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5 Tricks To Boost Retail Marketing With Whatsapp Business API

Retail Marketing can solidify its foundation through Whatsapp Business API in millions of ways. This blog will shed light on providing a better customer experience through the messaging app. Many social networking apps have arrived and left without even being noticed but one of the most popular apps that have surely left its impression on people is Whatsapp. Due to its wide popularity, Whatsapp Business has launched not so long ago, to enable small business marketers to widen their reach to consumers and users. 

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Now Facebook has gone a little further and has launched WhatsApp business API for large business enterprises. As the messaging channel has turned customer-centric, it encompasses transparent communication between users and marketers. Thereby, providing a better and satisfactory customer experience through personalized interactions has now become much easier with the launch of the app API.

With its startling features, it surely is a complete package for the business enterprises to cash in more customers.

How retail marketing can alter the customer journey by addressing customer’s common issues?

1. Flourish customer service through automated messages :

A perfect blend of automation and WhatsApp can work wonders for your business. Most users nowadays use smartphones for shopping. Automated messages can resolve the petty issues they can have around account recovery and stock checks. Also, these messages will act as a foundation for building a relationship between customers and retailers. 

 According to a survey, 25 percent of customer services are using virtual customer assistants to resolve customer queries. This has replaced the generic call centers with message-based customer service.


2. Provide enriching experience to customers through recommendations :

Many users still want one on one communication with the sales assistant while shopping as it displays clarity and effectiveness. Whatsapp Business API provides a similar quality of shopping experience.

How a business can recommend products to the users on the basis of their previous purchasing history. Also, users can ask their queries if they have any related to the product.

The retailer can resolve them through rich media messages such as images and videos at the earliest. Thereby boosting retail marketing.


3. Enable loyalty program engagement :

Customer Loyalty programs are a great way to reward your customers so as to increase your sales. Thereby building more feasible networking for your product. Generally, consumers use mobile phones to access such programs which require roaming data and net usage on their part.

While through Whatsapp Business API, customers can easily use the app to track and manage their loyalty points. Also, they can look up personalized offers, search for rewards, and acknowledge targeted notifications on the go.

Note : Whatsapp Business is a great customer engagement platform.


4. Presenting customers with both digital and in-store experience :

Retailers have a responsibility to provide their users with a hybrid of both digital and in-store experiences. Also, the experience must be perfectly aligned across all platforms.

Whatsapp Business enables a similar experience to the users by enabling the users to communicate with the retailers and book for their personal services over the app. Also, users can return any purchases they have done.


The in-store staff can look up customer’s previous purchases and experiences so as to engage them well in the future by redirecting them through personalized offers.

5. Offer support to customers through delivery updates :

A retailer can offer great support to the customers from the day they have placed an order to the date of its delivery. A user can receive updates regarding the same and alter its delivery address according to his preferences.


The two-way conversation channel makes it easy for the courier companies to dispatch the parcels safely by sending photos to the users and collecting digital signatures from the users.  

Note :  WhatsApp can also streamline a product’s returns process, scheduling collections, requesting exchange forms or submitting photo evidence.

whatsapp business

Conclusion :

Whatsapp Business API enables retailers to transcend and transform the customer journey. Retailers can reap rewards in the long run by meeting the expectations of the customers by providing them a seamless and personalized experience.

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Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.