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Mobile Push Notifications to re-engage users, even when they are not in App.

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Why Mobile Push Notifications

Easy to Integrate

Integrate in less than 3 mins and start engaging with your users. For Android and Ios Apps, you just need to import the SDK Libraries and rest we will handle.

Powerful Analytics

Get detailed analytics, performance reports and click through rate for each Push ​Notification. Export complete reports anytime.

Multiple Targeting Rules

Send Mobile Push Notifications based on multiple targeting rules like location, subscribers enroll time, and many more.

Support Multiple Platforms

Push Notifications work on all devices and all versions of android and ios.

Great Support

Notifyvisitors provide quick support. We try our best to help you design your notifications and run it successfully.

Schedule Notifications

Are you having a busy schedule? Schedule the notifications in our panel, and we will deliver it on time for you.

Self Serve

A Do IT Yourself platform to create and manage your notifications. You just need to provide the message you want to deliver and rest NotifyVisitors will handle.

Custom Triggers

Automate your customer interaction with custom triggers. Schedule notifications real time, when customers are browsing through your application.

Targeting Rules



Send Mobile Push Notifications to all subscribers or only to android / ios subscribers.


Subscriber Enroll Time

Filter subscribers based on, when they enrolled for Push Notifications. Example, send notification to subscribers enrolled in last one month.


Personalize the content your visitors see based on their location. We track the IP of a visitor on your site to find his/her locale. You can show mobile/app push notification to visitors coming from specific geographies.

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