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13 Effective Email Personalization Tips to Increase Conversion in 2024

Email marketing is increasing daily with the help of many marketing tools that will encourage companies to use email marketing for their brand. In ecommerce, it is very important to be in the market and the customer’s mind.

Email personalization is a very useful tactic to be in the user’s mind and stay connected to them. Personalization will increase the open rate of email. It will also gain loyal customers and boost revenue. In this blog, we will learn about some of the best email personalization tips to boost your conversion rate.

What is Email Personalization?

Email Personalization is a tactic in which a brand uses its customers’ information and creates tailored email/s for them. It aims to send the right message at the right time to the right person. Companies use customer data like their interests (products or services they like), behavior (no. of app visits, last purchase), demographics (gender, age, location), etc. 

Brands personalized email-to-email campaigns to target their customers easily as customers like to get personal attention. Most email personalization strategies are done by marketing automation software like NotifyVisitors, Mailchimp, etc.

Personalization increases open rates by 26%. For example,

A simple email says- “Hi there” Personalized email- “Hi, Neil.”

Email Personalization Statistics

Here are some Stats that will show you that personalization is very important in email marketing to increase Conversion and revenue.

  • Personalized emails with the right subject lines can increase open rates by 26%.

  • Targeted emails can drive three times the revenue per email of broadcast email.

  • 74% of marketers stated that targeted personalization boosts customer engagement.

  • The median ROI generated by personalized email marketing is 122%.

  • 80% of consumers stated that they are more likely to purchase from brands offering personalized experiences.

Elements of a Personalized Email

There are three basic elements of a personalized email that you need to focus on for an effective personalized email campaign. Here are the following elements mentioned below: –

  1. Relevant content: – use only relevant content according to the subscriber’s interest or data.

  2. Right time: – the most important part of the personalized email is to send the email at the right time.

  3. Right person: – to get the most of the benefit of your personalized email, you need to send it to the right person.

Importance of Email Personalization

Email personalization is very important in marketing as it increases user engagement with the brand. It is becoming popular in recent times. Email personalization is a very effective method to encourage customers to open mail or to get connected with the brand. Personalization makes customers feel special and cared for. 

It encourages them to engage with the brand and boosts revenue. According to Statista, 67% of users have used personal recommendations when shopping for products. Here we pointed out some benefits of Email Personalization.

  1. Higher Open Rates and Conversion: – Email Personalization increases the Open rates as customers tend to open the mail, which makes them feel valued. With personalization of mail, you can make them feel important to them as a customer. It is also good to start communicating with your customers. 

    Higher open rates lead to higher conversations as it is difficult to get your recipient’s attention to open your mail. A well-prepared email with a clear call to action will get the best result.

  2. Increases Revenue: – By sending personalized emails, you can get higher user engagement that will help you to gain more revenue. Companies that personalized their emails witnessed 17% more revenue.

  3. Build Relationship With Customers: – Personalization grabs your customers’ attention. It encourages customers to involve more, which will lead to a connection with the brand. Personalization builds relationships with customers and will help to gain loyal customers. 

    Customers like special offers or personalized messages for them which will make them feel that they are important to them.

  4. Increases Customer Engagement and ROI: – With the help of segmentation, targeted emails, and personalization, you can get increased customer engagement and ROI. With personalization, you can target your recipient and send them tailored mail.

    It will encourage them to engage more, leading to higher user engagement and ROI. According to a source, 74% of marketers reported email personalization and targeted messages increasing customer engagement. You will get the right ROI when you send the right messages to the right person at the right time.

Tactics to Prepare Personalized Emails

Here are some tactics that will help you to prepare the right personalized email to attract your recipients:

  1. Catchy subject line: – Be creative in the subject line and use trending or catchy subject lines that attract your recipient to open the mail and raise questions or excitement about what’s in the mail. Use bold, dark, heavy subject lines and emojis also.

  2. Re-engagement: – Re-engage your customers by sending automated emails like feedback emails, special offers or discount emails, new product mail, etc.

  3. VIP loyalty programs: – Offer special discounts or offers to the most loyal customers that have been consistent with your brand and loyal to your brand.

13 Effective Email Personalization tips to Increase Conversion

Here are a few email personalization tips you can use to boost conversion.

1. Gather necessary data

According to a 2020 Formation study, 81% of the 2000 questioned customers are prepared to supply basic personal details to get a more personalized experience. To create personalized email content, you must collect information about your recipient.

