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How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy? Easy Step-by-Step Guide (2024)

What makes a business successful, or we can say, keeps it running? Here, some might say efforts and the level of commitment. That’s true for sure, but do not forget to add one more thing – Marketing. Especially today when there is cutthroat competition in the market and you, as an entrepreneur, just can’t expect people to get attracted towards your brand on their own. 

Marketing becomes way more important now because what would be the benefit of all the time and resources you put into your business if you eventually fail to make the targeted audience aware of your brand, Right? 

In this guide, we will learn how to create an email marketing strategy that delivers amazing outcomes.

Why Email Marketing?

In simple terms, marketing is nothing but a connection a brand has with its audience and here, email marketing plays a significant role. The reason is simple: 99% of consumers check their email regularly and also prefer to get updates from brands there. 

No matter what comes or goes, Email marketing is still dominating the world of marketing and this is why companies are investing heavily in it. With an efficient email marketing strategy, you get a lot of benefits. 

A few key ones are as follows – 

1. Content Personalization  

content-personalization- how to create an Email marketing strategy

Just like not every finger is the same, customers also come under different segments. For example, the preferences of customers living in one area may differ from the customers living in a different area. 

Similarly, there can be many other categories of customers based on their age, sex, earnings, and the list goes on. Here, Email marketing lets you personalize the content as per the needs and interests of your targeted audience to attract them and this actually works great. Because who does not like extra attention? 

2. Boost Up Sales 

boost-up-sales- how to create an Email marketing strategy

The primary motive of every marketing strategy is to generate revenue for a business and Email marketing does not disappoint at all when it comes to that. This may sound crazy but it is the Email marketing, not social media giants like Facebook or Twitter, that help companies generate more sales. 

And, we are not saying this out of the air as you see for every dollar spent on Email marketing, you can expect an average ROI (Return on Investment) of 36 dollars, which is 36 times. What more one can ask for, right!

3. Effective Communication with Customers

Now and then, companies release new products in the market or do sales promotions to drive their business activities and at such times, having strong communication with the targeted audience can be quite beneficial. 

With a good Email Marketing strategy in place, a company can easily communicate with its customers and make them aware of its new products, discount offers, or any latest updates. 

Here, the benefits go to both the companies and the customers as the former gets the opportunity to build a strong relationship with the latter and the latter gets all the information in their preferred mode. 

4. Cost Effective 

Emails or Traditional marketing campaigns, like banners and pamphlets What would cost you more? Surely, traditional marketing campaigns as they can include printing, photoshoots, location fees, placement, and many other processes. Whereas creating emails only requires concise and appealing content, and graphics, which are optional. 

Where the traditional ways of marketing may require many people, marketing via Email can be done easily even by one person. All these make Email marketing not only cost-effective but also easy to handle, which can come in handy when one’s facing time and budget constraints.

5. Drive More Website Traffic 


Email marketing strategies help companies fulfill many objectives and one of them is to get more traffic on their websites. 

Yeah, it’s also true that whether the audience you target will visit your website or not depends on how great your Email content is and the way you present it to them but isn’t Marketing all about that? With Email marketing campaigns, you get your audience to engage with your website and know more about the products and services.

How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy? 

Now that we know why Email Marketing holds such a special place in the marketing universe and how it plays a significant role in the growth of a business, it’s time to look at the best tips on how to create an Email marketing strategy that any company should consider while formulating one for it. 

1. Understand Your Goals

For the success of any marketing campaign, a clear understanding of the objectives you seek to achieve with it is a must and the same applies to Email Marketing as well. It can be about brand awareness, driving website traffic, customer retention and so many other things. 

Therefore, it’s important you first determine your Email marketing goals and this will also help you produce the content around the right theme. 

While setting out the goals for your Email Marketing campaign, you can consider the following points –

  • Goals should be to the point because the more specific they are, the easier it gets to track their development. ‘To take our business to great heights’ may sound great to hear initially but it doesn’t give any slightest idea how and when you will actually get there.  
  • Many a time companies, especially Startups, set goals that are next to impossible to achieve in the given time framework, which not only brings down their morale in the end but also wastes their time and hard-earned resources.

    Therefore, set attainable goals that with an effective Email marketing campaign in place can be achieved within the set period. 
  • ‘How does it feel when you achieve a goal?’ Great, Right? Well, this also motivates you to move ahead with a more enthusiastic approach. For this, first, it becomes important to set a time limit for the goals so that you know how far is the destination and whether your Email marketing strategy is on the right path. 

2. Find Your Targeted Audience


“A hair wig company targeting people with black shiny hair” This will surely sound wrong to anyone and why wouldn’t it be such a case? – Business is all about Supply and Demand. If you fail to find the right audience for your brand or understand their needs with the evolving time, then that’s a problem. 

