The Workflow Automation Statistics for 2024

workflow automation statistics

Imagine having ten extra hours in a day. Sounds impossible, right? But, what if we tell you that you can get these extra hours for your business? Yes, it is feasible. But how? The simple answer is workflow automation statistics. This is what digital transformation is about. It involves smart work instead of hard work. 
Entering the data manually is not a very pleasing idea. It does not just consume a lot of time but also resources. With the incorporation of workflow automation, businesses can multiply their productivity. 

How does this happen? Are there any statistics to prove its validity? Let us walk you through all of it. 

Workflow Automation Statistics 

  • Many businesses across industry verticals are enjoying the benefits of automation. The statistics validate this point. Some numbers for its justification are given below. 
  • With marketing automation, there is approximately a 417% revenue increment. 
  • One example is Cisco Systems. There was the elimination of about 75,000 calls every month with automation. This further led to an annual saving of $270 million. These are surely some big numbers!
  • The marketing automation helps in increasing sales productivity by over 14.5%


That’s all people. If you want to make your work easier and efficient, automation is the way. It is not just because of the benefits it offers. But, it is also about staying constant in the cut-throat digital competition. Every brand needs recognition. And the right strategies and marketing help you attain that. Why perform the tasks manually when you can get it done with a click? After all, it is all about ease and flexibility in the current scenario. The workflow automation software is surely a great rescue from all the tiresome tasks at hand. So, go ahead. Choose the best software and get your business going!

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