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A/B test Your Push Notifications To Uplift Mobile Marketing

Push notification is a go-getter medium to uplift your user engagement. Marketers are using it for all the good reasons and how. With the accelerated use of mobile phones, mobile marketers are vouching for this medium more to target and engage their users.

But a marketer cannot adopt the traditional approach of increasing user engagement and that is to target your users with the hit and miss approach. That means you cannot assume a user’s behavior or leave everything to luck. You must adopt a data-driven approach to test which campaign is working or which one is not to increase your user engagement

The scenario calls for adapting the mobile A/B test approach to know the effectiveness of your push campaigns to the audience.

What is Mobile A/B testing?

Mobile A/B testing is a new precautionary measure that allows marketers to compare two or more variants of push notifications. Also, they can determine the better performing variant in terms of key metrics. ( open rates, CTR rates, and conversion rates ).

You can target each variant to a definitive percentage of your entire user base and then you can send the winning variant to the rest of the relevant user base. 

Let’s understand it with an example: If you are a food delivery app and you want to run a campaign depicting great discounts in this festive season. You must be curious to know how the users will react and whether they will convert or not. Therefore in order to target your entire user base. You are required to create at least two variants of your push messages.

As stated above, you must target a definitive percentage of your entire user base. Let’s say you have 1,00,000 active subscribers. Taking 50 percent of your active users, you can test 2 variants of your push notification campaigns on the further divided users of your targeted user base.


What are the effective ways to set up mobile AB tests for your push notifications campaigns?

You cannot just build assumptions on how your push campaigns will produce optimal results. Let’s have a look at effective steps to add conduciveness for your push campaigns :

1. Create a messaging hypothesis:

Before creating a push notification, you must be clear-headed in terms of the tone of your message or the goals you want to achieve from your push campaign. You must trust your gut feeling as to which type of message will fetch the user’s attention.

2. Test your hypothesis:

Once you have created a hypothesis. Now is the turn to test your hypothesis. Now you can create variants for your campaigns and test them on a definitive percentage of your entire user base. Remember to divide the user base and then test the two variants on the targeted user base. This way you can easily define the winning variant.

Note: Set the time limit in which you want to run your test.

3. Use the power of analytics:

You can test your hypothesis on the basis of the performance of your tested variants. You can know which campaign of yours is performing better, the one with emojis or the one without it. You can measure its success in terms of higher returns on investment.

4. Note users behavioral patterns:

You can understand the user segments through the performance of each of your push campaigns. The key metrics will let you know about it so that you can be alert of it in future campaigns.

What are the factors to consider in your push campaigns to arrive at a winning variant?

1. Personalization:

Personalization plays a great role in the success rates of your mobile push campaigns. It can drive more click rates and conversions. You can address your users with their first names. Also, you can optimize your push messages content on the basis of demographic and geographical factors or their app-based behavior.


2. Message tone:

You can perceive the user’s psychology by running many experiments. You will know what kind of messages are grabbing the user’s attention? The one with the playful tone or the one which creates an urgency?


3. Emojis:

Emojis play a vital role in boosting click rates. Emojis not only evoke the right emotions but also puts forward your messages in a relevant way. You can play with the emojis and make them look more attractive and endorsing.


4. Rich elements:

Stuff your mobile push notifications with rich elements and you are sure to pull in more click and conversion rates. Either use images, gif, or audio messages. Put it anyway and it will work in your favor. You can use all these elements in your push variants which are meant to be targeted to a specific audience. As a result, You will know which elements grab more user attention.



Now you can ascertain the importance of A/B Testing to your marketing strategies. The fusion of two of the most popular tools and mediums can elevate your conversion as well as click rates.

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Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.