Release Notes – April 2024 (2nd Edition)

Release Notes - April 2024 (2nd Edition)

Welcome to our latest release notes! This month, we are excited to introduce several new features and enhancements for catalog and onsite campaigns. These updates include: Let’s dive in and explore the details of these exciting updates. 1. Option to sync custom catalogs In addition, to sync Shopify catalogs, which were exclusive to Shopify users, … Read more

Release Notes – April 2024

Release Notes - April 2024

Introducing our latest release notes! This month we’ve introduced several powerful tools aimed at increasing engagement, streamlining workflows, and providing greater flexibility in managing communication channels. These include: Let’s explore these updates! 1. Added “Countdown Timer” option for website popups Introducing our highly anticipated feature this month – Countdown Timer. Countdown timer banners for website … Read more

Release Notes – February 2024

Release Notes - February 2024

Welcome to our latest release notes! We’re thrilled to introduce you to four exciting features that will elevate your experience and empower you to optimize your campaigns and stay ahead in your marketing strategies:  Let’s delve into these exciting updates and unlock new possibilities for your marketing endeavors.  1. Calendar view for campaigns Embark on … Read more

Release Notes – October 2023 Part 2

Release Notes - October 2023 Part 2

Welcome to our latest release notes! This month, we’re excited to introduce four exciting features:  WhatsApp URL Tracking, Private WhatsApp Service Provider, Wix Integration with NotifyVisitors, and Campaign Failure and Discard Reasons. These enhancements are designed to provide you with  improved campaign tracking, greater flexibility in your WhatsApp service provider choices, seamless integrations, and deeper … Read more

Release Notes – October 2023

Release Notes - October 2023

Welcome to our latest release notes! This month, we’re thrilled to bring you three exciting new features that enhance your experience: RFM analysis, which provides valuable insights into customer behavior, the NotifyVisitors plugin for seamless WooCommerce store integration, and the Header option for WhatsApp campaigns, allowing for more engaging and personalized messaging.  These additions empower … Read more

Release Notes – Sep 2023 Part 2

Release Notes - Sep 2023 part 2

Welcome to our latest release notes! This month, we’re introducing two new features: Control group and WhatsApp communication preferences. Control group feature allows you to assess campaign impact, while WhatsApp communication preferences feature streamlines user subscription management. Let’s dive into these exciting additions! Control group feature Introducing our cutting-edge Control Group feature, a powerful tool … Read more

Release Notes – September 2023

Release Notes - September 2023

Greetings and welcome to our latest release notes! In our continuous pursuit of improvement, this month’s focus has yielded significant enhancements across several key areas. Firstly, our latest update includes a game-changer: product feed feature. With this powerful addition, you can effortlessly implement cross-selling and upselling recommendations to your customers. Whether it’s showcasing best-selling products, … Read more

Release Notes – August 2023

Release Notes

Welcome to our latest release notes! In this month’s updates, we’ve focused on enhancing several key areas, including user growth and the analyze users section within the segments tab. We’ve also introduced exciting features in Signup forms and popups. Furthermore, we’ve implemented a default newsletter segment and introduced PII masking to safeguard sensitive user information. … Read more

Release Notes – July 2023 Part 2

Release Notes - July 2023 Part 2

We’re thrilled to unveil a multitude of fresh features and enhancements through our latest release notes. Our team has been dedicatedly refining your experience, enriching it with an array of valuable functionalities. So, let’s embark on this journey of discovery and uncover the exciting additions awaiting you: Preset your brand style using our new brand … Read more

Release Notes – July 2023

July Release Notes

We are very excited to share a bunch of new features and improvements in our latest release notes. We’ve worked hard to make your experience even better and add more useful functions. Let’s dive into the details and see what’s in store for you: Conversion and revenue attribution tracking for Whatsapp reads’ We are pleased … Read more