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29+ Mobile Marketing Trends 2024 {Experts Roundup}

Mobile devices account for about half of the web traffic globally, and this number is only expected to increase. People use their smart devices to connect with their favourite businesses and brands. So, to stay ahead of the competition, businesses need to monitor and keep abreast of mobile marketing trends.

Here are mobile marketing trends from 29+ experts from around the world for the remaining part of 2024 and beyond. 

1. Creative content matters

According to Jared Atchison, Co-founder and Developer at WPForms like for other marketing forms, outstanding content matters for mobile marketing too.

Your words need to be creative enough to grab consumers’ attention on mobile and entice them. You should also include interactive options.

Once you get such content created by yourself or hired specialists, post it on those channels where you’ll find your target audience, says Lukas Mehnert, CMO at Smartlook. 

2. Mobile ad automation fosters scaling

Kelly Richardson, the co-founder of Infobrandz, an omnichannel design agency, says that unlike the recent past when active ads were to be managed on an hourly basis.

Marketers can quickly scale now by employing AI-enabled ad automation. Mobile ads automation has led to successful returns on cost per impression and action and advertising spending.

So, it has become a prominent mobile marketing trend.

3. Companies embracing automation grow

Lomit Patel, Vice President, Growth at Together Labs (formerly IMVU), says that numerous opportunities for learning faster have been ushered in today by digital platforms, sensors, and artificial intelligence.

Apps that compete on the rate of learning are the ones that succeed. Firms that adopt AI and automation will be adept at testing, learning, and iterating extremely fast by tapping into their data’s potential for growth.

According to George Mathews, Founder of Kamayobloggers, digital businesses will greatly benefit from AI.

For, it will aid them in facilitating highly targeted communication, personalization, and product recommendation; and lowering expenses in existing businesses and entering new markets.

4. Personalization facilitates a more individualized buyer’s journey

Richard Jones, CMO of Cheetah Digital, states that the next generation of personalization is all about utilizing machine learning, first. And zero-party data, and deeper data insights to get an automated path to conversion.

It is about providing value to your audience at the right moment. When they are at your site, e-store, or mobile app to generate affinity and trust with the brand.

5. G brings new opportunities

Olivier Jollet, Head of Mobile at ViacomCBS and Senior Vice President at Pluto TV, says that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) stimulated through 5G will help you find the best possible way to present your product.

If implemented correctly, it can transform the entire industry in terms of the way of featuring products and advertising. Thus, it opens the way to immense new opportunities.

6. Promoting app as a brand


Peter Fodor, Founder & Chief Marketing Agent of AppAgent, says that if marketers don’t promote apps as a brand, people will start perceiving them as a commodity. And this won’t help you distinguish your app and succeed.

So, focus on enhancing your app and the value it delivers. That’s what we are seeing all around today. Yes, promoting the app as a brand has become a buzzing mobile marketing trend.

7. App clips for user acquisition

Asim Rais Siddiqui, the Founding Partner of TekRevol, a leading mobile app development firm says that app clips are going to be popular henceforth for user acquisition in mobile marketing.

If you are wondering what an app clip is, it is a miniature version of an app that allows you to perform a specific task fast, like ordering food, renting a bike, or finding parking space. 

8. More app add-ons

Joey Bertschler, a content marketer at Bitgrit Inc, an AI competition and recruiting platform have forecasted earlier that this year will see more add-ons for apps.

Add-ons are software extensions that add additional features to the software. For instance, when you add Wikibot, an add-on to Whatsapp, it will summarize Whatsapp conversations. 

9. Use of alternative app stores and ad platforms

Thomas Petit, an app growth consultant and mobile marketing thought leader that apart from using standard advertising channels such as Google and Facebook, Google Play, and the App Store for promoting your app, businesses also need to use alternative app stores and ad platforms.

You may choose App Gallery, Mac Store, etc. This will help create a community around the app.

10. The rise in video content


Another mobile marketing trend in 2024 is, sending out more video content to appeal to mobile users.

Business owners will begin switching from conventional blog posts to more video content says Chris Christoff, CIO at MonsterInsights, which is a popular WordPress plugin. 

Blair Williams, the creator of MemberPress, a WordPress membership plugin, says that we can expect more mobile-based video content as businesses would like to connect with the younger generation better.

Stephanie Wells, the Co-founder of Formidable Forms, a WordPress form plugin, says that 2024 will see an increase in the use of voice control and voice search.

With many people buying and using home electronic devices like Apple HomePod and Amazon Echo on their smartphones, these technologies will be used extensively in 2021. 

12. Users likely to spend on subscriptions

Ozan Sisman, Partnership Manager at Adjust, a mobile marketing analytics platform, says that a key mobile marketing trend in 2024 is users spending on subscriptions like never before.

Irrespective of industry, worldwide Millennials, and Gen Z spend an average of $25.85 USD per month on app subscriptions even by putting an end to other services such as gym memberships. 

13. Finding new channels and non-standard solutions

Maria Chernoplyokova, an ASO specialist at Asodesk, a mobile marketing platform, says that businesses can acquire users by looking for new channels (like Apple Search and TikTok Ads) and non-standard solutions (like integrating conventional marketing mediums like web and email into your mobile strategy). 

14. Increased focus on omnichannel marketing

Martin Luenendonk, the co-founder of FounderJar, says that one of the mobile marketing trends of today is an increasing focus on omnichannel marketing and lowering dependency on one single driver of traffic and income.

This is because businesses are searching for marketing mediums that are target audience-specific and optimize their marketing campaigns for those channels so that they beat the competition.

