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AI Chatbots

What are AI Chatbots? Why is it the Future of Customer Support

AI Chatbots are power-packed tools that can bridge the distance between customers and marketers. Every time you feel like reaching out to customers, you are not worried about hiring many agents to be accessible to the customers.

As you have chatbots by your side, unburden your manual tasks by setting yourself free out there. 

Chatbots are the nation’s talk, and if you have not instilled them yet, you must know how to use them for your benefit. Let’s start from the beginning to be much more apparent with the concept of chatbots.

Read this blog to know precisely what is a chatbot and how you can automate your business activities and customer support.

We live in a world of Artificial Intelligence, where we have Alexa and google assistants to make our lives easier and more flexible. Chatbots are another tool in the row. As stated above, let’s begin with the term “chatbot”.


Chatbots are AI-driven programs that automatically stimulate interactions with customers based on predetermined conditions and triggers.

What is AI Chatbot

According to David, cancel: Chatbots give your users and audience the freedom to purchase what they want to buy and when they want to purchase it, it is the business’s mere goal.

Some of the benefits of AI chatbots :

  • They are reactive or proactive.
  • The responses of the chatbots are relatively consistent.
  • Collect the relevant data and analyze the results from the collected data.
  • Chatbots are used for a lot of mediums like SMS, Chat, and social media.
  • Chatbots boost your SEO by encouraging visitors to spend more time on your website.

The idea of chatbots is not new. They have been there since the 1960s, but the perspectives and perceptions have changed throughout these years. In earlier years, Story ai generator were extensively utilized in various domains such as customer service, marketing, and even entertainment.
Now chatbots are about how users want to purchase the product, but they are also an inevitable part of communicating with the customers.

How AI Chatbots are the Future to Customer Support

Chatbots for business apps is increasing at a rapid rate. As per a survey, more than 50% of customers claim and believe in the business to chat with the business.

2022 will be the year of more revolutionary changes where there will be less need for human agents, and there will be more emergence of self-service options and chatbots.

Also, customers expect that they could easily find the information that they are looking for and that too instantly in a flicker of seconds.

AI Chatbots perform that function very well; otherwise, customers could be caught up in frustration.

Let us look at the most frustrating things customers find on a website :

  • Navigation problems on certain websites.
  • When customers don’t get answers to simple questions.
  • They could not find essential details about a business.
  • Customers take too long to find services.

Chatbots are the need of the hour due to the following shortcomings :

  • Traditional online experiences are already falling out due to a lack of live interactions.
  • Customers expect more in terms of speed and accuracy.
  • Chatbots can quickly eliminate the above frustrations of the customers.

Chatbots bring a revolution to your marketing arenas, but customers still come in different shapes and sizes.

What is the connection between AI chatbots and customer services?

You can blend chatbots alongside other channels such as email and chats to provide unique and best customer assistance to the customers :

  • Customers get quick replies.
  • They get resolutions to their problems.
  • They get a more detailed answer to their questions.

Let us see how customer service and chatbots go hand in hand :

1. AI capabilities

AI capabilities

Chatbots can easily predict what our customers need or what they want to purchase based on past purchases. Acquire chatbot tools that can help you in attaining a proactive approach to the customers

2. The popularity of chat apps

Customers are switching to different apps and channels. In such a scenario, you must better integrate chat functionalities onto the channels to resolve customer queries and be there with them whenever they need help

3. Fewer development costs

You do not have to invest a large sum of money to launch a chatbot strategy. You can launch it with other apps and tools. All you have to do is to map out the conversion works.

4. Conversational APIs

Conversational APIs

These APIs give a feeling of human experience to the customers. They cannot figure out whether it is the humans they are talking to or the chatbots.

Benefits of AI Chatbot in Automated Customer Support?

AI chatbots have always been a stimulant in performing different functions, whether in customer services, sales, or marketing arenas. AI enables businesses to view the customers’ needs at varying touchpoints on the journey.

1. More effortless scalability

Chatbots can handle complicated scenarios in customer support, where you have to be available to the customers anytime. Apart from the regular days, there are occasions such as festive seasons where people purchase more and tend to have many queries.

You could receive more than 100 chats in a day. In such cases, you can automate customer support through chatbots and, let your customers handle complex queries.

2. Reduce support tickets

Reduce support tickets

According to IBM, there are around 300 billion customer support tickets and calls that the companies receive globally every year. In turn, it results in doubling the costs of customer services.

Chatbots can help you automate the more straightforward queries by providing instant answers which reduce the no. of support tickets raised by the customers.

Note: You can automate the order status, the return policy, delivery time with the bots to manage the bots effectively. Bots deliver services that are free from errors and all sorts of complications. 

3. Reduce IVR inconveniences

Interactive voice response systems are too time-consuming. You have to listen to the customers a long list of agonies and still not receive personalized responses. If you still want to go for IVR, then going with AI voice powered conversation will be your best bet.

Many times the customers are subjected to the wrong teams, limited options, and Hang-up calls. Through chatbots, you can get relief from the inconvenient IVR system. Users can attain better satisfaction with straightforward answers.

4. Automate social media support

Social media is the biggest platform for marketers and customers’ relationships to shine out. But as far as customer services are concerned, many customers do not get enough responses, and their queries get delayed unnecessarily. 

Automate social media support

Chatbots help remove the obstacles in customer services by providing automated generated responses for users’ requests on social media. Chatbots can carry on meaningful conversations with users. It is how the relationship between the customers and the marketers evolves with chatbots.

Note: Multiple sectors use chatbots as special assistance such as retail, travel, health, and finance. You can enhance your brand value and polish your image with the help of chatbots.

5. Deliver support with live chats

5. Deliver support with live chats:

You can fasten your communication with the customers through live chats, chatbots, and a hybrid approach. Also, you can attain the right balance between the communication channels for better customer support.

You can provide hybrid support to create a balance by offering relaxation to the support team and providing qualified services to the leads. 

6. Give your users immense satisfaction

6. Give your users' immense satisfaction

Millions of marketers are using chatbots in their marketing platforms. But creating chatbots for a specific reason must be your ultimate goal as you must know the purpose for which you are creating bots and how you can achieve them through bots.

But how would you know if the customers are meeting your end goals or not? You have to ask customers whether they are satisfied with the customer services or not.

You can derive the CSAT score through the NPS surveys to know whether you are providing enough support to the customers or not. Based on these scores, you can change and improvise the chatbot flow.


Artificial intelligence has changed the flow of millions of businesses by allowing them to support their customers relentlessly. You can assimilate chatbots into your marketing strategies and, can reduce the operational costs by impromptu providing customer satisfaction without hiring human agents.

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Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.