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Difference Between Web Push and SMS

Difference Between Web Push and SMS

Still Figuring out the right way to get your message to the audience?

In today’s era, it is very complicated to reach the audience and gain attention. It is not an easy job for a digital marketer. The growth of competition between brands makes the visibility difficult.

Web push notifications have supported out marketers to reach their audience, unlike early times. This helps out the marketers to attain visibility and attention of the consumer.

Do you receive messages on discounts? Yes so here is the SMS notification tool that is used by the marketers gaining attention nowadays.

Who doesn’t have a cell phone?

It is been said that merely everyone in today’s date makes full use of their mobile phones and spend maximum time with it.

Why not text your audience your messages and promotions, offers and deals, offs and discounts? Cool right?

The logic and theory behind this are great and certainly can find achievement in the marketing quality by implementing this as a strategy.

You might have noticed your desktop or device getting ping every time you use internet or web applications.

So, there comes the push notification. It is one type enabled with the internet that allows sending content in form of notifications that pop-up on screen and even sometimes after the internet is used.
The Push Notification is simple yet complicated with lot more sophistication at the same time.

What is Web Push Notifications? 

Web push notifications are content and messages provided by the internet or the application, the purpose behind this is to identify and detail users with the variety of contents and information. The basic use of Web Push Notification is to provide prior information that could reach the user as fast as possible. WPN’s can be related to anything, can be a reminder or an alert of security risk or management of any work and so on. It helps in providing information rapidly with constant results.

What is SMS Notification?

Coming to SMS Notifications/ text messaging notifications.

Before we start we have to know about what is SMS notification and how does it work?

SMS stands for Short Message Service and is also said as a “text message”.

With an SMS, you can send a message of up to 160 characters to another device.

Longer messages will automatically be split up into several parts. Mostly every cell phones support this type of text messaging.

It is a messaging service component of most telephone, World Wide Web, and mobile telephony systems. It uses standardized communication protocols to enable mobile phone devices to exchange short text messages.

It uses standardized communication protocols to enable mobile phone devices to exchange short text messages.

The basic similarity of a Website Push Notification and an SMS marketing is that they have the same link to click on which will make the user reach the landing page directly.

But, this time we will be talking about the difference between Web Push Notifications and SMS notifications.

Here are some key areas to help make it clear the difference between Web Push and SMS.

1) Talking about Registration:web push registration

Push Notifications allow users one click hit button that ensure that the user is subscribed and updated.

Whereas, In SMS the user either texts a specific phrase to a certain number or has to enter their phone number on a registration form. The user then has to check for a confirmation message and probably has to respond in order to officially get in.

2) Who would not like instant delivery?

Now here the Web Push Notification instantly delivers to a person’s desktop or mobile device, even if they are not active at your website.
Whereas in SMS the text is delivered straight to the inbox only. It might or might not show up as a push notification, depending on the settings of the user.

3) Major part: Content

People usually complain more about the content they experience. an improved content is a secret to catching the user’s eye.

In Web Push the content is Short but can have a title, body, and a customized icon.

In SMS it is also short but cannot have any images or a specified title.

4) Catch the eye: Visibility

The user has a lot more to see and explore, one should make sure that the message is enough visible to the user and is ready once the user uses their device.catch the eye visibility

Web Push: It is Highly visible. The notification is shown instantly and usually does not have to compete with any other messages.

SMS: There are more chances of the message getting lost in a crowded text message inbox, and also depends on the user’s interest of the chat box’s like Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail.

5) If I didn’t get you? I didn’t get you. ” Recognition “

Web Push Notification are easily recognizable. It can display your brand in the title or the body of the message, or in custom icon or brand image. It is hard to get easily confused for spam.

But, In SMS, one can easily be confused for spam.

The sender shows up as a string of numbers, so when a message is delivered it is not immediately known who it is from unless a user takes the time to save the number to their address book.

These were some difference between Web Push Notifications and SMS notifications.

Checkout how a leading film and retail entertainment company in India, PVR, got more customer engagement from Push Notifications than Email and SMS.

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