20 Best Sales Techniques to Increase Revenue

sales techniques

It is not always the quality of your products that assures a steady revenue, but the way you handle its sales has a major share in your business’s growth. You must put equal efforts in both dealing with your customers and keeping the production running.

Current studies show that customers are now more sensitive and cautious when it comes to choosing their services. So to master the best sales techniques to increase revenue, the main focus of your business should be as follows;

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Less production cost 
  • Increased sales
  • Increased revenue

These are interdependent factors. A decrease in one of these will, in turn, affect the rest. Bringing about a balance in these factors will promise the success of your business. 

The current market has grown into a tough competition and pressurizes the need for innovation in sales techniques. Successful projects implement a lot of sophisticated methods. All are unique and designed to suit the specific needs of a project.

To find the ideal sales technique, you need to know your project’s sole aim to meet your customer’s needs.

So here are a few questions to ponder on customer needs:

  • What do customers want?
  • Are you fulfilling their needs?
  • How can you please them?

Find answers to these questions. And check whether your enterprise practices customer satisfaction. If you are confident in what you provide, then finding an innovative sales technique is your only concern. 

A professional salesman would dress in a smart outfit and find convincing points to throw at the customer. And it would work the first time. But the choice of returning to buy the same product is in the customer’s hands. 

A customer ranges from a little kid to the international market. And dealing with a diverse group will need to find several alternative sales techniques. So it is crucial to be able to alter the technique to match the need. And for that, you must practice flexibility in all plans, even while devising marketing strategies;

a) Customer-oriented marketing strategies:

Customer-oriented marketing strategies

Various departments and authorities handle the planning of marketing strategy. Irrespective of their duties and area of focus, they must adhere to the needs of customers first. 

For example: A strategy used by digital marketing is employing influencers or fashion bloggers. People look up to them to keep up with the trends. 

You can use such a tactic and market your services through social media. The goal is to expand your product advertisement through the network of customers, thereby increasing users.

b) Train salespeople in line with the current trends. 

Train salespeople

A salesman acts as the face of the company. They must have the skill to impress customers in the limited time available. Offer salespersons advanced training in all aspects of dealing with customers.

  • Mannerism
  • Grasping the interests of the customer in a short time
  • Communication skills
  • Psychological methods

20 Effective Sales Techniques to Increase Revenue

1. Improve your conversation:

Improve your conversation

A salesperson narrates the qualities of the product or service that they wish to sell. During the conversation between you and the customer, establish a feature relatable to them in any way. This increases the chances of a successful sale.

For example, in every conversation, make the customer the subject. This way, they will better picture the advantages of buying the product or using the service.

2. Read your customer:

This sales technique skill is a must-to-have if you want to take your sales skills to a new level.

Judging a prospect by his or her choice of outfit is a mistake. Instead, notice how much they indulge in your talk and understand their behavior. For example, a prospect may question durability or temperature effects. This highlights their critical nature.

3. Pricing strategy:

Frame a convincing price. Consider making increases that are not noticeable. This sales technique will boost your revenue immensely while retaining your customers.

4. Mention all relatable needs: 

A prospect may not always know what they need. It is important to do that job for them. This will convince them about the values of your offer.

5. Discount surprises:

Discount surprises

A discount can invite customers, even if it is limited to a few of your products. This will assure you that they will approach your products.

Advancement in technologies has empowered sales techniques. Here are a few advantages of online marketing;

  • It reduces the cost of setting up products and goods in a different complex to attract customers.

  • Also, the majority of prospects prefer less interaction.

  • Online sales technique gives a broader platform for advertising and reduces wastage of products. It threatens your revenue. Online sales have many platforms that can establish sales for a long time.

  • Generally, a customer chooses to either settle with your product or move on. A third option would be not to buy any goods. Online mode reduces the third possibility.

The ease of establishing a business online has convinced everyone into the network of investors and prospects. You can reach more prospects and personalize your sales.

6. Stop the scroll:

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. What do they all have in common? Infinite scroll. All feeds on a user’s page are prepared based on their frequent searches and visits. You can apply the same strategy to market your products and services. 

  • Closely inspect their likes and preferences. You can employ this method for retaining long-term buyers.
  • Circulate catchy posts and creative visuals to stop their scrolls. 
  • Collaborate with influential social media icons. They can do the job of influencing prospects for us.

7. Highlight the best:

Choose the cover page wisely. What meets the eye of the prospect first greatly determines their decisions. Monitor trends and blogs. It helps analyze the charming factors that can keep a viewer engaged throughout. It also helps familiarise themselves with your scope of products. 

8. Make it convenient and simple:

A customer will easily understand your product’s value and there are several other ways to confirm it. Yet, you tend to forget to provide them with info about how to proceed with the buy. Buyers look for simple ways to get their products delivered. Hence, it is important to reduce complications during the sale. This will make them comfortable for regular purchases.

9. Make them feel less lonely:

This sales technique has proved to work well. Buyers get comparatively more confident once they find other buyers express their satisfaction. It is crucial to make space for suggestions and complaints. Publicize the reviews and make them feel less lonely.

10. Make irresistible offers:

An effective sale is all about being able to offer change. Various businesses compete to present their best offers to attract buyers. Offers that are unmatched by your immediate competitors will gather a lot of attention. 

11. Focus on your content:

Focus on your content

This sales technique is a golden feature that can boost your sales impressively. All businesses use content marketing. It is hard to witness hype in your sales without impressive content.

12. Direct selling:

 Direct selling

It is difficult to preserve a customer’s loyalty for a long time because of the fluctuating interests of people. This hardcore sales technique is the latest method of retaining your customers. It offers them the chance to be a part of the company’s marketing team. This helps create a network of buyers and marketing agents. 

13. Provide fewer options and more quality:

Customers need their own time to decide and confirm their choice. But when there are many choices, it becomes frustrating for them. Provide a few best choices. This is a way to make them happier in your products.

14. Commit to transparent payment methods:

The safety of payments is the biggest concern for an online shopper. Often a slight delay can leave them worried and lose trust. To avoid such issues, present numerous ways for fast and easy transactions.

15. Be available for them:

Leaving feedback and emails unanswered makes them feel left out. This can ruin your reputation as a user-friendly establishment.

16. Free products increase revenue:

Hard to believe? This is not a compulsion. But to introduce yourself to the world, there must be a shock wave. Considering how much people appreciate free stuff, this sales technique is awesome.

17. Interact through texts:

It is a lot more convenient for several prospects to inquire and argue about a product through text. It helps them focus more on what they wish to communicate. Unlike direct interaction, this method boosts the relationship between the seller and buyer.

18. Buy ad-extensions:

Find every way possible to increase your advertising space. Look for renowned bloggers who are more than happy to provide you with a stage to present your product. You can find such extensions anywhere over the internet, and it helps reach out to more buyers.

19. Customer care:

Customer care

An essential feature that convinces buyers about your priorities. Customer care must include the following properties:

  • Be patience
  • Quick to response
  • Informed about all products and services
  • Handling all kinds of clients

20. A simple delivery:

Reduce the final procedures. The sooner the product reaches their homes, the more is the loyalty of your customer.


Customer satisfaction is the best strategy to grow your business. With adequate sales techniques and the use of the best software such as PeppyBiz, you will surely flourish. But keep in mind the promises you make and assure your customers of the sincerity of your services.

Sara is a Content Writer at PeppyBiz. She is not only a creative writer but also paints a beautiful canvas. She makes sure that you are left with no doubt about keeping up with marketing and sales.

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