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Types of chatbots

3 Types of Chatbots: To Scale Up Your Business

Different types of chatbots can act as defense mechanisms for customer care representatives. Read this blog to know the different types of chatbots and how you can upgrade your business with them. 

Chatbots are the game-changers not only for the sales team but also for your whole organization. They are the latest addition to your marketing tools that enable the brands to connect and communicate with the people.

Chatbots bring a lot of value to the business, and they are already trending the charts in the marketing industry as they replace the human representatives. Chatbots are the transformative tools if put to the right user at the right time.

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But chatbots differ from business to business, it depends on the nature of the business, and one should employ it as per the industry’s nature.

Below are the different types of chatbots :

  • Ecommerce bot
  • Retail bot
  • Bank bot

What are The Different Type of Chatbots?

1. E-commerce bot

The retail bots and bank bots are considered as the eCommerce support bots. But you can make out the distinctions quite clearly.

E-commerce bot

The e-commerce chatbots are there to boost customer support and act great for handling queries. Thus the companies dealing with the below issues can benefit from the e-commerce bot.

  • Companies can handle customers’ support tickets.
  • Customer service teams that receive repetitive questions.
  • Agents who spend all of their valuable time in dealing with the customers. (higher-value conversations)

Before considering this chatbot for your business type, ask yourself the below questions :

  • How many inquiries do chatbot handle?
  • Will this chatbot type propose the value that customer needs?
  • Do the chatbots reduce your operational costs? Would you be able to offer 24 by 7 Customer support to the customers and give the value to the brand?

Note : Ecommerce bots can easily handle upto 80 percent of the customers’ queries. Customers get fast, reliable answers, and the support team could also focus on the other valuable work. The customer service team can attain efficiency without any hassles and can provide value to the customers and the organization.

2. Retail bot

Retail bot

The retail bot focuses more on the product. These bots offer customer support also, but they are more focused on sales. They can help in raising higher ticket values for online retailers. A retail bot can enhance the customer experience and increases revenues as well :

  • Retail bots enable you to be friendly and casual with your customers, and at the same time, you can enhance sales by enabling convenient purchases in a conversational style.
  • You can customize the messages as per the needs of the customers. Remember that your message must be relevant and targeted to turn the leads into conversions.
  • You can deliver alerts and updates regarding the inventory. Create offers displaying a sense of urgency amongst the customers.
  • Retail bots can help you follow up with a customer who has abandoned the carts. It is how you can drive back the customers back to your website to complete the sales, which they have dropped in the mid-way.

3. Bank bot

Bank bot

Financial institutions and banks have to deal with many customers daily. It becomes quite difficult while dealing with clients. Therefore the bank bots help you with :

  • Customers can check the balances, statements, and perform other routine tasks.
  • A bank bot is used for setting goals and planning financially.
  • Banks can strengthen the relationships with the customers, and they can resolve the customer pain points too.

Considerations for the bank bots :

Chatbots are not meant to replace the human agents, but humans can work together with the chatbots. Suppose your customers have urgent matters which only sales representatives can solve. It becomes crucial and inevitable that your bots handle those queries or equip them with the options to speak to an agent.

Bots can easily handle issues like stolen cards and fraud cases, but there are a definite need and requirement for the human agents to satisfy the customers to the tee.

What are Some of The Common Types of Chatbots Traits?

After reviewing and discussing the different types of chatbots, it’s time to see some of the chatbots’ common traits.

1. Content bots

These bots suggest topics and media ( images) suitable for the users, and you can use them in conversations.

2. Designed for fun

The one-trick pony chatbot can be used and designed or a specific purpose. It can enable you to transform an image into a piece of text or a video making it more engaging.

3. They are proactive

You can use proactive bots to send reminders to the users; for example, the airline chatbots which send timely reminders to check-in or claim baggage and other services.

4. They are protective

Bots can handle some of the nagging customers in a friendly way. They act as a good defense mechanism for your customer service team.

5. They can be personal assistants

They can be personal assistants

Devices such as Alexa and Siri can respond to the requests. These devices support human activities. Such intelligent personal assistants could also remember all the appointments, control other devices, make purchases, etc.

How to Scale Up Your Business With Chatbots?

Chatbots have many advantages; as we discussed above, they can uplift your business to a new level. Let’s see how :

1. 24/7 availability

24/7 availability

Chatbot messengers can reduce the customer care representatives’ headache who could not be available for long shifts. Therefore, chatbots can solve the problems whenever an issue arises when a representative is not available.

2. Handle multiple clients

Chatbots can handle multiple clients at once. When you have to serve more leads, you need to have more customer representatives to manage them. Otherwise, there could be chances that you lose them.

You can make your chatbots proactive to approach clients as clients will not approach you straightforwardly until and unless they are interested in your product.

3. Chatbot provides insights

Customers are the key to your business growth. Your customer care representatives can surely reach the customers, but they cannot do it faster as chatbots do. The chatbots can gather and evaluate relevant information about the customers, such as experiences and usability, and thereby set the goals for achieving conversions. 

4. Chatbots are time-saving

You have to value time while you begin and are going through the customer journey. You cannot spend unnecessarily without having reasonable goals in mind. Chatbots can easily take care of other important purposes. They will save you money and time. They can handle multitasking with the clients, solving their queries at multiple levels.


Chatbots are one-time investment solutions and can provide a great backup for the customers. They can help in expanding your business in much less time than real-time executives. You can turn up your site visitors into the customers effectively and efficiently.

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Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.