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President’s Day Email Marketing – A Quick Guide

As a business, Presidents Day provides an excellent opportunity to boost sales and attract new customers. It’s no wonder many businesses get excited about planning their campaigns – however, it isn’t something you can do on the fly. 

Our quick guide to Presidents Day email marketing aims to provide insights on leveraging this holiday for customer engagement and conversion. From subject lines to creative ideas for content, we’ll cover all the essentials you need to ensure your emails stand out in your customers’ inboxes this upcoming February. So, let’s get started.

What is President’s Day Email Marketing? 

Presidents Day email marketing is one of the most effective ways to bring holiday cheer to your customers. This type of marketing ensures that your business stands out amongst others and sends a memorable message. 

By generating presidents day email campaigns, you can give special offers and discounts on products and spread awareness about important causes or issues your company might be focused on. 

With presidents day email marketing, organizations can reach larger audiences, meaning that more people become aware of their brand’s presence on the market.

Utilizing presidents day email marketing allows businesses to create lasting relationships with potential and existing customers, thereby increasing overall brand loyalty and engagement.

Tips for Your Presidents’ Day Email Campaign

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while creating a campaign.

  • Optimize your subject line: This is a prime sales period, and inboxes will burst with deals. Make sure yours stands out. 

  • Check all your links and prices: This has become more important than ever during a sale or promotion. Make sure to cross-check every link and promo code to avoid customer dissatisfaction (and embarrassment on yours!)

  • Timing is important: Be sure to implement your campaign before President’s Day. The major attraction of this holiday is that it stays the whole weekend. Implementing on Friday allows customers the whole weekend to shop for your deals.

  • Segment your list: President’s Day is a big deal in the USA, but elsewhere not so much. A mass email indicates a need for more consideration for the rest of your customer base. Targeting them, later on is crucial with a more relevant campaign.

Presidents’ Day Email Subject Line Examples

Here are some examples of Presidents’ Day email marketing subject lines to give you an idea.

  • EXTRA 20% OFF Presidents’ Day Sale – Up To 75% Off! – Bluefly

  • Celebrate A Presidents’ Day Flag-Waver, Valued Customer, with FREE S&H – Colorful Images

  • Presidents’ Deal: FREE SHIPPING for one more day. – Newport News

  • Extended for 24 hours! Double savings at our Presidents’ Weekend Sale! – Current Catalog

  • Final Hours to Save Big on Presidents’ Day! – Dick’s Sporting Goods

  • Presidents’ Day Sale Starts Today! Up to 25% Off – Disney Store

  • Preview our Presidents’ Day 48-Hour Sale! – Radio Shack

  • President’s Day Weekend Savings – Save up to 75% –

  • Presidents Day Sale…Savings Throughout The Store! – LOFT Outlet

  • Free Shipping + 2-day specials at the Presidents Day Sale! – Macy’s

  • Happy Birthday Mr President! Save up to 40% + Free shipping. – Banana Republic

  • President’s Weekend Event: 15% MORE OFF SALE! – Norm Thompson

  • Celebrate President’s Day All Week + $20 Coupon – Office Depot

  • Last Chance For Presidents’ Day Savings + New Must-Have Tees – Lane Bryant

  • This Weekend Only–Our President’s Day Sale! 40% Off 1 Full-Priced Item + Extra 40% Off Sale Items – Ann Taylor

President’s Day Email Marketing Best Practices

1. Segment and suppress

Presidents Day is a uniquely American holiday. If you own a substantial customer base beyond the United States, your US-centric content probably won’t indicate much to these recipients.

If you have reasonably precise segmentation data, consider sending a default version of your campaign to your subscribers outside the U.S.

2. Get a little edgy

Presidents Day doesn’t hold the historical or emotional attachment that goes along with named days like Martin Luther King Day. Take some design risks to make your content stand out and increase your offers’ interest.

Regarding the subject line, retailers use clichés subject lines as with other holidays. The only issue is that every other email utilizes the same old tried-and-true “Presidents Day sale starts now!” Make sure you do A/B testing a standard-issue subject line for something more eye-catching.

3. Experiment with tactics to make your email stand out

More brands are experimenting with emojis and animations, including countdown timers. Presidents Day could serve as a great laboratory to test these attention-getters.

Another clever idea is including Presidents Day concepts in your offer codes. Some we saw: 4Pres, MrPresident, PRES10, America, and HBDAYPREZ.

4. Focus on enjoying the long weekend or day off

Presidents Day is a nationwide holiday observed on a Monday, which provides government workers, some state employees, and companies that follow the government holiday schedule a long weekend with time to shop.

Rather than a standard offer, consider lounging-friendly long-form content such as a product showcase, consumer reviews, recommendations, a how-to-buy guide, or top FAQs.

Presidents’ Day Email Campaign Examples

These Presidents’ Day email marketing campaign examples from big-name brands tick all the right boxes and should help inspire you when coming up with your campaign ideas.

1. Google

In this campaign, Google uses time-limited promotions across widespread products. The email design is super on-brand but incorporates the classic red, white and blue color scheme in the background for a patriotic feel.

2. Michael Kors


Michael Kors employs a stylish header design to ensure their promotion is the first thing the customer sees. This, paired with a large product photo, helps prepare them to shop.



While the overall design isn’t based on patriotic imagery, ASOS has put a contemporary twist on the traditional holiday by incorporating the eye-catching green banner at the top of the email. This way, customers will remember there’s a promotion on.

4. Bed Bath & Beyond


The email design theme is pretty clear, and the all-important colour scheme, Bed Bath & Beyond, contains traditional star graphics in the flag-style design. The sale discount is also created so that it stands out in bright red.

5. JCPenney


JCPenney has likewise got us seeing stars with this bold email campaign. A lot is going on with all the discounts in the centre of the design, but the campaign’s primary message is made clear thanks to the big, bold typeface.

6. Dockers


We love how Dockers has mixed humor and tradition in this unique Presidents’ Day email campaign. Adding an image of Lincoln wearing one of their products is an intellectual way to boost their business while staying on trend with the occasion. The bright orange CTA (call to action) buttons are also super prominent in the design.

7. Article


This Presidents’ Day email design by Article also indicates you don’t have to go wild with the stars and stripes to get interested in the action. Big, easy-to-read headlines, bold CTAs and clear shopping layouts make up the excellent recipe for any sale or promotion.


Presidents day is a great opportunity to think about our history and how we can move forward. With presidents day email marketing, you can connect with your customers on a personal level and encourage them to buy from you. 

By understanding what makes people tick, you can create better presidents day email campaigns that will lead to more sales and a stronger relationship with your customers.

Shivani Goyal

Shivani is a content manager at NotifyVisitors. She has been in the content game for a while now, always looking for new and innovative ways to drive results. She firmly believes that great content is key to a successful online presence.