a great way to attract customers to your store. It’s hot in Los Angeles, so you may patronize Calif Chicken Cafe after seeing emails like this.

Take notes on this newspaper example for restaurants, cafes, and other businesses that sell food and beverages. Short, sweet, and to the point like lemonade. 

17. Peter Thomas


This example has a classic newsletter style. This newsletter announces the store’s reopening and presents the most popular services.

It mainly highlights goods and services and encourages customers to sign up for a session.

However, Peter Thomas Photography continues to find ways to make its newsletter content unique. A cute dog is a great way to attract the buyer’s attention. Moreover, jokes about the owner’s hairstyle during quarantine help the audience to get closer to the business.

It does a great job showcasing its services and using CTAs to link to additional information.

Examples of blog newsletter

Email marketing and blogging are a match made in heaven. Combining the two can enhance your content marketing and build a better relationship with your audience. 

18. Julie Blanner


Email marketing for bloggers is all about presenting your great content to your audience. To do this, Julie Blanner creates and channels valuable newsletters to support and encourage her email subscribers. 

Regarding newsletter design, Julie Blanner uses plain text email to personalize her campaigns. The blogger uses whitespace to improve readability.

The copy maintains a friendly tone by using personalization to address the recipient’s name. This way, the newsletter is tailor-made for the email subscriber, making it more unique and user-friendly.

 Additionally, the blogger adds a photo to highlight their brand and has a clear subscribe button at the end for those who want to subscribe to their mailing list.

19. Torque


RSS feeds are a custom email format you can set up through your email marketing service. These emails need an RSS URL to the website that will pull your content.

This is an email template that has a single content block to promote specific content. The design is minimal, with only the essential elements.

The Torque RSS campaign automatically pulls a portion of your blog content and displays it in the newsletter. Some text is intended to provide additional information about the blog post.

Additionally, brands like, renowned for their project management solutions, leverage email newsletters not only to showcase product updates and industry insights but also to offer exclusive promotions and discounts. For instance, subscribers may receive enticing offers such as a promo code, enticing them to explore the platform’s features while enjoying cost savings. As the digital landscape evolves, these email newsletter examples serve as inspiration for marketers seeking to elevate their campaigns and drive tangible results.


As we have seen, email newsletters come in all shapes and sizes. Small businesses, startups, and non-profit organizations have different audiences, goals, and resources. However, they all have benefits for newsletters and email marketing!

If the examples have inspired you in this post, try NotifyVisitors. Even if you don’t know how to create a newsletter, you can create beautiful and professional emails by scheduling a demo with us.


1. What to write an email newsletter?

Here are a few tips you should remember while writing email newsletter:

  • Use clear images.
  • Include a strong CTA.
  • Emails should be mobile friendly
  • Try using videos, memes, etc
  • Use white space intelligently

2. What are some of the best email newletter examples?

Here are 5 best email newsletter examples:

  • Barkbox
  • Kinsta
  • Samsung
  • Starbucks
  • Lenovo

3. What are 5 major components of email newsetter?

The 5 major components of email newsletters are:

  • Title
  • Graphics
  • Information
  • CTA
  • Links to social media

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