20 Examples of Better Conversion Through Email Marketing Campaigns

email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is a crucial point to consider in the advertisement campaign for any product or service. A series of proper campaigning is essential to make a service prosper.  Email marketing has a real potential to magnify brand name in the marketplace. The best part about email advertising is that it is affordable and highly result yielding. Email marketing campaigns have the sheer potential to bring in success to the firm.

It helps the company grow wider by leading to increment in conversion rate, leads, profit margins, and brand value.  Five prominent points make the entire concept of email advertising more advantageous. They are email automation, effective list monetization and execution, variation in messaging, and creative dynamic designing. There are various renowned brands and corporations which integrate intercept of emails and are thriving.

20 Best Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns

1. Siege Media

Siege Media

Siege media uses the concept of highlighting the link to attract the users to visit their website. It is undoubtedly a great idea to implement. It just redefines the concept of commerce emails to the viewers. It also makes the reading and understanding of the mail quite easy on the small screen. This example portrays the importance of the usage of colors in highlighting the link. You can add plain text to transfer the informative details to users. But, using images is an excellent idea to incorporate in emails.

2. Hotjar


Another gleaming example in the series is of Hotjar. The brand is quite popular in the arena of clothing and accessories.  The concept of color combination and attractive images is an essential part of their email marketing. The mails consist of highlights for buying links in a different color. They do so because they want the user to get easy access to purchase the product if they like it. It is a remarkable example of attaining the interest of the users. It is used by grasping them with color psychology.  

3. Nike 

Nike is a renowned brand of shoes and other related accessories. This brand has colossal prominence and name in the market. The most important thing to concentrate on here is the strategies that this firm regularly uses. Emails are an integral concept that is put up with in regards to NIKE. The brand aims to send crisp and informative emails to attain their attention. Nike’s gleaming features, email marketing campaigns, are the usage of robust photography and segmenting the products. The emails are prepared by categorizing kids, men, and women. It attracts attention as well as the interest of users. It is why Nike is more eminent as compared to its counterparts. All the credit goes to the sharp technologies which the company uses. 

4. Timberland 


Timberland is a famous brand which deals with clothing, accessories, and other essential commodities. The criteria of email blasts, which are processed by the company, include direct links to landing pages of the products. The emails consist of crispy and straightforward CTAs. The emails also comprise the criteria for the segmentation of the products. The electronic mail that users receive has sections of men, women, and kids.  It appeals to the shopping interest of the users. It also effortlessly directs the users to the actual landing pages. Timberland smartly fills the mails with direct landing pages, and it is undoubtedly the most appealing idea to use. 

5. LifeHacker

Lifehacker also uses attractive images to make the mails look more appealing. It is a popular weblog that creates a wide array of blogs. The blogs deal with various aspects of life.  The smart techniques of using attractive images in the context of sending emails is undoubtedly a great hack. This strategy makes the emails look more amazing. They impart the message more concretely to the viewers. The onlookers don’t need to read the entire mail. They can just have an in-depth look at the image and get the motto of the firm.  LifeHacker is the best example as it gives great cues to integrate email marketing appropriately in a web blog. 

6. Under Armour

Under Armour

Under Armour uses high definition pictures in the mails. It sends emails with the images of the products, offers, and services. It is good to go technique as it directly increases the conversion rates out of the campaign.  The firm of advertisement mainly deals with enticing the interest of the customer in the services. It is what the email trade strategies of the company processes. It works miraculously for the brand name. The main reason is that users prefer attractive emails over the monotonous ones. 

7. Starbucks

Starbucks is yet another example of a successful email advertising pattern. The brand is already a highly celebrated one. It keeps on adding more grace to its name by using exceptional strategies in the direction of branding. Starbucks sends attractive emails to its consumers. The central attraction of mails is the beautiful layout and usage of high-quality images. Starbucks sends emails to the users who have an attractive outlook of text along with a high definition picture. All these factors make the overall campaign highly promising and successful. 

8. Nikon


Nikon is a highly popular camera brand. The main aim of Nikon promotional mail is to make the potential users understand their purpose. The camera brand uses the technique of sending tip of the day mail daily to the users. It is a smart move from the brand.  It catches the curiosity of the users to have a look at the offerings by the brand. When the users open it, they find the collection of products by Nikon. The main idea behind this email tactic is that the brand sends in attractive emails to customers. They allure the attention of the users by making them agile about the offers and products. 

9. Amazon Local 

amazon local

One of the astounding examples in this series is related to the email production by Amazon Local. This firm’s central idea behind the creation of emails is to keep the matter of content short but precise. It focuses and creates creative emails with a call to action. It imparts informative content to the user as well as gives them something worthy to conduct.

