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ideal push notification charactor limit

Ideal Push Notification Character Limit to Convert More Leads.

What should be the ideal push notification character limit is a raging question which every marketer asks to get more push click through rates. Read this blog to know more about the push character limit for browsers and devices.

Push Notification is still trending the charts of marketing strategies. No doubt, they have proved their potential remarkably in letting businesses achieve their success. 

But as they say, all the best things will give you profit, when they are served well. The same applies to push notifications. Apart from engaging users with relevant messages is the key point to get more conversion rates. One must take care of the character limit of the notifications too.

Implications of Indefinite Push Notification Character Limit:

Push notifications are sent on a user’s browser or device. Of Course, users might be using different devices and browsers. 

Push notifications( character limit and image size) will be appearing differently to the users using different browsers & devices.

Consequently, it will hamper the authentication of your push messages.

Suppose a browser is supporting the character limit of 40 characters for push notifications. In such a case push notifications with 60 characters won’t be readable.

What is the push character limit for mobile devices :

Mobile devices are a risky yet great platform to engage your users. Push notifications generally appear at the top of a mobile device. A user usually needs to unlock his mobile screen to view it.

Therefore, before sending it to the user, you must first check a preview of your push notification on a browser or operating system via a prolific platform.

Let’s begin it with android :


  • Push Notification Content -A push notification image usually contains a title, icon, link, and message.
Push Notification Content
  • Character limit – Character limit for the title of a push notification is up to 65 characters whereas description contains 240 characters.

Note : The appearance of a push notification is dependent on the browser features too.

An android device can receive notifications from all the browsers – Yandex, Chrome, and Firefox. Also, it supports push notifications with big images and extra buttons.

What is the web/app push character limit in android :

Chrome, Opera and Firefox: The following browsers allow an unlimited character length for the push notification. In other words, You can have an expandable view of the push notification in all these browsers.

Note : Rich push notifications are available for all the above browsers on android devices.

The character limit for web push: The basic character limit for web push on chrome and Yandex browsers are almost similar. But in the case of opera, it is much shorter as compared to a standard notification type.

The exact character limit for each of the browser is as follows :


2. IOS : 

IOS doesn’t usually support web push notifications. On the contrary, app push notifications are available for IOS devices. That means apps can reach your iPhone users with the push notification.

Character limit for app push notifications – 4 lines and 178 characters.



Chrome supports basic and rich push notifications as you have already seen in the above android operating system example.

Let’s see the push character limit for different operating system :

The character limit for standard push notification for the different operating system :

Operating SystemTitle lengthDescription length
Windows 750130
Windows 1075155

The character limit for Rich push notification for the different operating system

Operating systemTitle lengthDescription length
MAC OS3550
Windows 73045
windows 1075155


Operating systemTitle lengthBody length
Windows 755255
Windows 1075145
MAC OS40 60

The opera browser supports both types of push notifications. (Web as well as app push )



Firefox allows a similar message length on all the window versions.

Operating SystemTitle lengthDescription length
MAC OS 5536



Only MAC OS users have the accessibility of web push campaigns in case you are sending via the safari browser.

Operating SystemTitle lengthDescription Length
MAC OS 50115


Both Yandex and chrome browsers allow you to send rich push notifications for windows.

Operating SystemTitle lengthDescription Length
Windows 750255
Windows 10 50255
MAC IOS40115
Operating System PUSHTitle lengthBody length
Windows 7Rich 5050
Windows 10Rich5555


You must be careful enough to send the push notifications on the basis of browser types. As it could affect delivery rates, you must limit yourself according to the character limit so that it won’t affect the appearance of your push message.

Also, you can create push notifications on the basis of the browser type a user uses. It would add greater relevance to your push notifications and enable you to have greater engagement with the users.

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Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.