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Welcome series email examples

9 Best Welcome Series Email Examples To Steal In 2024

Yes, every welcome email is different, but they can still provide effective results if they are customized and designed well. The quality of your welcome emails is one of the best ways to demonstrate to your customers that you care about them as individuals and not just as a transaction

So, you’ve reeled in a new subscriber. But what’s next? In a digital world inundated with fleeting interactions, an impressionable welcome email series is your golden ticket to standing out. In our quest for the finest, we’ve curated the 9 most effective welcome series email examples  to inspire change in your email strategies in 2024. Are you ready to steal some savvy techniques?

9 Best Welcome Series Email Examples

1. Pandora


Pandora sends a total of 5 welcome emails to new subscribers for 14 days. In this email, they entice subscribers by including personalization in the subject line: “Kathleen, get started on your Pandora wishlist today! Pandora’ rewards program is one of the best welcome series email examples.

This email asks the reader to form a wishlist and shows the option to save their ring and bracelet sizes to their account for quick shopping.

The email also contains a 10% discount that is valid for a limited time only. The immediate focus of this email is on their wishlist feature and the most popular products to add.

In the remaining welcome sequence emails, subscribers are reminded to utilize their 10% discount codes, with the last email expressing urgency by adding a deadline to the discount. Pandora also continues to utilize first-name personalization throughout. 

The third email was sent 8 days after the initial sign up. welcome series email examples.

2. Starbucks


Starbucks’ rewards program is one of the best welcome series email examples. The first email sent to new rewards members welcomes them to the program, describes the perks, and guides them on how to use the Starbucks app.

What we like is that Starbucks utilizes simple images (including fun animated GIFs) and limited text to tell a story without bombarding customers with information.

In the second welcome email, the brand enlightens new reward members on a major perk: Ordering ahead to acquire what they want through the Starbucks app. 

Again, this is more educational than sales-heavy and eventually enhances the customer’s in-person experience, too!

3. Lovesac


The furniture company Lovesac’s welcome sequence comprises three welcome emails.The first email incorporates a welcome message, the benefits of ordering from Lovesac, and the Lovesac credit card.

The second email features two of the brand’s most popular products. The third email emphasizes real customers who love their Lovesacs.

It contains user reviews and testimonials while promoting Lovesac’s products in cozy, homey settings. Lovesac’ rewards program is one of the best welcome series email examples.

4. Adidas


In this welcome email series email example, Adidas invites users to complete their profiles to send them customized recommendations and event invitation templates

Adidas also conveys a limited-time 15% savings offer that’s promoted throughout all three welcome emails.

The second email was sent 5 days after the newsletter signup. What we love is that Adidas keeps it brief, sweet, and to the point while emphasizing its custom coupon code.

By keeping the email brief, subscribers have their attention focused on the two major CTAs. Adidas’ rewards program is one of the best welcome series email examples.

5. Wynd


Air purifier Wynd has a brief three-email welcome sequence sent for three days.

In the first email, the brand presents subscribers with a free filter with their first purchase of $99 or more and reminds them of the advantages they appreciate as a subscriber.

The second email concentrates completely on product details and what makes Wynd’s purifiers unique. It also emphasizes other advantages of shopping with Wynd, such as free shipping, a 30-day money-back guarantee, prompt customer service, and the brand’s dedication to assisting local communities.

The third and final email showcases a letter from the co-founder of Wynd emphasizing the company’s mission to help people understand the significance of air quality and

the effect of air quality on health. The letter is followed by real customer reviews driving home the product’s value and usefulness. Wynd’ rewards program is one of the best welcome series email examples.

6. Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway
Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway encourages new subscribers with a four-email welcome series email example.

In the first email, they keep things easy and to the point by welcoming the new subscriber with a fashion photo and a clear black-on-white CTA button to purchase.

In the second email, Rent the Runway promotes its Unlimited RTR program with a 50% discount, conveying urgency. The second half of the email includes how the unlimited program works, including the number of pieces subscribers can pick at a time, changing styles, easy returns, and free shipping.

They continue to promote this discount and reasons to select Rent the Runway in addition to a ‘Renting 101’ video.

All of their emails contain how-to video links toward the bottom of the email and quick links to products, the app, and testimonials. Rent the runway’ rewards program is one of the best welcome series email examples.

7. Sugarfina


Candy store Sugarfina includes a two-email welcome sequence that shows subscribers a complimentary treat and shares information about their products with a behind-the-scenes video of how some of their candy is made. This is a fantastic way to engage shoppers with the brand and provide them with a VIP experience.

The second email reminds subscribers to redeem their free treat as the offer is expiring soon. It emphasizes its elegant ingredients and boutiques for a truly high-end candy shopping experience.

This email also prompts users to buy at their in-store locations and features a variety of animations throughout the email to bring the fun, upbeat brand to life. Sugarfina’ rewards program is one of the best welcome series email examples.

8. Sephora

Sephora’ rewards program is one of the best welcome series email examples. The first email in Sephora’s welcome series utilizes first-name personalization in the subject line to speak straight to recipients and draw them to open it.

This email also lists the advantages of shopping online at Sephora, becoming part of the brand’s rewards program, and uncovering exclusive products available only at their stores.

What we love is that they included a note at the bottom of their welcome series emails to offer readers a taste of what’s to come.

There are two remaining emails in this welcome series email example where Sephora concentrates on in-store events, contains a questionnaire to get a better idea of subscribers’ beauty requirements, and invites them to check out popular products.

 9. Birchbox


Birchbox, a beauty subscription box, utilizes big cursive headings to make its welcome series emails effective. The four emails in this email sequence all have a theme, with the first giving new subscribers an overview of what their subscription entails. The remaining three emails are sent over the next 7 days to new subscribers.

The second email suggests to customers how they can get the most out of their subscription, while the third presents them to the shop and the loyalty program. It also shows them 15% off to start shopping now.

The fourth and final email of the welcome series asks users to join and engage with the brand by following them on social media, reading their magazine, and downloading the app. We love this technique as it encounters the users past their products page and interacting on social media. Birchbox’ rewards program is one of the best welcome series email examples.


After reading the best welcome series email examples you may have understood that welcome emails are an essential part of your marketing strategy. They are a great way to show the world that you care about their experience with your company and that you are there for them, no matter what. 

A good welcome email can be the difference between someone coming back for more, staying with you for life, or just giving you a quick look before moving onto their next experience with your brand. All apps mentioned this blog rewards program are bulk of the best welcome series email examples.

NotifyVisitors offer a welcome email series that can help you get started and also help you onboard customers with ease. Start sending welcome emails today.

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