You can gather data with the help of an email subscriber form and track user behavior, surveys, and integrations. Use a simple short opt-in form that requires general user information like name, age, gender, email address, etc. 

To know what the user is searching for or looking for on your website, track their behavior. Also, you can send surveys with yes or no replies. Integration is another method to collect segmented or clear data by connecting email with a marketing tool to CRM. 

To prepare perfect personalized email content, you need to get the right data with proper planning of using the user’s data in the right ways. You have to understand how to use data insights of users so that you can target every user with a difference and according to their requirements.

2. Segmentation


Segmentation is one of the best and most used email personalization tips. It helps you tailor your email content according to your customer’s needs and interests. You can segment your email list into categories according to your customers’ demographics, geographic location, time zone, or behavioral information.

3. Content

After segmentation, you will get the most sorted data for your email marketing campaign. You must use this dynamic content for your email personalization to target the right user with the right message. With this segmented and sorted content, you can personalize your email message based on customers’ behavior.

4. Triggered emails


Triggered emails are the emails you send to your customers based on their behaviors, activity, or demographics. With the help of sorted data, you can send triggered mail to the customers with their choices as you know their previous activities or behavior. 

A trigger mail is an automated mail. It is sent to a customer when a specific action happens. This will push the customer to engage and help you gain a lead.

5. Product recommendations

Product recommendation is important and it is one of the best email personalization tips. Customers like to have information about the product that they need and search for. You will be able to know the customer’s needs after tracking their behaviour or their purchase history. You can guide them on the product they may be interested in purchasing. 

Customers like to have the right product information without spending extra time browsing everywhere. This will help you to boost revenue.

6. Milestones

Milestone means a celebration like a birthday, anniversary, or any specific date that is important for your customer. You will gain user attention with the milestone or any celebratory email message. It will make them feel that they are important to the brand. 

For milestone email campaigns, you just need general information about your subscriber, like their birthday, anniversary, or date when they sign up for your newsletter.

7. Feedback


Ask your customers for their feedback. Feedback will regain customers’ interest in the brand. Personalized mail for feedback will assure your customer that the brand still values their customer. A request for feedback with personalized content in a mail will get you to connect again.

8. Email automation

Email automation is the best strategy in email marketing. It will help reduce the time spent automatically sending customers emails at the right time. With the help of email automation, you can send personalized emails to every customer at the right time without spending extra time and without human effort. 

There are several email automation tools available on the internet. You can start with the best with NotifyVisitors email automation tools.

Make your users’ journey easier and clearer by using only relevant links in the personalized mail; with segmentation, you know the customer choices and their needs. Inadequate numbers of links will lose the interest of your customer, or you will also lose the lead. So try to add the link/s that are useful for them.

10. Forms and lead magnets

Use opt-in forms to get your customers’ information after getting just the email address of your audience. You can send them personalized mail to offer discounts or special offers. This will get you a lead.

11. Tailored landing pages

When creating or crafting a personalized email for your customer, also start creating tailored landing pages. You may add a link when you personalize email content for the customer. So, when customers click on that link, try connecting them to a landing page curated for them. This will also gain you a lead.

12. Cart abandonment emails

Cart abandonment emails

According to a report, abandoned cart emails have a 45% open rate, and 21% of these campaigns are clicked on. Send personalized cart abandoned mail within 24 hours. It will increase the open rate if you send it within 24 hours.

13. Weather-Based Recommendations

Send weather-based personalized emails for product recommendations.


Email personalization is not very new to email marketing. It starts gaining more value after getting tools for segmentation, automation, etc. 

A well-planned and perfectly curated personalized email will help you to gain more loyal customers and increase revenue. The email personalization tips we shared in this article will help create effective personalized emails.


1. What is Email Personalization?

Email Personalization is a tactic in which a brand uses customer information and creates tailored email/s for them. Companies use customer data like their interests (products or services they like), behavior (no. of app visits, last purchase), demographics (gender, age, location), etc.

2. Why is Email Personalization important?

  1. Increases Open Rates and Conversion
  2. Build Revenue
  3. Nurtures Relationship With Customers4. Improve Customer Engagement and Business ROI

3. What are some email personalization tips?

Here are some email personalization tips:

  1. Email Automation
  2. Use relevant links
  3. Product recommendations
  4. Segmentation
  5. Feedback

Shivani Goyal

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