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7 Awesome Giveaway Email Examples You Can Steal (2023)

7 Awesome Giveaway Email Examples You Can Steal (2024)

Emails can help your brand win more leads and generate sales. They increase brand awareness and can be used to reward customer loyalty. The types of marketing emails you can use for your brand are many. You could choose to do promotional, lead nurturing, newsletters, and welcome emails. 

Giveaway emails help promote your brand through gifts, products, and services. Figuring out the best way to craft engaging giveaway emails is not easy. At the same time, you need to collect email contacts and build templates. 

If you are a Mac user, you will find many macOS templates that you can tailor as per your giveaway email requirement. These are reviewed by Mac so you can expect good results. Here are giveaway email examples that will help you do your promotions right.

7 Giveaway email Examples to get Some inspiration

1. Competition giveaway email

Competition-giveaway-email- Giveaway email examples

When launching a giveaway competition, you need to create an attractive subject line. Let your content be informative and to the point. It should add a call-to-action for the recipients to sign up to get the gift. The key thing to pay attention to should be the prize. Every small detail in the email is critical.

In the example above, Lonely Planet was giving away a free trip for two to Yellowstone National Park. Here is the message content. 

The email provides the recipient with several options to enjoy a trip to the park. It encourages the audience to provide their email address to enter the competition. By entering the competition, they stand a chance to win a trip for two worth $2,500. 

This is one of the best giveaway email examples that you can consider. The marketing team used a high-quality image and added the email text to it. They used several strategies to convince the visitor they are the best to choose for a trip to Yellowstone.

The team used structured headings to make navigation easier. They offered a chance to win a trip for two and the latest guide to the US National Parks.

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2. Last-minute whistle for a product promotional season

Last-minute-whistle-for-a-product-promotional-season- Giveaway email examples

Brands promote their products to increase awareness. With awareness comes increased sales, conversion rate, and revenue. A product promotion season should have a limited timeframe.

It should highlight the product or products under question. It needs to show the need for urgency. This pushes audiences to hurry and enter the promotion. 

The product promotion email above is by Cadbury. It was done during the Premier League. Its purpose was to promote the Cadbury FC team and Cadbury’s list of products. The email shows there are only two weeks to go. It also shows there are plenty of chances to win prizes. Here is what the email includes. 

3. Giveaway announcement email


Whenever your brand is preparing to offer giveaways, you should let your audiences know. Sometimes you might launch a giveaway when no one is aware. Your promotion time could lapse with no one participating. An announcement email alerts your audience about an upcoming season. 

When they are aware, they will participate in your giveaway. The entire season will be full of engagement and excitement. In the example above, Attraction Tickets was announcing they had reached 100K likes on their Facebook page.

They were announcing a live ATD party on Facebook. They also announced a chance to win various fantastic prizes. Here is an example. 

4. An upcoming announcement

Your brand might plan an announcement but doesn’t want to reveal it early. You can prepare your audience’s mind to get ready and wait for it. It has a psychological effect and could attract a landslide of subscriptions. Here is an example to show an upcoming announcement. 

Subject tag: HUGE announcement to be made soon, want to access it early?

Hi Susan, 

We have a big surprise coming for our wonderful followers in the next 7 days. However, the privilege for early announcement will be available to only a select few. 

To make sure you don’t miss it, keep an eye out for our email in your inbox next Wednesday. 

This surprise is reserved only for the first 100 people. So, you need to be quick!



5. A reminder to claim a gift


To encourage more participants in your giveaways, you need to keep reminding your audiences. Ensure you are timely in sending your emails. You need to show a sense of urgency as the deadline approaches. Reminders help to keep the excitement high.

The email should mention the value of the unclaimed gift. It increases the chances of the recipient taking action. Here is a reminder to claim a gift from Handy. 

6. Promoting engagement


One of the ways to promote engagement is to use surveys. It also increases brand exposure. When users provide their valuable data, they should get a gift in return. The email should tell recipients the type of information they need to provide. 

Some of the survey invitations include the approximate time the survey will take. More importantly, it should include the expected gift. It can be monetary, discount, or product. Here is an invitation to take a survey example by Grammarly that promotes engagement.

7. Announcing a contest winner


After a contest, it is important to announce the winner. It is ethical to notify the winner before you publicly announce their name. Let the person know they are the winner but also make sure they meet the eligibility requirement.

The person should consent for their name and photo to be published on the public portal. Wait until the person responds to acknowledge winning to claim the prize. 

The response must be within the timeframe that you give them. If they fail to respond, your brand might decide to pick another winner. Follow the guidelines for the platform you used to run the contest. Your choice of language is critical. Let it be jovial and uplifting. Here is an email example announcing the winner of the contest. 


Giveaway emails are aimed to increase brand awareness, sales, and loyalty. They attract more leads through gifts, offers, and discounts. Crafting an engaging giveaway email is the best way to get better results.

They need to be personalized and sent to the right target market. They include abandoned carts, welcome, re-engagement, sale offers, and lead-converting emails. We hope you find some inspiration from giveaway email examples.


Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.