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Thanksgiving email subject lines

65+ Effective Thanksgiving Email Subject Lines to Increase Open Rate (2023)

Happy Thanksgiving! As the special holiday approaches, businesses must leverage this season with thoughtful email marketing campaigns.

To improve your open rate and stay top-of-mind with customers, you’ll want to use Thanksgiving email subject lines that are creative yet concise — and, most importantly, effective. We’ve compiled a list of 65+ powerful subject line ideas for this festive time of year to help ignite interest in your message and inspire subscribers to open emails. 

Tips to Improve Thanksgiving email open rate.

Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind to improve thanksgiving email open rate.

  • Curiosity: Curiosity triggers emotions that work wonders. Add content or emojis that will evoke curiosity in the reader’s mind. Don’t be too vague, or the email will be considered spam.

  • Urgency: Urgency usually works because it pushes the reader to take urgent action or makes them think something is urgent.

  • Relevance: Another important thing to remember is to offer your subscribers timely and up-to-date information. You need to leverage this tip while crafting subject lines. Trendy headlines can be incorporated in the subject line to keep the readers informed.

  • Personalization: Personalization does wonders because different people have different needs and preferences. Personalization shows that you value your customers, and subscribers enjoy this attention. It is one of the most powerful email tips to sustain successful relationships and boosts open rate.

Thanksgiving Email Subject Lines

  2. How Great Were Those Parade Performances?
  3. EXTRA 20% OFF + BUY 3, GET 3 FREE entire store!
  4. Happy Thanksgiving! A 20% Sitewide Sale Starts Now!
  5.  From Our Family To Yours 
  6. Happy Catsgiving $60 OFF Cat Trees!
  7. we’re so thankful
  8. Let’s talk turkey! Save 50% and you’re welcome. – YOUR BRAND NAME
  9. We have cooked up some tasty deals. – YOUR BRAND NAME
  10. Don’t be a turkey – Get these deals now
  11. Thanksgiving Sale: Extra 20% off. – YOUR BRAND NAME
  12. Wishing you a Thanksgiving as sweet as 
  13.  ONCE-A-YEAR is finally here! 
  14. Delicious Thanksgiving Deals Dropping All Day!
  16. We’re Thankful to You. Enjoy 50% Off
  17. Gobble Up These Deals!
  18. Happy Thanksgiving from Our Family to Yours
  19. By the way: Happy Thanksgiving.
  20. Happy Thanksgiving / Additional 25% Off Sale
  21. Get An Additional 50% off Entire Site
  22. Final hours for this Thanksgiving Sale
  23. Happy Thanksgiving. (Now, let’s get to shopping!) | New arrivals
  24. 1-day wonder 20% OFF everything!
  25. Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks
  26. Let’s Celebrate Free Shipping Day!
  27. We’re Thankful for You. Enjoy 50% Off
  28. We are thankful for you, our customers…
  29. Happy Thanksgiving. (Now, let’s get to shopping!)|New arrivals
  30. Thanksgiving sales – 4 Hour – Ends at 12PM (Noon)
  31. Thanksgiving ideas galore—from prep to punch recipes!
  32. You will need these tools for Thanksgiving.
  33. When Thanksgiving Day meets Big Sale
  34. Thanksgiving! 20% Off Everything Inside
  35. Last Chance to get rewards for Thanksgiving!
  36. Don’t be a turkey – get these deals now
  37. Your Thanksgiving begins here
  38. Thanksgiving Eve! 40% Off EVERYTHING!
  39. Happy Thanksgiving! Early Bird Shopping!
  40. Turkeyed out? Dish up 50% off!
  41. Happy Thanksgiving! Special Savings Inside Just for You
  42. By the way: Happy Thanksgiving
  43. Celebrate Free Shipping Day Early!
  44. Let Us Show Our Thanks – Take Up to 30% Off
  45. Happy Thanksgiving! Take 20% Off
  46. Are you a turkey?
  47. Thanks for YOUR BRAND NAME – Thanksgiving Holiday Offer!
  48. [New announcement] Thanksgiving gift for all ** GROUP NAME** Members
  49. Save Up to 40% for Thanksgiving!
  50. Thanksgiving prep made easy: 20% off your order – in stores & online. – YOUR BRAND NAME
  51. Happy Thanksgiving! Special Savings Inside Just for You – YOUR BRAND NAME
  52. Happy Turkey Day! The BIGGEST Black Friday doorbusters start NOW online – YOUR BRAND NAME
  53. From Us To You: Happy Thanksgiving! Plus: Enjoy 20% Savings – YOUR BRAND NAME
  54. Happy Thanksgiving Eve! – YOUR BRAND NAME
  55. The perfect Thanksgiving outfit – YOUR BRAND NAME
  56. GOBBLE. THIS. UP. 50% off ALL Thanksgiving Essentials +$10 coupon – *YOUR BRAND NAME
  57. This is HUGE. Shop our Thanksgiving sale. – YOUR BRAND NAME
  58. Thanksgiving Eve! 40% Off EVERYTHING! – Heavenly Couture
  59. Everything You Need for the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner – YOUR BRAND NAME
  60. Happy Thanksgiving! Get 3 FREE Ends Tonight – YOUR BRAND NAME
  61. Food & Wine: 15 Thanksgiving Drinks to Start on While Cooking
  62. Put your fork down – this sale is almost over! 40% Off Everything. – YOUR BRAND NAME
  63. Good gravy! Save 50% our most popular products
  64. Wines That Go With Turkey
  65. 1-day wonder 20% OFF everything! – YOUR BRAND NAME
  66. Turkey day deals 
  67. Save BIG With Our Sitewide Sale!
  68. Happy Thanksgiving — we want to thank you.