15. Higher emphasis on customer retention


Raul Galera, Partner Manager, CandyBar, says that retention has become more crucial than ever before. For, with increasing customer acquisition costs, it is profitable to get existing customers to make repeat purchases from you.

Some of the leading customer retention strategies are rewarding them with loyalty points and providing subscription options. Working on branding is another vital aspect to concentrate on.  

16. A hybrid approach for increasing conversions

According to Nicolas DiSanto, CEO of Activate, a reputed influencer marketing platform, brands can gain increased conversions by integrating performance marketing strategies and influencer activity.

That is, influencers come up with native ads that resonate better with the target audience. This in turn would improve the performance of advertising, and hence, the conversions.

Brands can pick out successful influencer content and come up with paid ads to target dominant consumers. For, handcrafted influencer content is considered as more credible, and hence, ushers in higher engagement and conversion rates.

17. Use of structured data

Amine Rahal, the founder of IronMonk Solutions, a search engine optimization agency says that structured data will keep dominating regard SEO.

She predicted that structured data snippets will be popularly used for ranking on the first SERPs in the earlier part of 2024.

With Google Search becoming more intuitive, brands need to keep pace with it by learning markup and confirming that each webpage has deep, structured data. 

18. Increased push notification marketing

Syed Balkhi, the founder of WPBeginner, a free WordPress resource site notes push notifications to be another mobile marketing trend.

An increasing number of businesses will be using these communication channels to facilitate the timely provision of information through smartphones. 

Click here for more about push notification marketing

19. Multi-channel messaging


Pinder Takhar, Director of Marketing at mGage, a renowned mobile messaging and mobile payments provider, says that facilitating your consumers with a variety of mobile messaging channels offers different ways for them to connect with your brand.

They can use these for purposes like resolving an issue, requesting information, or receiving product support. Multi-channel marketing messaging can ensure a customer-first approach. 

20. Tapping into the fullest potential of social media

Denise Langenegger, Outreach Strategist at Instasize, a content creator toolkit for social media says that although different social media networks differ from each other, their functioning is similar.

Social media stories bank on the consumer’s fear of missing out by employing a variety of engaging content that vanishes after 24 hours. Businesses can find success in the story’s presentation by using all its features.

That is, they need to tap into the fullest potential of social media by experimenting with all kinds of creatives such as polls and clickable media, effects, the full screen, motion overlays, stickers, etc.

21. Increase in e-commerce stores


Samuel Thimothy, the co-founder of integrated marketing solutions, a digital marketing firm says that increased e-commerce activity worldwide is an obvious mobile marketing trend.

To continue their business through the pandemic, many offline businesses have moved online. This will bring tougher competition to online businesses.

22. Integration of in-app purchasing

Instagram strategist and educator Alex Tooby says that a switch toward contactless shopping will facilitate the survival of online stores even in the latter part of 2021.

Social media networks like Facebook and Instagram have already started integrating in-app purchasing.

This would reduce the steps required conventionally to turn a user into a customer and notably fade the breach between ‘scrolling’ and ‘shopping’.

23. Increased Gamification

David Mullich, a game designer and producer for leading firms like Disney, Activision, etc. points out gamification as another emerging mobile marketing trend.

He says that gamification techniques should make consumers feel like they are doing something meaningful. 

24. Social commerce


Massimiliano Tirocchi, CMO and co-founder, Shapermint says that social media platforms such as Facebook are simplifying everything from finding a product to buying it without even leaving the platform.

This offers a simple and smooth route to purchase. So, social commerce is another mobile marketing trend in 2024.

25. Transparency

Sooraj Balakrishnan, Head of marketing of Acer India says that in today’s extensive digitalization, transparency on social media has become more crucial than before. For, consumers are on the lookout for brands they can trust. 

26. Mobile wallets


John Zhang, professor of marketing at Wharton Marketing, the world’s most published marketing faculty says that there is widespread use of mobile wallets.

So, enabling mobile payments is crucial for businesses so that they can target older millennials, who have good financial freedom.

27. Shoppable content

Bruce Biegel, the Senior Managing Partner at Winterberry, a specialized management consultancy, says directly including shoppable links to your products and services advertised online will be a prominent trend in 2024 and beyond.

For it makes it easier and more appealing to consumers.

28. Chatbots


Sasha Lassey, a Business Marketing Coach, says that AI-powered chatbots will dominate conversational marketing in 2024. For, employing them is a cost-effective way to support digital marketing goals and campaigns.

29. Messaging app marketing

Lucy Hawkes, the regional e-commerce director at OMG Transact, an e-commerce arm of Omnicom Media Group says that 2024 will see more messaging app marketing. This will give businesses an additional contact point for their conversational marketing.

30. Sustainable and Ethical Mobile Marketing

In the ever-evolving world of mobile marketing, a trend toward sustainable and ethical practices is emerging. Milosz Krasinski, Managing Director of Chilli Fruit, has noted the importance of transparently showcasing a brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability, ethical sourcing, and social responsibility. This trend reflects a broader shift towards values-driven consumerism, where mobile marketing campaigns are aligning with societal values.


Staying abreast of the latest mobile marketing trends will aid businesses and brands to better connect with their mobile audience. We have listed trends presented by more than 29 experts from across the world.

Hope firms benefit by deriving insights from it to drive brand awareness, engagement, lead generation, and revenue. 


Stella is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation software that helps businesses to expand their reach. Apart from writing, she enjoys reading and cooking.