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Cold Email Marketing: 7 Best Tips for Converting Leads

Do you want to increase your conversions while using cold email marketing? In this competitive business environment, getting the attention of potential customers can be challenging— let alone convincing them to take action. ‘That’s where cold emailing comes into play: by taking a strategic approach, you can connect with potential leads quickly and effectively.

To help get you started on your journey, here are our top 7 tips for converting leads through cold emailing!’ That’s where cold emailing comes into play: by taking a strategic approach, you can connect with potential leads quickly and effectively. To help get you started on your journey, here are our top 7 tips for converting leads through cold emailing!

What is cold email marketing?

Cold email marketing is a process of using emails to yield new leads or establish relationships with prospects who may not be familiar with your product or service.

Cold outreach involves designing an email campaign that focuses on targeting people who are most likely to be curious about what you have to offer. With cold email marketing you can reach out to hundreds, even thousands of contacts who were once unaware of your company.

Moreover, you can give them an offer they may not have been exposed to otherwise. Creative content, smart segmentation strategies, and personalized outreach all help in ensuring that such initiatives are successful.

When done right though cold email campaigns, brands can increase their customer base exponentially, leading to greater revenues and overall success.

7 Best Tips for Cold Email Marketing

1. Be authentic

Being authentic is one of the crucial tips you need to remember while implementing cold email marketing. Remember, your email recipients don’t know about your business. Firstly, you must establish your credibility and to build it make sure that the email address looks authentic and that the sender’s name and credentials are clearly displayed.

Next, don’t forget to add human touch as it should have a natural flair to it and should not sound robotic. Keep it interactive, concise and friendly.  Moreover, you can consider adding a bit of humor and wit for that human element. Since this is your first email to them don’t make it sound like a sales pitch therefore, avoid using a misleading or clickbaity subject line.

Lastly, read your email to yourself before sending it, and decide whether your message sounds natural. Your cold email marketing will drive better outcomes if it’s similar to what you offer your prospect in person and has an informal tone.

2.  Build a connection

Build a connection

The key purpose behind cold email outreach should be to build a relationship with prospects rather than close a sale. If you send out the same cookie-cutter template, it doesn’t really help you out in your sales and marketing plan and all your efforts are going to be in vain.

You must figure out a way to connect to your intended audience. Even the smallest things make a difference like addressing the recipient by their name as it goes a long way in building a personal connection.

Make sure you do some research about your recipients like knowing their pain points, finding common ground for initiating a conversation, and work toward establishing a sustainable relationship.

People are usually bombarded with cold emails on a daily basis. Building a strong connection ensures that your first email stands out amongst your competitors.

3. Personalize your message

Tailoring your email to cater to a particular person you are reaching out to is an important cold email marketing tip. If you think that doing basic research and knowing more about the person you are sending the cold email to is enough then you are wrong as this is where personalization begins. 

You need to find out how to convert those leads into paying customers.  One day to do is start a lead generation nurturing process for the same.

Your message must be customized to convey that you are aware of the possible pain points, and it should also enlighten your leads on how your product or service can help you out. Remember, the message shouldn’t be primarily about you and it should address your prospects’ needs. 

4. Make use of social proof

Make use of social proof

Offering social proof is a great way to build credibility among your prospects as when you do cold email marketing, you are a stranger to them.  To establish that your offer is true and credible, you must validate yourself and incorporate social proof to yield trust in your business.

Moreover, If you have common connections, showcase them in the email. If you do not have common connections then you can refer to the other customers who have already availed of your services or use your product offering. The more credible you appear, the higher your chances are of getting a response from them.

5. Keep it precise and actionable

Make sure you keep your cold email precise as your prospects aren’t likely to read the entire content of your email. They are not aware of you, and if your mail does not offer the value at a glance, they’ll hit the delete button without even thinking.

When you send a short message you have a higher chance of being opened and read. Make sure you include clear instructions  and explicitly mention the objectives of mailing them in the first place significantly improves the response rate

6. Communicate the value first

Communicate the value first

You may want to target prospects through a sales pitch, but make sure that it does not sound like a sales email. Don’t get started with a direct sales pitch without sharing what you have to offer. While pitching to a prospect, make sure you keep your value proposition clear, so prospects know what benefits you are offering, and explicitly mention that in the email body.

Rather than pushing them to purchase your products or services, let them know about the actual offering and invite them to ask for more details or clarification from your end. In the subsequent follow-up conversations, highlight your concern in an incremental manner until the point that it no longer sounds like a pitch but rather a logical sequence of events.

7. Don’t forget to Track your performance

Tracking is crucial to check whether your cold emailing strategy is generating results. Moreover, keep a tab of important metrics such as the open rate and response rate for your emails. Tracking metrics allows you to understand what works the best, what isn’t and what modifications you need to do to make it work.

Tweak your email copy, make changes in your value proposition, gather the feedback and fine-tune your process till you design a strategy that works for you and fetch you responses. From the opening line, the ultimate cold email purpose is to get the viewer to go through your pitch and respond to it.


Cold email marketing can be an effective way to connect with leads, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Sending too many emails or bad messages could lead to your being marked as spam, so take the time to make sure you’re following best practices for mail delivery.

Additionally, when crafting messages for your campaigns, think about what resonates with potential customers and how you can use hot topics and soft sells to capture their attention. Lastly, don’t forget to give people an easy path to engagement and make it worth their time. 

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