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How to Boost App Installs Using Push Notifications? 6 Best Tactics you Should Try

In today’s time, getting app downloads and installs is not easy! As per the Sensor Tower Store Intelligence Report, the spending of customers globally on the App Store and the Google Play Store was calculated at $18.2 billion during Q3 of 2018.

This indicates a 22.7% rise over the $14.8 billion spent beyond both stores during Q3 of 2017. Simultaneously, Apple has extended its commanding lead in-app monetization across Google.

The App Store earned approximately 94% more than Google Play during Q3 of 2018, the most extensive revenue disparity since at least 2014 between the two platforms.

Therefore, to make your app successful, you have to be creative with your user acquisition and retention strategies. It would help if you imagined out-of-the-box to increase your app’s discoverability across app stores and set the foundation for higher app installs.

But if you are not aware of how to get started, we recommend you use Push notifications to boost app installs.

Let’s understand push notifications first.

What Exactly Are Push Notifications?


Push notifications are the most powerful media to re-engage users to your app or website. It doesn’t require an email address or any other data; the only thing required is that the user should have allowed push notifications on the system they work.

Many website owners employ push notifications, and even mobile app developers make the most out of these push notifications.

Benefits of Push Notification

  • Push notifications can assist you to boost app engagement by 88%

  • Push notifications accommodate retaining users for a long time. For instance, if a user installs an app, he might utilize it twice, thrice, or at the max ten times, after which they become inactive users. Push notifications can further convert these passive users into active users. It has been seen that 65% of the users come back to the app within a month of installing the app.

  • Sending regular push notifications can encourage customer retention by 3-10 times. You have to keep in mind that you don’t overdo things as they may backfire. It should be a non-intrusive experience for them.

  • Businesses that utilize push notifications tend to have a better customer retention rate than those businesses that don’t utilize push notifications.

  • If you give value to the users, give friendly reminders, and extend personalized packages, they will certainly allow the push notification feature.

  • The click-through rates of web push notifications are about 25-30%, which is much better than the click-through rates for email marketing campaigns.

How To Enhance App Installs Using Push Notifications?

Suppose you have designed a friendly app for your website. Now it’s time to improve the app installation rate. Are you ready to learn the tactics to boost app installs using push notifications? In this section, we will reveal the easy-to-follow tactics to boost app installs.

6 Effective Ways to Boost App Installs Using Push Notifications

1. During onboarding


Whenever a new user subscribes to your push notification, he is not aware of your app and other features. This is the time when you have to let the user understand why they should install the app.

Design a series of notifications instructing subscribers about the advantage of using the app. Explain the various features that are available exclusively on the app. This will prompt the user to download and install the app.

2. Post-purchase


Whenever your customers make any purchase, send them notifications about the order. This is a great chance to get your app installed.

You can even send a notification with the tracking URL and ask the customer to download the mobile app to track products in real-time. The customer will be more likely to install the app.

3. Loyalty points


Another effective way to urge the subscriber to install the app is loyalty points. Most online websites utilize loyalty points for loyalty reward program. The same can be used to enhance the app download rate as well.

Make sure you design an app-specific loyalty program that offers higher loyalty points every time they shop through the app as compared to regular loyalty points.

Build a drip push notification drip campaign to prompt the user to shop through the app. You can send users notifications to update them about the new loyalty program.

You can also share the earnings subscribers can get when they shop through the app. This will prompt the subscriber to download and install the app.

4. Exclusive code


Keep in mind that a small token of appreciation can do wonders. You can take them to the app by sending a notification with a particular coupon code that is valid only on the app. Appreciate the user for taking their time to download and install the app.

Everybody loves to be recognized for their effort. If you share an exclusive app-only code, it will improve the app installation rate.

5. App-specific Content

App-specific Content

Users are already involved with your content. They have subscribed to push notifications to receive updates on the new product, blogs, or any news.

To attract the subscriber to install the app:

  1. Start planning app-exclusive content or products.
  2. Send a notification displaying the teaser of the app.
  3. Ask the subscriber to download the app to see the content or the product.

As human nature, we desire to see the full image. The notification will attract the user to download the app.

6. Review matters

Review matters

Reviews assist in the ranking of the app in the app store. To acquire new users to download your app, you require good reviews. The user always looks for the app review before installing it.

Send notifications and ask subscribers to share their experience with the app. Acknowledge each of the reviews and comments to confer trustworthiness. As the number of reviews increases, the app ranking will grow.

Final Thoughts

Now, you have gone through all the proven tactics to boost app installs using push notifications. Push notifications campaigns are very simple to create. Start with one of the above campaigns and view the impact on the app install rate.

Most of the websites have their own app. The success of the app entirely depends on the number of people installing and making use of it. If you are looking for enticing and engaging push notifications, then consider NotifyVisitors push notifications for your business.

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