10. Jet Blue

jet blue

JetBlue is a famous name in the aviation sector. It is also a big name in the email dealing arena. JetBlue creates engaging, detailed, and emotion infusing mails. These types of emails attract the motion of the customers. They try to get involved in the service. It directly increases the return on investment for JetBlue. The brand also offers a wide variety of coupons. These coupons encourage users’ interest in the services as the assistance greets them with a discount at the starting engagement.   

11. Bonafide

Bonafide is a known name in the healthcare sector. This firm’s necessary work is bolstering the rate of lead production for pharmaceutical agencies, hospitals, and other clinical industries. Bonafide does so by generating new emails. They send imaginative emails taking care and mentioning their past orders. It increases the engagement of the customers with the firm. It is one of the most sorted techniques of email marketing that Bonafide takes into appreciation.

12. Teefury


One can take cues from the high conversion rate, which are available in the email campaign by Teefury. The emails are rich in high-quality images, which makes the users curious about the services. The amalgam of pictures and a little content in the emails appear more remarkable. They instantly capture the interest of the users and urge them to have a glance at the services. 

13. Taco Bell

taco bell

Taco Bell creates email blasts to persuade the subscribers about the delicacies provided by the brand. The firm uses the concept of clear and precise CTAs and allures the users towards the services. Email automation is taken into serious consideration by Taco Bell. They promote the criteria of email by using explicit information and invite potential subscribers by putting in attractive images in the emails. The overall campaign enhances the total conversion rates of the firm. 

14. Glossier


Glossier is one of the eminent beauty dealers in the market. Email marketing campaigns are also quite extraordinary for this firm. They deal with skincare essentials and advertise the same via producing bulk emails. The brand captivates the interest of the user in services by appealing them with precious humor mails. They do something innovative in their email marketing campaigns and put comedy to attract new users. The idea also works well for the users, and the glossier has come up with a successful email transaction venture. 

15. Runkeeper


Runkeeper has made the right name in the direction of producing creative email transaction programs. They integrate the affluent prospects of subscriber engagement while creating bulk emails. The studies also prove that a mass population reads the emails which Runkeeper generates. It establishes crucial web engagement goals. These factors treat Runkeeper with the right amount of revenue collection and high TOI rates. Runkeeper magnificently takes the idea of producing appealing emails and captures the interact of subscribers. It aims to provide highly detailed and engaging information

16. Product Hunt 

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is one of the best firms which creates innovative emails. The company has taken the market of email production to a whole new level. It directs a weekly digest of exclusive products for its subscribers. It keeps the interest of users alive as an innovative and interactive summary continuously provides them. This innovative idea by 

Product Hunt leaves maximum ROI and email automation for the firm. 

17. PayPal

PayPal creates a harmonious relationship between people. It prepares emails that connect people. People embrace this idea, and they love to read the emails procured by PayPal. It increases the web engagement and revenues for the company. Paypal is already a famous name in the financing and online banking sector. The excellent integration of email advertisements makes them more promising in their venture. 

18. American express

American express

American Express has come up with that unique Email marketing campaign. It is available to the users with clear CTAs. The emails which American express delivers are precise, informative, and exciting to read. It keeps the interest of the uses intact with their services. It promotes the overall email automation leading to higher revenues. American express promises users with qualitative metals. The emails which it produces ate creative, crisp, and exciting to read. 

19. New York Times

New York Times produces the most beautiful email in the market and keeps the user happy with creative emails. The main idea behind the genes of emails by the newspaper firm is to provide the users with new and exclusive information. New York Times greets its subscribers with an interesting weekly digest. It finds uses of unique recipes that users reserve via email. Now, this is something beneficial for the users. Users love to read emails because of sheer creativity. It is the prime reason which has given rise to subscribers’ massive engagement with the New York Times.  

20. Focus Pointe Global

Focus Pointe Global is a popular name in the arena of marketing vendors. The firm owns the right name for the long duration of 25 years. 

Focus Pointe Global generates high-quality emails by incorporating the concept of surveys within the emails. They incite the curiosity in the mindset of corsets by making them have a glimpse of new studies. This innovation in the direction of emails makes people engage with Focus Pointe Global. The company is known to stimulate good revenues by providing precise and appealing CTAs to the users. 


These were some significant examples of known brands that use the concept of emails. Integrate the idea of an email explosion and greet success in your business. It is necessary to deem at all the essential strategies to make a service prosper. Let your firm witness all the angles of success. Obtain the criteria for email marketing campaigns in your firm and gain a vast range of benefits. 

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