How to write Thanksgiving email subject lines

1. Keep your subject line short and simple

If you don’t want readers to skip your important emails, then make sure that your Thanksgiving email subject lines are short and sweet – adhere to 50 characters or less to ensure the message is clearly visible. Remember, 77% of emails are opened on mobile devices?

Also, try to avoid those generic subject lines like “Update” or “Newsletter” and get innovative with the most significant keywords. Don’t delve deep and waste anyone’s time with long subject lines; keep it short and to the point to improve your chances of catching their attention.

2. Do not use the ‘no-reply’ sender name

Don’t make it sound like a business email; make it personal! Give it a human touch by using a human sender address, as it can make all the difference when sending emails. No one likes to feel like they are just a number or an anonymous customer.

Therefore consider sending emails from a personal account, like It can help you create a connection with the recipient. Don’t use the no-reply trap or the junk mail abyss – use a common name sender to add a personal touch to your emails and make your customers feel valued. 

3. Avoid All Caps

If you want your emails to stand out in a crowded inbox, we recommend not using ALL-CAPS in the thanksgiving email subject lines. Research reveals it’s a big turn-off for recipients, who find it spammy and manipulative. Make sure you use friendly, lowercase language that’s comfortable on the eyes and fun to read. 

4. Make the recipient feel special

Personalization is the main ingredient to make an email campaign successful. When you add personalization, it is like icing on the cake. Remember, it’s not only about adding someone’s name; it’s also about tailoring the message to make them feel valued.

Even something as small as a subject line can create a difference. Pick the words that will catch their eye and make them feel they are the only person who matters. Trust us; the effort is worth it. Examples are:

  • “You’re among the rewarded!”
  • “Unique deal for you.”

5. Have an appealing pretext

Don’t undervalue the power of the email preview! The “pretext” in your recipient’s inbox next to the subject line can make or break your open rates. And that’s where the preview text comes in – it offers your reader an irresistible taste of what’s inside.

Make it short, make it fascinating, and make it count! Use this additional space to give your reader more reason to click that email open.

6. Ask a question

Capture your reader’s attention with an exciting subject line that poses a persuasive question or an exclamation.

This tactic offers your recipient a sneak peek into the contents of the email and encourages them to dive in and explore further. From “Is your SEO game on point?” to “Woah, you won’t believe what happened to my website,” this technique ensures an engaging and thought-provoking email experience.

7. Use action-oriented verbs

You need to use powerful action verbs to make your subject lines stand out. Whether promoting an event, advertising a sale, or requesting a response, the right verb can capture your reader’s attention and inspire them to take action.

Attract your audience with compelling verbs like “grab,” “join,” “unlock,” and “discover.” Don’t settle for a boring subject line – spice things up with a persuasive call to action.

8. Do A/B testing for your subject lines

Learn the secret language that talks straight to your audience’s hearts. By running A/B tests on your email subject lines, you’ll open gates for better engagement and higher click-through rates.

Test with a different language and watch your email campaigns skyrocket to new heights of success. Don’t miss out on the game-changing insights waiting for you. 

9. Segment your email lists

While increasing the effectiveness of your email campaigns, personalization is the key. When you segment your email list based on subscriber behavior, you can deliver the right message to the right audience.

Don’t waste time sending generic emails that won’t go well with your recipients. Leverage a powerful list segmentation tool, and see your open and click-through rates soar.

Your subscribers will love getting content tailored specifically to their interests and requirements. Start giving your email marketing a personalized touch, and notice the results yourself.

10. Don’t make false promises

Design a subject line that corresponds to your email’s content and satisfies you and your recipients. Be upfront and transparent with what they can expect inside. Don’t try to draw them in with false promises; it will lead to lower open rates and more unsubscribes. Keep it straightforward and honest, and your readers will like it.

11. Use numbers

Capture your customers’ eyeballs with numerical subject lines to deliver a clear message. Adding detailed figures delivers valuable information and piques their curiosity, clearly showing what’s in store. Whether it’s discounts, must-read resources, or insightful services, utilize the power of numbers to stand out and catch their attention.


Thanksgiving is all about spending some quality time with family and friends and showing gratitude. For marketers, it’s also a great time to bolster customer relationships to gain future business.

By knowing the trends dominating this industry during festive occasions like Thanksgiving, modern digital marketers can leverage 65+ effective Thanksgiving email subject lines to increase their open rates and ensure their holiday campaigns get the attention they deserve. 

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