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Essential Tips to use push notifications

7 Essential Tips to Use Push Notifications

Push notifications are an effective and easy-to-use marketing tool to engage your audience through personalized and real-time messages. A catchy push notification campaign can help you grow your customer base and enables you to redirect more traffic to your site. But most marketers fail to avail of the advantages of these push notifications tips.

Let’s have a look at the ways where you might be using push notifications in the wrong way :

7 Essential Push Notifications Tips

1. Sending notifications in bulk

Sending notifications in bulk

Users generally don’t like receiving irrelevant notifications. If you are sending your users notifications in bulk, they would either opt out or mentally they will block you in one way or the other.

The frequency of the notifications usually depends on the cases you are dealing with. Thus, before sending your user a notification, you must know about their lifestyles, and their needs and then decide on the frequency of these notifications.

2. Unplanning the notifications:

Unplanning the notifications

It’s vital and necessary to send your users notifications at an ideal and perfect time. Sending notifications out of the blue won’t work. You are required to schedule your notification for a certain time and date and more importantly, according to the time zone of your audience.

Sending notifications at an apt time will make your user’s day.

Let’s have a look at its advantages :

  • Execute two things at a time:  Imagine executing two things at a time. On the one hand, your conference is awaiting you and on the other hand, you have to send your users notifications. How will you manage? This is where scheduling the notifications comes in. Schedule your notifications for a specific date and time and you are good to go.
  • Schedule your offers at the right time: You are required to schedule your offers at the right time to get better click rates. For example – announcing a sale or an offer and then creating urgency on it by stating “ OFFER LIMITED. LAST DAY FOR SALE”.
  • Get rid of email:  With push notifications, you get rid of the chaos of unread emails left in the user’s inbox. Now you can easily engage the users in your sale by sending them scheduled push notifications.
  • Drive conversions by increasing the user’s curiosity:  Schedule your push notifications and get enough traffic on your website by increasing the user’s curiosity. For example- Suppose you are launching an event and you want an instant response from the users. How will you do it with the help of push notifications?

You can schedule a series of push notifications for well-planned intervals, i.e. Drive conversions by scheduling the notifications, before launching the event and up to the end of the event. You will get astonishing results.

3. Not sending onboarding notifications 

Not sending onboarding notifications

You can accustom your new subscribers to your website. You can onboard your subscribers by scheduling a series of notifications at different time intervals.

This way you can let them explore your website thoroughly. You can also create an onboarding funnel to keep your users engaged on your site.

4. Following the spray and pray approach

Following the spray and pray approach

Most marketers fail to provide a personalized experience to the users. They follow a homogeneous approach that doesn’t work as each customer’s preferences are different.

On the other hand, a business can implement various techniques to keep its users engaged. i.e. By asking them their preferences while they opt-in or by looking at the data analytics such as the pages viewed by the visitors and simultaneously segmenting them accordingly.

5. Not segmenting your users properly

Not segmenting your users properly

It becomes quite evident by the above point that segmentation is an integral part while sending your push notifications. Once you segment your audience on the basis of their attributes or behavior. You can serve your customers what they actually want to see.

6. Not tracking the right metrics

Not segmenting your users properly

In case you are only tracking the click rates. You are following the wrong track. You might be only binging on the numbers while analyzing your key metrics is equally important. Look into the purchases, the total no. of forms filled, and so on. Now analyze how many visitors are arriving at your website via push notifications and who are actually performing the above actions. This way you can know if your push campaigns are working or not.

7. Not using push notification channels

Not using push notification channels

Most of us are already aware of mobile push notifications. But many marketers are not aware that websites now too display the same functionality as mobile push notification does.

In other words, many websites are not using the potential of these notifications as they are not ready to invest in building an app.


Follow these push notifications tips to improve user re-engagement. In case you don’t have an app, you are not required to invest in building an app. You can simply use your websites to send notifications. 

By removing the above roadblocks, you can easily use push notifications as an effective medium to pull up your business growth.

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Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.