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Whatsapp for Business: Trending Customer Engagement Channel

Whatsapp and Facebook are the messengers that people use as a medium to connect with the people they know. Therefore, getting a business into that personal space can be a tricky thing. But since Whatsapp for business is a real thing now, we will talk about it further in this blog. Let us first know how Whatsapp Marketing can be a benefit for any online business.

7.7 billion people around the world and half of them are already completely and solely dependent upon the internet and its services. Whether it is paying your bills or ordering Chinese for the dinner everything is done online. Thus, there is a rapid increase in online businesses. Marketers want to engage with people where they spend most of their time—ONLINE.

According to many reports, the top three apps that android users download are Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram (in the same order).

A random fact: Around the globe, android users are more than the ios users. This is the major reason for the mushrooming of online marketing. These social mediums are where people spends there most of the time.


Since Instagram and Facebook Marketing is already in a boom, this is when Whatsapp decided to land in the world of online marketing.

But we cannot compare Whatsapp marketing with Instagram or Facebook. Since Whatsapp is solely the messenger application but not Facebook or Instagram. Considering messengers, Whatsapp is the widely used one.  

Why Whatsapp for Business?

If we see the data across the globe Whatsapp has emerged as the best messenger amongst the rest. The top countries to use Whatsapp as a go-to messenger are Brazil and Argentina. And in the rest of the world, the usage of Whatsapp is increasing rapidly. 


How to engage users over Whatsapp?

Since we have read a lot of Whatsapp and Whatsapp for business, the question arises now is—how to engage customers over Whatsapp? Whatsapp is a platform that is usually used as a communicating medium amongst friends and family. But how can it attract customers to business?

Below I have curated a list of amazing ideas, which you can totally steal to engage your users.

1. Think Creative

Whatsapp is a medium where you can share multimedia. Thus, you can share photos, videos, or any related documents directly over Whatsapp. Send your customers memes and gifs to attract them. Moving beyond a simple and informative text is something that your customers need. 

Also, instead of calling or sending detailed texts, you can always send them a voice note. 

2. Secured Text Messages

Whatsapp provides end-to-end encryption where you can send relevant information to your users. This messenger provides a layer of security to detect spam and inappropriate messages. Whatsapp has made sure that business via Whatsapp is done without spamming customers

3. Communicate with the users directly

There are customers who are more active on the messengers. They check their Whatsapp more often than emails or text messages. Thus, communicating with them directly via this instant messaging app is of great help in building you a trusted brand

Whatsapp recently was in the news as they were launching a chatbot for Whatsapp business. But many recommend that one-to-one chat is more successful than robots chatting with your customers. 

4. Multilingual conversation

Whatsapp is available in multiple languages. Thus, connecting with people across the border is made easy now. 

Out of 7.7 billion, 3 billion are avid users of Whatsapp (hailing from 180 different countries). You can customize and personalize messages as per their demand, currency, or time. 

5. Cross-channel user engagement

Many marketers use cross-channel to engage their users in the business. Cross-channels such as Push Notifications, SMS, and Emails are used to keep customers updated and engaged. With the launch of the Whatsapp business, you don’t need to spam your customers with tons of notifications daily. Whatsapp allows you to send your customers reminders, updates, or receipts of their purchases. It is an all-in-one cross-channel experience for your users. 

How to use Whatsapp for Business?

The engagement of users over Whatsapp totally depends upon the type of business you are into. But there are a few common messages that are the need of every business. You can ask for feedback or send your customers an update. 

I have curated a few messages that you can send your users to engage them. Feel free to steal some and send them to your customers!!

1. Customer Support:

Many times you receive queries can complaints on your webpage. You can capture their number and connect with them over Whatsapp. This way you can keep in constant touch with the users or can send guides or voice messages to resolve their queries.


2. Reminders

Customers might visit your webpage, enter a few details and leave. This is when you can send them daily reminders until they complete the process. As in the message below Symbiosis is asking its users, not to miss out on the last date of registration.


3. Order Status

Before Whatsapp marketing was in trend, the purchase updates were sent via emails or notifications. Many researches have found that people are more active in social messengers than emails. Thus, businesses should adapt sending updates over Whatsapp.


4. Abandon Cart

There are times when people fill in the cart and then abandon it. They might be waiting for a sale or any other offer. You should tell your customers that their favorite dress is on sale. The email of sale might get a miss but customers will never miss any message on Whatsapp.


5. Hacks & Guides

This is the best way to generate traffic to your website. Create interactive hacks and guides to attract people. As you can see below a brand has sent a fashion guide to its customers which will definitely make users click on the link.


6. Feedback

Emails for feedbacks tend to ignore by the people. People find it easy to click the link that you share over the Whatsapp to feedback. As in the text below a resort has asked for the feedback of customer’s stay and their experience.


7. Receipts & Invoices

Sending Customers Reciepts over Whatsapp is a good practice. All of their reciepts will be collected at one place, not scattered over the emails. You can also send receipt as an image or can attach the link.


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