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RSS to Push Notification

rss to push notification


Send Instant Push Notifications For Every New RSS Feed Items.


After publishing content in RSS, the main problem for marketers and publishers is to generate more traffic and increase the reach of content. To achieve this, publishers share the content on social media, send emails and wait for the audience to see their content. As this is a slow process, a new feature is introduced for the Web Push Notification.

Now NotifyVisitors has automated sending of RSS feeds with push notifications, named RSS-to-Push Notification. Publishers and marketers are sending push notification of their RSS feed to their users instantly. Push Notifications has greater advantages over other methods as listed in our previous blog.


Advantages of NotifyVisitors RSS-to-Push Notification


  • Easy to integrate.
  • Subscribing method for push notification is very simple.
  • Automated sending of push notification.
  • 100% user reach in real time.
  • Built specifically for bloggers, publishers, and content creators


How to Enable RSS-To-Push notification in NotifyVisitors?


1. Login

Go to NotifyVisitors panel, enter your login credentials.

Rss to push Notifications
Rss to Push Notifications


2. Go to Web Push Notification panel

After login, go to Web Push Notification section. To enable RSS-To-Push Notification click on configuration underside menu.

Web Push Notification panel


3. Add RSS feed URL in this tab

In configuration, click on post-back tab. There you will find rss feed input. Enter your rss feed URL and click on Update.

RSS-to-Push Notification


4. And now you are done

Now your part is done, everything else is the NotifyVisitors job. We check your RSS feeds every 10 minutes and fetch the latest blog. Then we schedule the notification after 2 hours so that you can check for any changes if you want to.



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Rizwan Ali Khan

Rizwan Ali Khan, the Product Manager at Notifyvisitors is a tech Geek, UI / UX Designer & Creative Writer who likes to learn about new technologies in his free time.