Marketing demands research on your part, you can go through the recent trends and analyze what segment of customers would be most interested in the products/services you offer. 

While doing the segmentation of your customers, you can consider a lot of factors, including their age groups, locations, earnings, preferences, or the time since they have been dealing with you, etc. This way you can improve their overall customer experience as well as get into their heads. 

3. Create Engaging Email Content 

Now that you know the goals you seek to achieve with Email Marketing campaigns and the audience to target, it’s time to write appealing and relevant email content. 

The data you have gathered above will come in handy here as you can keep in mind the needs and interests of your targeted audience to ensure your content resonates with them. Here, you can consider a few things to create content like a pro for your Email marketing campaign – 

  • The length of your Email content matters a lot because this world never stops and people are busy, so they may not look at the content of your Email if it’s too long or unorganized. It’s better if, alongside, you use creative and appealing graphics or videos as they are easy to understand and people prefer them as well. 
  • The nature of your Email marketing campaign, like newsletters, promotions, thank you notes, customer retention, etc., also plays a crucial role as the content will vary accordingly.
  • Select a tone for your Email content as it can be friendly, formal, professional, etc.
  • Also, consider the number of Emails you plan to send to an individual audience in a given period because the content of each of them should be unique so that they don’t sound monotonous.  

4. Select an Email Marketing Platform 


Everyone does hard work but that’s not enough, to stay ahead in the race, you need to work smart. There are several Emailing software available in the market that can not only help you create great Email marketing campaigns but also run them effectively and smoothly.

If you don’t know where to look, then no need to worry, we’ve got you covered as below are the best Email Marketing platforms that can be trusted all the time.

1. NotifyVisitors 


With thousands of businesses using it, NotifyVisitors is the most preferred Email marketing tool at present. The reason behind this is the amazing features it offers, which include dynamic content, responsive templates, easy customization, and the list goes on. 

Well, not to forget A/B testing and Email autoresponders, NotifyVisitors is a one-stop solution and the perfect choice for you.

2. MailMunch


Next on the list is MailMunch, a great option to choose from when it comes to Email marketing software. It can come in handy to create Emails and landing pages with its customizable templates and Drag & Drop editor. With it, you can easily personalize the Email content as per the segments of your audience, perform analytics, generate leads, etc.

3. Moosend


Moosend is also a well-known tool to create and run effective Email marketing campaigns. The best part about it is the free trial  which gives you access to a lot of features, including unlimited emails, opt-in form templates, comprehensive reporting and analysis, AI-based product recommendations, etc.

5. Track the Development of an Email Marketing Campaign 

What would be the benefit of putting all such effort and time if you failed to track the development of your Email marketing campaign? Like, It’s important to know whether it is going on as per your expectations and if not, where you are lacking and what should be done to sort out that. 

As per the goals of your Email marketing strategy, you can keep a close on the relevant performance metrics. For instance, if its main aim is to drive website traffic, then you should atleast track the CTR (Click-through-rate), which measures the number of people who clicks on the link given in your Email. 

Below, we have given a few common performance metrics to track the development of your Email marketing campaign. 

  • Open Rate – Measures the percentage of opened Emails for a specific Email marketing campaign.
  • Bounce rate – Measures the percentage of Emails that you send but fail to reach the recipient’s box due to invalid addresses or any other reason.  
  • Unsubscribe rate – Measures the percentage of Email subscribers who chose to opt out of the mailing list after an Email marketing campaign
  • Conversion rate – Measures the percentage of Email subscribers who take the desired action, like form fill-out, make a purchase, etc. specified in the Emails you send. 

Tracking these performance metrics over time can tell you how to create an Email marketing strategy better and more effectively, at the same time, make changes to it accordingly to get better results.  


Marketing via Email may seem complicated at first to some but that’s not the case at all, especially if you know how to create an Email marketing strategy, which is effective and that’s what this article is all about. 

With Email marketing campaigns, you can expand your customer base and take your business to great heights of success, that too within a short period. 

Seeing the ROI that Email marketing has, there is no doubt that one should invest in it and we hope you agree with that. Make sure you select the best Email marketing tool because that can actually make a difference and at last, we wish you Good luck. 


1. Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing has become a crucial tool to reach the targeted audience in an effective way. It help you in

  • Content personalization
  • Boosting Sales
  • Effective communication with customers
  • Driving more website traffic.

2. How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy?

To create an email marketing strategy, you need to remember the below mentioned steps

  • Understand your goals
  • Find your targeted audience
  • Create an engaging email content
  • Choose the best email software
  • Track the Development of an Email Marketing Campaign  

3. What are Some of the Best Email Marketing Software?

Here are the best 3 email marketing software you should consider

  • NotifyVisitors
  • Mailmunch
  • Moosend

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