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Email Marketing Tactics

Web Push Notifications | A Direct Email Marketing Tactics

At some point or other, this is a question that would have crossed the minds of many, “How do you earn revenue through digital platforms?”, “How to gain brand visibility?” The one inevitable answer is subscribers. Nothing works until you have a massive audience to convey your brand strategies.

You need all your strategies and work to be up on a platform. Imagine that you have a well-developed and optimized app or a website but no audience. All your hard work goes in vain. The way to get an audience is through marketing. But it is not as condensed as it seems. Marketing involves several aspects and strategies, both online and offline.

Even before marketing, there are certain tactics to bring in the target audience. One of them is the web push notification

What are web push notifications?

The web push notifications are those which you receive while surfing on the web or the apps. They are like a gentle reminder of offers, products, deals, discounts, and other information about the brand or site. Whether it be an e-commerce site or other websites, all of them are using the web push notification extensively nowadays.

They are an indirect marketing tactic, bridging the gap between retargeting and email marketing. The web push notifications surpass the rates of email marketing, being 50% more than the rates of opening mails. 

Consider going to an e-commerce store for the first time and liking a product. You really want to buy it, but there are a lot of chances that you will leave the site without completing the purchase. You’ll only buy it if it is from a trusted brand or someone recommends it.

This is where the role of push notifications comes into play. The website push notifications allow marketers to connect with their consumers if targeted the right way. It mainly involves understanding the behaviour and activity of the customers. You can use qualitative and quantitative tools that help in analyzing and revamping the strategies.

Tactics of bringing the audience with web push notifications

The web push notification fits well in the entire spectrum of the marketing strategies, bringing the audience to the pavilion. The push notifications are a viable option for e-commerce and other sites to engage their audience because of the cost factor.

You need not spend massive amounts unlike digital marketing to get this working. All you need to do is follow certain tactics to make it work for you. These tactics include:

  • First impression: As much as it works in real life, it works in the virtual world as well. It is a basic human tendency to judge things based on the first impression. So, for all the customers that onboard your site or the app, it is essential to form a well-crafted first impression.

    After all, you do not want to lose the audience at the first go. From the user-experience to a solid strategy, cover all the bases.
First impression

  • Limited-time offers: When you get a notification of a limited-time offer for your favourite products, you are likely to buy them faster. The marketers use this strategy by analyzing your activity on the app and web, sending you the web app push notifications of onetime limited discounts and deals. Be creative and send notifications that deliver value to the target customers.

    For example, if it is a gaming app, and it has in-app purchases, you can offer a limited deal of 24 hours for any purchase.
Limited-time offers

  • Ask for app updates: In the case of applications, constantly revamp the app for better modifications and features according to the customer’s activity. Further, you can notify the users of these updates through push notifications leading to customer engagement.
Ask for app updates

Opt-in and push permission

Website push notifications mainly aim at the conversion of website visitors to subscribers. You need to understand the buyer persona and behaviour and send the opt-in notifications at the appropriate time. Do not send the notification as soon as the visitor opens the website.

There should be some delay so that the customer can understand the products and the site well. Before sending the notifications, provide the users with the opt-in choice, i.e., whether they want to receive the push notifications from the site. 

Opt-in and push permission

Don’t miss regular updates

Make them feel like a part of the community or the brand. Send them regular updates so that your loyal customers keep coming back. This is a part of the re-engagement strategies. 

Add CTA buttons for higher traffic

The call-to-action buttons form an integral part of the push notifications. Imagine that a customer likes a product but cannot buy it instantly because of the absence of a CTA button. These buttons also bring in more traffic on the site and app.

Adding CTA buttons for higher traffic

Map the on-site activity of users

This helps in forming the thick and thin of the personalized web app notification. It allows for providing a better conversion rate through seamless push notifications. The few on-site activities through which the marketers trigger the web app push notifications include:

  • Viewed or added a product in the cart
  • Read blog posts
  • Time spent on an application or a site

Personalized push notifications

According to the reports, the personalized notifications have 4 times the open rate as compared to the generic ones. It is always a good idea to use the segmentation strategy for sending notifications to users. You can segment the audience according to various criteria and send the notifications accordingly.

It allows you to tailor the perfect message which is just like initiating a conversation with the audience. The criteria for segmentation include:

  • Install and post-install activity
  • Geographic division
  • Language
  • Products and categories
  • Age group
  • Favourite products and recently viewed
  • Discounts and offers
Personalized push notifications

Write crisp and concise messages

Push notifications aren’t just a part of marketing, but content also forms an integral part of it. The web push notifications must convey your message clearly. You cannot write a paragraph to explain the importance of the product or why you are sending the notification.

Sum up all the information concisely in just 2-3 lines. While writing the content for push notifications, here are a few points that can help you figure the way through. These include:

  • Target audience: Understand who the product is for. You cannot sell perfume to the person looking for shoes. Therefore, it is important to track and analyze user activity.

  • Benefits and offers: Adding some offers on the list is always a win-win situation for both the consumers and sellers. While the users get some deals on their favourite products, the sellers get a customer base and increased conversions. 

  • Attractive headline: Consider two headlines, “Buy the phone you have added in your cart”, or “Hey! You’ve left some items in your cart. Get them till the offers last”. Which of these is more catchy. Undoubtedly, the second one. This justifies the importance of engaging customers through catchy headlines. 


In brief, the web push notification has an immense potential to boost conversions and bring in more audiences. It is one of the best options for remarketing strategies. A well-tailored push notification certainly provides the right customer engagement and higher traffic.

With all the above tactics, you can easily level up the marketing game, and hit the bull’s eye. With a thorough analysis, you can integrate it with marketing automation mechanisms for personalized user experience.


1. What should be the frequency of sending web push notifications?

The frequency of the web app push notifications varies according to the target audience and the segment of the industry. Do not overflow the users with notifications as it can lead to losing the customers. Along with the frequency, consider the time of sending the notifications. For instance, it is a suitable option to send the notification while the user is active on the site or the app.

Q2. What are the benefits of web push notifications?

The benefits of push notifications that make it worth every penny include:

  • It allows marketers to reach the target audience even when they are not active on the site or the app.
  • You need not have an app to send notifications or reach the users. You can easily send them through the web. 
  • The web push notification is a better option as compared to email marketing, receiving a higher CTR (click-through rate) and hence, more conversions.
  • The push notifications require just a one-click subscription.

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