Segmentation Made Easy: Effortlessly Create Hyper-Targeted Campaigns

Segmentation Made Easy

Attention all business owners and marketers! Are you looking for a powerful marketing strategy to supercharge your campaigns and drive better results? Look no further than segmentation! Segmentation involves dividing your customers into distinct groups based on shared characteristics, such as demographics, behaviors, and preferences. By doing so, you can tailor your marketing messaging and … Read more

Shopify: Sync And Collect Email Subscribers In A Newsletter Segment

In this competitive era, it has become important to send targeted campaigns to your audience. When it comes to targeted campaigns the first crucial step is to welcome new users who have subscribed to your newsletter. Therefore, NotifyVisitors has added a feature where you can collect and add subscribers to the newsletter segment that further … Read more

Conversation View In Email Analytics

account logs

NotifyVisitors has recently announced a new feature of viewing the email conversations of the users. You can view the conversations list in the EMAIL CONVERSATIONS category. Also, you can have an overview of the users’ replies to the campaigns and the number of replies they have given.  The feature also lets you analyze the unique … Read more

Schedule AB test and Personalization

ab test and personalized report

Reports and Analytics play a major role in determining the conversions and revenues for your business. Now, you can schedule a report for all the campaigns including the ab test and personalized campaigns report. NotifyVisitors has now announced a new feature of scheduling the ab test and personalization reports directly to your inbox. You can … Read more

Unsubscription Email Template

Unsubscribe email template

Unsubscription affects a brand in many ways but you can certainly deal with it in an easy manner. NotifyVisitors have announced a new feature of the UNSUBSCRIPTION email template. You can customize the content while displaying the confirmation and thank you screen to the subscribers. Also, gather valuable insights by configuring a survey in THANKYOU … Read more

Personalization In Journey

Personalization in Journey

Personalization is an integral part of satisfying the customers to the tee, by giving them exactly what they want. Now, You can add personalization in Journey builder, based on the events performed by the users and as they enter or exit in any segment that you have created. You can see the preview of the … Read more

Email Reply Condition In Journey

Email Reply Condition

Journey builder is a great tool to engage customers with personalized campaigns on the basis of different triggers and conditions. As your users move through different channels at different stages of their journey, journey builder allows you to create unique user journeys based on different actions performed by them. No matter what medium you are … Read more

Personalized Banner For PWA

Personalize banner

Progressive web apps provide you greater security and have the capabilities to engage customers better as they can work offline as well. You can obtain maximum conversions and installs on your PWA apps with the help of a new feature announced by NotifyVisitors,i.e. Configuring a personalized banner for PWA. You can align the position of … Read more

Sync Shopify Users

Sync shopify users

User engagement is the key factor in achieving the maximum heights of success in your business. But in order to engage users, you must have a feasible feature to manage all your users. NotifyVisitors has recently launched its new feature to sync your Shopify users. This feature helps you in synchronizing all your existing users … Read more

Shopify System Events

enable system events

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that helps you establish your business on the online platform. Driving conversions is the primary goal of every business and NotifyVisitors helps you achieve that goal by providing you third-party integration configuration. Once you integrate your store with Shopify, you can now enable system events without any requirement of webhook … Read more