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6 Advantages of Email Marketing you Should Know in 2023

Most people assume email marketing is dead; however, that is not the case. 40% of B2B marketers have reported that email newsletters are crucial for content marketing success and goal achievement. 73% of millennials prefer to read business emails rather than turn to other media forms.

Around 99% of consumers regularly check their inboxes for email updates from brands they love. These statistics alone are sufficient to enlighten one on the importance of email marketing. Email analytics software is also very popular amongst organizations for the same reason.

Today, we will look at several advantages of email marketing and how you can use it to benefit your own company/business. Let’s get started!

6 Advantages of Email Marketing

1. Personalized and Unique Content

Email marketing allows a company to create customized and personalized messages for its target audience. Personalized emails may include something as tiny as mentioning the receiver’s name in the content. Emails with recipient names have a higher click rate than those without.

Customization also means dividing your email list into various categories and generating different messages for each. This way, you can direct the right information to the right customers. An example is sending different emails to returning and one-time customers.

  • You can add images and catchy subject lines to increase engagement
  • Segmented lists based on region and engagement levels can increase the click rate

2. Improving Communication

Emails are not only for delivering important messages and content. They can also be used to communicate with your audience. When customers feel like they can talk to you, you will be able to raise their loyalty to your brand.

  • Emails can be used to keep consumers updated regarding the brand, the team, and even the owner.
  • The latest news and updates keep clients hooked, and look forward to receiving future emails.
  • Allows a brand to talk to brand ambassadors and even thank them for their part.
  • Emails keep the community intact whether or not sales are experiencing a busy or slow season.

3. Driving Sales

The better you market, the more sales you will have; this also works for email marketing. 59% of companies have claimed that email marketing is their greatest ROI source. 760% increase in profits has been deduced by those using segmented campaigns.

A good marketing campaign encourages consumers to buy abandoned cart products, offers coupons, and may also feature exclusive products or services. Nearly 59% of customers have reported that emails channeled their buying decisions.

Creating specialized and personal messages to attract an audience more likely to purchase from your brand is a good idea. You can even reattract those that have email updates enabled. It is also possible to use dedicated tools to automate a part of your sales.

4. Obtaining Feedback

Emails are a way to drive sales and send personalized messages to brand followers, but they are also excellent tools to get feedback through surveys.

Healthy consumer engagement with future purchases and interaction is only possible if the customers feel they have a say. Customer satisfaction surveys and feedback forms sent via email can help a brand achieve this.

Getting feedback also enables companies to deduce their NPS (Net Promoter Score). This score allows brands to detect how many of their customers are detractors/brand ambassadors and what they can do to improve customer experience.

5. Generating Website Traffic

Having a blog means generating excellent content to keep the audience engaged. This also means that you will need to use a medium like an email marketing to inform users about new content published on the site. Higher SEO rankings can also easily be achieved through this. Channeling organic traffic to your website also increases CTA clicks and purchases.

  • Email marketing allows a brand to schedule and creates campaigns in a short amount of time
  • Emails are received by the audience within a set time frame
  • Segmentation ensures specialized messages are sent to certain groups at the correct time and date

6. Practicing Cost-Effectiveness

Email marketing is cost-effective as compared to direct/print marketing. There is no need to pay for mailing, venue fees, printers, photoshoots, or photographers. For email marketing, you only need a graphic artist if you do not wish to use stock images and a creative writer. Sometimes, this could be one single person if they are talented enough.

The best part is that email creation does not take very long, either. It is easy to generate an email daily, making this marketing technique quite cost-effective compared to print/direct campaigns. Other marketing techniques also require a lot of time and effort to generate leads and revenue, making email marketing a direct win!


Email marketing is one of the best and most reliable marketing techniques businesses can make use of today. Not only emails are easier to generate, but they are also supremely cost-effective. This allows a brand to spend its marketing budget elsewhere to generate further leads and profit.

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