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Benefits to the BFSI sector from Browser Push Notifications

Push Notifications are made for all business sectors. Even in the past few years, BFSI push notifications have benefited the sector. Let us know how?

Well, you might know how hard it is to create content in the BFSI (Banking, Financial, Services, and Insurance) sector to catch the consumers attention.

In this era of technology, when consumers are bombarded with massive technical information every moment from social media giants.

Giants like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. leverage the power of innovative ways of communications like notification and emails.

But how does the BFSI Sector can compete with such giants in terms of drawing consumers attention?

This is where the power of Browser Push Notifications (BPN) comes in handy.  Push messages are versatile. From announcing a flash sale to displaying live sports score. From encouraging a user to download a new coupon, they are a boon for a diverse range of sectors.

We will tell you ways in which the BFSI Sector can leverage Browser Push Notifications. By this, they can effectively communicate, generate leads, retain customers and acquire new ones.

Also, gain more traction and compete with these giants for the attention of its prized consumers.

How the BFSI sector uses Browser Push Notifications

Content Marketing

You can use Browser Push to leverage content marketing as a lead generation strategy. Content marketing involves educating the user about the problem statement and pulling them through the education funnel.

The response rate is 10X more than emails’. Browser Push Notification is used for frequent customer communication thus driving traffic to blog. 

Browser push is increasingly preferred over email as a communication channel by marketers.

content marketing

Sell More Products

Those days are gone when BFSI used cold calling or email marketing to upsell their products. Now, organizations are increasingly adopting Browser Push Notifications to boost their engagement rate.

Also, to increase revenue because of the low response rate of other communication mediums.

sell more p[roducts

Generating Leads by Retargeting

Due to high Click Through Rate (CTR) and conversion rate, BFSI can use Browser Push to retarget potential consumers who visited the site and left without completing any transaction.

Browser Push Notifications is better than Display Network Retargeting and Emails because these have a low conversion rate.


Payment and Due Date Reminders

Due to the instant nature of Browser push, you can leverage them to get a faster response and action from the customer for transactional communications like payment reminders, due date reminders, etc.

Payment and Due Date Reminders

Maximize Customer Experience

To increase efficiency and build a synergy that maximizes customer experience you can use BPN armed with a Call-To-Action to lead customers to several other banking platforms like online and offline banking, fraud, credit card, and cash management solutions.

Maximize Customer Experience

Announcements: Offers and Alerts

Browser Push Notifications are increasingly used for direct and end-user communication such as sale announcements, new product launches, product upgrades, and updates. The efficacy of the communication and response rate can be improved by proper targeting and segmenting.


Location-Based Information Sharing

Geolocation feature can be used to target consumers by pushing credit and debit card discounts when they are near to specific retailers, restaurants, and hotels. This location-based communication can increase personalization and brand affinity by introducing a ‘WOW” factor.

Location-Based Information Sharing


As for any other sector, it is very important for the BFSI sector to seek feedback regarding its services. So, they can improve upon them. Thus increasing brand loyalty. Having a high response rate, BPN helps seeking feedback more effectively. This results in helping the company differentiate itself from its competitors.


Cross-Platform Accessibility

Since Browser Push can be used on any platform which has a net browser installed, it has killed the need to create a separate application. This can save the BFSI sector lots of money. They instead can reroute their money to better communications with BPN and gain more traction.

Cross-Platform Accessibility


Stella is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation software that helps businesses to expand their reach. Apart from writing, she enjoys reading and cooking.