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7 Practices to Increase Push Notification Subscribers

Today, many people consider push notifications invasive and disturbing. But push messaging isn’t the actual issue. Instead, it’s the wrong push marketing strategy that encourages users to refrain from getting push messages and, worst, remove the app permanently.

Push can further retain and convert more loyal users. There are 42% of users who wish to receive push notifications on their mobile phones, which companies or brands can take advantage of the overall strategy.

Before we move ahead and see the tactics to increase push notification subscribers it’s important to briefly learn what are push notifications?

What are Push Notifications?


Push notifications are those pop-up messages that arrive on the browser and mobile devices. These are quick updates, reminders, or any messages utilized to interact with users.

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Types of Push Notifications

There are four types of push notifications:

  1. Web App Notifications
  2. Mobile App Push Notifications
  3. Desktop Push Notifications
  4. Wearables Push Notifications

Let’s move forward to understand how to increase push notification subscribers.

7 Best Tactics to Increase Push Notification Subscriber

These tactics will help your customers to stay longer and boost them to do the actions that you want them to take:

1. Give incentives to make them subscribe to notifications


Most stores use this tactic and set up incentives that prompt store visitors to subscribe to their push notifications. These incentives differ from getting a gift with their next order to providing them with a 20% discount on their next purchase. With a compelling offer, you can give your visitors a very compelling reason to subscribe.

You can utilize the overlay that appears along with the browser prompt or the flyout widget to give this incentive. Even if you can consider giving a discount for subscribing, you can provide the coupon code within your welcome notification. This way, shoppers who subscribe will immediately receive a notification with the discount code, making them redeem their reward immediately. 

2. Timing is Crucial


Whenever a visitor first arrives on the website, it’s important to give them some time before asking for consent to send push notifications. These few seconds allowing them to look through the website and have a better idea of your store and your products before they choose to take any action or get connected with the store.

You can quickly customize the timer for the browser prompt and add a delay so that the prompt displays a few seconds after the buyer lands. 

3. Build a referral within your welcome push notification


Once a store visitor subscribes to your push notifications, you have the opportunity of conveying a welcome push notification. An excellent way to make the most of this first impression is by giving these new subscribers a referral link.

While it doesn’t immediately increase your subscribers, a referral can make sure that your existing subscribers bring in more first-time visitors to your store and improve your chances of getting a new push notification subscriber.

4. Establish Back in Stock Alerts via push notifications


Many shoppers window-shopping on your store may not consent to your push notifications. But if a product that they are fascinated with is out of stock, they would be ready to subscribe to alerts. In this case, the Back in Stock feature comes into the picture.

Set up the Back in Stock automation to enable shoppers to buy a product that they are involved in. This also allows you to capture visitors who never expected to subscribe.

5. Put Price Drop Alerts with push notifications


Just like goods that are out of stock, some browsing shoppers may be curious about purchasing a product when the price drops. By providing them with the option to subscribe to alerts, you can make sure that an order from the subscriber from the future as well as have the chance to send your store promotions to them.

6. Re-engage visitors who don’t approve your push notifications with flyout widgets


Many store visitors are expected to dismiss or click on ‘Block’ the minute the browser prompt shows up. But it’s necessary to make sure that your store can re-engage these visitors to opt into the store’s notifications. With the flyout widget, you can do just that.

The flyout widget is a little flag that appears on the bottom left of your store, enabling you to display an enticing offer to visitors. You can customize this widget with a powerful message. Thus, making it one of the best tactics to increase push notification subscribers.

7. Avoid unsubscribes by sending appropriate notifications without spamming them

Expanding your subscriber list is also about preserving your existing subscribers. Oftentimes, existing subscribers opt-out of push notifications because the website might be sending too many or unnecessary promotions. Now, you must be wondering how many notifications are too many? Without a set benchmark, it’s difficult to estimate how many notifications you should be sending in a week. By not calculating out the right frequency, many websites end up spamming their subscribers and lose out on subscribers.

Besides conveying the right number of web push notifications, it’s essential to also keep your push notifications up-to-date and relevant. Use the ‘Flash Sale’ feature to set an expiry date on your time-sensitive push campaigns. This way, you can avoid sending the push notification to your subscribers after the sale is finished.

7 Best Tactics to Improve Push Notification Subscribers

Improve Push Notification Subscribers

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Start Increasing your Push subscribers

By optimizing how your consumers view your opt-in, giving reasons to subscribe, and generating more opportunities to get shoppers to opt-in, you can gain more push notification subscribers quickly and make sure that you make the most of your well-crafted push notification campaigns.

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