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What is WhatsApp Marketing: Ultimate Guide

As soon as digital marketing replaced traditional marketing. Business value and growth have definitely been enriched tenfold. Social media always play a major role in bridging this gap. Apps such as WhatsApp & Instagram have made communication much easier between businesses and customers. Further, in this article, we will learn about how WhatsApp marketing has made a significant mark in this industry.

After being the most popular real-time messaging app. Whatsapp has launched a new version. i.e. Whatsapp business. Now marketers can use Whatsapp for business as well. ‘Whatsapp marketing’ app is already proving its efficacy in marketing.


To value your customers in the digital era is the ultimate goal of every marketer. A marketer must value his customer and treat him like a king. After the arrival of real-time messaging apps, personalization has reached new heights.

Engage with the users through WhatsApp business

Although marketers can engage with the users through Whatsapp business. They cannot intrude into their privacy. If a user likes a business, he can communicate with the business. In case the company is annoying you with unwanted messages. A user can block it outright. Whatsapp business is different from regular WhatsApp. Let’s have a look at Whatsapp business features.

  • Register landline numbers: Businesses can register landline numbers to run their business accounts. Also, you can include the type of business. i.e. whether it’s family-owned or a corporate one.
  • Advantage of automated replies: Set automated replies to dissolve customer queries instantly. Also, you can connect with your customers in case you are unavailable to chat.
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  • The authenticity of business: App provides authenticity to your account with a green tick. It allows the user to get rid of fraudulent companies and trust only the genuine ones.
  • Message statistics: Get useful insight into the number of messages sent or delivered.

How to increase customer engagement through Whatsapp?

1. Advantage of cross-platform: Whatsapp is a cross-platform app. Hence, you can target the audience easily. Traffic analytics gives you insight into the networks where people are engaging more. WhatsApp traffic analytics provides you enough data to pull your social media strategy. Share your WhatsApp number on your website to allow customers to approach you.


2. Increase engagement through broadcast lists: Create a broadcast list to categorize your audience. Include invitations or links in your messages to engage them. Whatsapp marketing is a conducive approach adopted by marketers to speak out loud and clear to their audience.


3. Take benefit of group chats: The app provides authenticity to your account with a green tick. It allows the user to get rid of fraudulent companies and trust only the genuine ones.

4. Promote your brand: Whatsapp is the most convenient medium to promote your brand. Make offers to the audience by providing them links to your website. Appeal to the audience through lucrative offers. Use the status feature of WhatsApp to promote your brand.


5. Create well-curated content: Developing informative content is important for any promotional activity. Your content must appeal to the customers. Add images or Gifs to express what you want to convey.

6. Customer support to the next level: Not only you can provide customer support on mobile devices. But it is compatible with desktop devices. You can serve your customers well by solving their queries quickly.


7. Solve queries on phone calls: The app allows customers to dissolve any query through a phone call. Customers can ask for any information or talk directly to the salesperson.


8. Ensure customer loyalty: With group chats and broadcast lists, you can win customer’s trust. Also, the brand persona helps in building a great reputation with the customers. 



You can apply effective strategies through useful facts and features of WhatsApp. Once you know how it works, you can build successful marketing strategies. Thus, the app can take your business to heights.

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Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.