Release Notes – February 2024 (2nd Edition)

Release Notes - February 2024 (2nd Edition)

Introducing our latest release notes! Get ready for an exhilarating experience as we unveil four game-changing features that will elevate your NotifyVisitors journey. These include: These updates promise to redefine engagement and conversion strategies. Dive into the innovation and possibilities, where every enhancement is designed to empower you and your campaigns. Join us on this … Read more

Release Notes – February 2024

Release Notes - February 2024

Welcome to our latest release notes! We’re thrilled to introduce you to four exciting features that will elevate your experience and empower you to optimize your campaigns and stay ahead in your marketing strategies:  Let’s delve into these exciting updates and unlock new possibilities for your marketing endeavors.  1. Calendar view for campaigns Embark on … Read more

Release Notes – November 2023 Part 2

Release Notes - Coupon Code

In this edition of our Release Notes, we are thrilled to introduce a highly anticipated feature – Coupon Codes. This latest update empowers users to seamlessly generate, distribute, and oversee personalized discounts through diverse channels like email or SMS. This functionality caters to the needs of both small or large scale business proprietors aiming to … Read more

Release Notes – November 2023

Release Notes - November 2023

Welcome to our latest release notes! This month brings four exciting features to enhance your experience: seamlessly sync NotifyVisitors segments with Google Ads for targeted precision, receive timely alerts for Scheduled Campaigns and Event Occurrences, analyze campaigns revenue in-depth with the Split feature, and streamline segment management with the addition of labels.  Explore these all … Read more

May Release Notes

May Release Notes

Introducing the May Release Notes – a roundup of the top upgrades and enhancements we’ve made to our platform this month. Let’s delve into the details of each upgrade, explaining how they can benefit you and help you achieve your goals.  Send To Unsubscribe User We are excited to introduce a new feature in our … Read more