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7 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas in 2024

Lead generation for real estate businesses is not a cakewalk. Due to the increase in the competitive environment, each business wants to get ahead of its competitors. The technological uprisings have prepared the dealers and brokers to lead in their ways.


At the same time, it becomes a challenge for the dealers to create a unique marketing strategy that uplifts them and enables them to acquire more leads. It becomes vital for the agents and dealers to inspect and make a change in their strategy. Alternatively, they can create a fresh one to keep their buyers coming in.

So before diving deep into some best real estate lead generation ideas in 2024. Just think for a second.

What is the Bigger Picture a Property Developer Must Look at?


With the pandemic crisis, every business, including the real estate industry and real estate license holders, shifts to the digital space. Also, real estate businesses usually focus on developing a highly animated website to attract leads where they forget to focus on the website’s mobile versions. Due to the increased usage of mobile devices, it becomes inevitable for them to do so.

The second pitfall is to generate leads using the most effective digital assets to attract leads in the limited budget after the pandemic. Many users might be just sending queries without any intention of buying the properties.

So, what shall you do to attract leads?

Here you as a real estate agent must focus on renewing the old marketing tactics along with the correct usage of the digital assets.

Also, you need to engage people across all the communication channels. This way, you can create a well-sorted marketing strategy to remove the customers’ pain points and close the deal with them.

What is the Primary Goal of Lead Generation in The Real Estate Business?


Like any other business, property dealers also face a lot of challenges and situations. The biggest challenge is to sell a valuable and expensive property that has a lifetime value.

In such scenarios, how shall they prompt and engage the leads towards a great deal?

  • Analytics: Property dealers must analyze the analytics to look deeper into the insights regarding potential buyers.
  • Advertising: The dealers must focus on idealizing their digital presence through catchy email campaigns, social media advertising to attract both buyer and seller leads.
  • Integrate data: Collecting data and integrating it with different marketing automation software tools shall also be one of the dealers’ priorities.
  • Economic patterns: Also, the dealers must be aware of the micro and macroeconomic trends and patterns. Trends have changed post-pandemic, where the market is still recovering. Many companies are going digital to catch hold of leads.

How to fetch and nurture leads in a real estate business :

If you are a real estate developer, the important way to fetch your leads is to grow your database. You must create a multi-channel and personalized strategy for every funnel stage

Below are some of the steps to move the leads through the funnel :

  1. Brand awareness: You need to make your prospects and leads aware of the built properties.

  2. Engage potential buyers: Engage with your prospective leads and buyers with different touchpoints such as chatbots and social media profiles, websites, or apps.

  3. Captivate interesting leads: You can capture the information of the interested users through lead forms.

  4. Nurture the leads: Nurture the leads through automated email campaigns or by calling them directly.

  5. Convert the leads: It is time to convert leads into buyers and strengthen your relationship with them to turn them into advocates.

How to Create a Real-Estate Website to Generate more Leads?


To generate leads, you need to have a well-structured and optimized website to further convert those into buyers.

Before creating a website, you shall consider an ideal buyer profile for whom you are going to target. Define the potential buyers based on demographics, location, interests, and other factors. After that, consider all the selling points relevant to the potential buyers by creating value propositions.

Essential Elements of The Website

1. Content of the website :

Your website content shall be relevant that instantly clicks with the users. You can instill the videos to display the property. Create a story that brings in the emotions of the users. Most of the users buy a property that aligns with their lifestyle, focusing on the nearby localities and the lifestyle it provides.

Note: Create FOMO aspects in your marketing campaign to prompt the users to take action with the best deals and offers.

2. Well, structured website :

Apart from putting all the relevant content, optimize your website that covers all the funnel stages.

That means your landing pages and homepage must cover all the aspects and elements of funnel stages. (brand awareness to nurturing the leads ). Create separate segments for every property on your website, or you can also use subdomains.

Points to remember :

  1. Do not forget to optimize the flow of the site with the help of AB testing and heatmaps.
  2. Use engaging CTA buttons and lead generation forms.
  3. Send automated emails after the registration and most prominently personalize the website’s content to fetch organic traffic.

3. Website technology :

You shall lay down a strong foundation for your website technology to provide an engaging user experience. That means your website should support all your marketing objectives as well as SEO activities.

Also, it is essential to make your website mobile responsive. Remember to have an HTTPS, secure website. Apart from these elements, work on improving the website’s speed to provide users with a faster browsing experience.

7 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas in 2024?


Now that we have talked about creating an engaging website let’s talk about other lead generation ideas to make 2024 a successful and promising year.

1. Utilize positive customer feedback :

Your reputation in the market plays a more significant role in generating leads in the real estate business.

However, you cannot praise yourself but display different testimonials and reviews of the customers. Create a review page to share testimonials or share reviews on real estate platforms such as Trulia.

Note: You can also create a referral program where your existing clients or customers can become your brand ambassadors. They can share their experiences with their acquaintances and spread the word about you. 

2. Segment your leads :

With the help of any real estate contact manager software, you can organize the existing leads in your database based on various criteria. This process is called lead segmentation.

Jot down different criteria such as how they have interacted with your website, the demographic factors, specific behavioral patterns. It is how you can then personalize the different elements for leads.

3. Create a video marketing strategy :

Videos attract your potential buyers more than any other strategy. You can put your listings on youtube.

Also, you can set the client interviews, questions and answers live streams, different genet profiles, and so on. Amongst these things, the listing videos work best.

4. Create content for subscribing leads : 

Engage your subscribed leads with the best of the content such as newsletters or blogs. Newsletters are a great way to let the leads know about your properties’ interest and mortgage rates.

Blogs are another way to spread information through valuable insights regarding buying and selling homes.

5. Best SEO practices :

Merely creating engaging content won’t work until your content is attracting the right amount of traffic. You can improve the visibility of your content once you know the intention behind the search queries.

Ask your client about their concerns, queries, and their experiences. Update your website content such as blogs and posts to get higher ranks in search engines such as Google.

6. Personalize customer service :

Customer engagement is incomplete if you don’t deliver the customers the best possible services and satisfaction. You can offer them free consultations and make it easy for potential clients to reach up to you.

Personalized experiences such as meeting in person or resolving a query over a phone can bridge the gap between you and leads.

7. Create visually appealing websites :

Use compelling technologies such as IDX to enable leads to see all the property listings in the area. You can also instill other elements such as pop-up ads, which shall display relevant and intuitive content. Also, they shall not frustrate prospects.

7 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas Infographic

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas Infographic

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Apart from these real estate lead generation ideas, you shall also focus on data analytics; tracking the journey will help you more with the optimization of lead generation strategies.

Gather data from all the teams (marketing and sales team) about all the campaigns across all channels and devices. A unified approach is all you need to engage and generate leads.

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