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7 Best Tips to Create Remarkable Customer Experience Strategy

According to statistics, improving customer experience can reduce customer churn by up to 15%, increase win rate by up to 40% and lower the cost to serve by 50%

For any B2B brand, customer experience is one of the most important aspects to master to experience relevance in the market and business growth.

Customer experience, or CX, is required for effective customer acquisition and retention. It can enhance a customer’s lifetime value and lower the cost of operating your business. 

To enjoy all the benefits that come with delivering an excellent customer experience, you need a winning customer experience strategy, which is sometimes a challenge for most B2B businesses. 

What is a customer experience strategy?

A customer experience strategy is simply a business’s approach to building and delivering the best customer experience for its brand.

A customer experience is simply the expectations your customers have for your business. The experience is what they get from interacting with your business, whether through an Ad or through buying your product.

Customer experience is different from one customer to another based on how often they interact with your brand.

However, there is a lot a business can do to ensure a high-quality customer experience at all times with all its clients. With the best customer experience strategy, it is possible to turn first-time clients into lifelong brand associates.  

The importance of customer experience for B2B

importance of customer experience

In 2015, only 3% of B2B businesses values customer experience compared to today’s 86%. Statistics show that B2B buyers are willing to pay more for an excellent customer experience.

B2B clients now want to enjoy the same transactional ease accorded to consumers in B2C businesses, including having access to omnichannel facilities.

This way, they are able to find information and interact across different channels, including on social media.

Unlike variables like price and range of products that can win your clients as long as you can remain ahead of your competitors, customer experience is the secret to creating resilient and strong business relationships with your customers.

When your B2B business delivers an excellent customer experience, customers are more willing to forgive you when they have a bad experience, while the numbers are significantly low for businesses that give bad customer experiences.

When you give your clients an excellent experience and meet your customer expectations, you build brand trust. Your clients see you as a leader in your niche, therefore cementing their belief that you have their best interest at heart.

Every client who gets a good customer experience from your business is likely to come back to buy from your company in the future.

Based on these statistics, it is easy to see why every B2B company needs a customer experience strategy. With the rights strategy, you can deliver the best CX to enjoy lifelong business relationships and the best profits.

With digital B2B business sales expected to reach $1.8 trillion, by 2023, the only way for any B2B business to have a piece of the pie is by delivering an excellent customer experience.  

How to design a winning B2B CX strategy?

1. Consider the importance of SEO on customer experience

importance of SEO

SEO or search engine optimization s about optimizing an eCommerce website for search engines. Part of offering the best customer experience is ensuring you have a highly optimized website.

From the user interface to the content on your site, all these factors determine how long your website can hold a visitor. The session duration and bounce rate affect your SEO.

Part of delivering an excellent customer experience is ensuring your website visitors can find what they are looking for in the shortest time possible.

This increases their chances of remaining on the website for longer and interacting with your brand for longer. To use SEO to improve customer experience:

2. Make it easy for your clients to find what they need

Make it easy for your clients

Your clients use search engines to search for information, products, or services online. Your web content needs to address the concerns of your clients to use SEO to deliver excellent service.

Part of providing an excellent customer experience is giving your audience exactly what they are looking for.

Internal link building is still essential according to Omnicore’s on-page SEO checklist.

Internal link building is simply building links to other pages on your website, making it easier for search engines to crawl your pages. Interlinking can also be used to help your visitors find less popular content on your website.   

4. Improve the speed of your site

improve website speed

Beginning in 2010 Google started using site speed as a ranking factor. For the best customer experience, ensure your website is fast enough for PCs and mobile devices. A fast site also improves user experience and engagement levels.

5. Being customer-centric is the key

Being customer-centric means that delivering the best customer experience is deeply rooted in a company’s values. It means that a company places the customer at the center of everything.

When designing a customer experience strategy, you need to focus on ensuring it becomes a key part of your business. Based on statistics, only about 14% of B2B businesses are truly customer-focused.

While these numbers show how much work B2B businesses need to put into delivering excellent customer care, it also shows opportunity for any B2B business that wants to stand out and improve profitability by providing the best customer experience.

Part of being customer-centric is taking time to understand your consumers. This will give you a deep understanding of their needs and values, making it easier for you to satisfy their needs.

Creating a customer journey map is an easy way of identifying a customer’s touchpoint. Identify sources of delay or friction and work on eliminating them. Also, look out for opportunities to add value.

Since B2B businesses are often sales-oriented businesses, adopting a customer-centric approach can be a challenge.

Still, it is achievable by training the organization on how to shift to customer-based service delivery.

6. Define clear goals for your CX strategy

When designing your customer experience strategy, you need to have a goal in mind. Consider what you want to achieve from your strategy and how you would want it to benefit your business and align these with your marketing strategies.

Some of the goals you can set include:

a) Improving speed – delivering a faster and more efficient B2B journey to your customers can help your business get ahead.

This includes having a quicker purchasing process, faster service delivery, ensuring faster feedback and problem resolution, and ensuring high responsiveness on your eCommerce site.

b) Ease – your B2B should deliver a straightforward shopping experience. You need to make it easy for your customers to complete orders.

This can be achieved by optimizing the usability of your eCommerce store, preventing order errors, and leveraging technology.  

c) Consistency – providing a consistent experience is critical. This includes offering an omnichannel experience where they can access orders, contact your team and even place orders on different platforms.

7. Collect and use customer feedback for improved customer experience

improved customer experience

To create the best customer experience strategy and get the best customer feedback, you need to listen to what your customers are saying about your brand, products, and services.

This information can be gathered from the different channels used to reach your customer base, like social media platforms. You can also gather feedback through interviews and online surveys, among other ways.  

Gathering this information in one place makes it easier for you to understand your brand reputation amongst your target clientele. It gives you a clear overview of areas that need improvement.

This is a highly critical aspect of designing the best customer experience strategy.


The success of your B2B business is directly linked to your customer experience strategy. Use the tips highlighted in this post to create a winning customer experience strategy that will keep your customers coming back.

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