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Setup NotifyVisitors SMS Campaigns With TRAI regulations

Setup NotifyVisitors SMS Campaigns With TRAI Regulations

SMS campaigns are the most convenient form of marketing. You can communicate with the users and engage them with the relevant offers, updates, and alerts. Also, SMS marketing is incorporated to send transactional and promotional messages to the users who have consented to receive the messages. 

Following the thread, there can be chances that these messages could be fraudulent or spam. Considering this issue, TRAI has enforced certain guidelines for SMS marketing. Read this article to know how you can setup NotifyVisitors SMS campaigns with TRAI regulations.

SMS Marketing In NotifyVisitors

NotifyVisitors allows you to create, schedule, and track SMS campaigns under one integrated platform. You can choose the service providers and set them as default from the dashboard itself. Also, you can set up recurring & one-time campaigns and distribute them amongst the predetermined percentage of subscribers. 

TRAI DLT Regulations

You can set up NotifyVisitors campaigns with the TRAI guidelines to control any Spam or fraudulent practices. TRAI enforces the guidelines to whitelist all your SMS templates. You need to register the sender IDs and company entities under the DLT portals.

Before moving on to the DLT registration process, let us know the TRAI guidelines:

  • You are required to whitelist all your SMS templates, it applies to both transactional and promotional campaigns.

  • You must register the sender IDs and your company’s entities. In case you do not register it before the deadline, your mobile operators will stop sending messages to the users and subscribers.

  • TRAI guidelines refrain the sending messages between the DND hours,i.e. From 21:00 hrs to 10:00 hrs. The financial transactions are the only exceptions during these hours.

DLT Registration Process

Below are the steps to set up NotifyVisitors with TRAI guidelines :

1. Register Your Sender Id:

You are required to register the sender name/sender ID or headers in the context of the transactional or promotional messages whichever you are sending to the users. You need to register it directly with the mobile network providers.

2. Register Message Template:

The next step that follows after the registration of the sender ID is the registration of SMS templates. You are required to whitelist the message templates under the DLT portals such as Airtel, jio, Vodafone, BSNL, Videocon, etc. You can register them under any of the following categories.

  • Transactional messages – You can register the transactional messages only for the bank OTPs.

  • Promotional messages –  The following messages require the user content to receive the messages in the context of your products and services.

  • Service implicit and service explicit – The following messages require the user consent in the context of the messages regarding your products./services)

Note: Once you register the message template, you will get a unique DLT template ID for all the approved SMS templates. Also, you need to attach the DLT template to all the messages that you will be sending to the users. Otherwise, the message delivery could also lead to failure.

How to Configure SMS Campaigns Using Service Provider:

1. NotifyVisitors enables you to choose the SMS service providers as per your requirements. These service providers are responsible for sending and tracking your SMS campaigns. Before that, the service providers must be integrated with the NotifyVisitors. 

Note: NotifyVisitors provides different SMS service providers (Gupshup, Twilio, Infiniti, Tarsan) whom you can choose to configure. A simple integration process is required to configure these service providers in the NotifyVisitors panel.

choose GUPSHUP as your default SM

2. You can choose GUPSHUP as your default SMS service provider and begin with the tracking of your SMS campaigns in an effective way.

How to Send SMS Campaigns in NotifyVisitors

You can send and schedule one-time or recurring SMS campaigns in NotifyVisitors. Apart from sending, scheduling, and tracking the campaigns, you can configure duplicate users in NotifyVisitors.

SMS Campaign Distribution:

SMS Campaign Distribution

You can distribute the SMS campaigns amongst the predetermined set of subscribers from the panel and schedule to send them within a defined time limit.

Recurring SMS campaigns:

Recurring SMS campaigns

Remind customers about their monthly or yearly installments by sending and scheduling the recurring SMS campaigns from the NotifyVisitors panel. Simply create a recurring campaign by choosing the recurring option from the panel and schedule it for a daily, monthly, or yearly basis.

SMS Campaign Analytics:

SMS Campaign Analytics

View and introspect all the SMS campaign analytics in one integrated panel. You can know about the sent, rejected, failed, and discarded campaigns.

Deduplicate Users:

Deduplicate Users

You can configure the feature of deduplicate users from the NotifyVisitors panel. Many times your users register with the same contact details or same email addresses. You can recognize such users and then consider the count of the repetitive user (having the same id or contact details ) as one. Hence, you can avoid sending the SMS campaigns to them time and again.


SMS marketing wins over the marketing strategies, if you are choosing this approach to engage with the users and subscribers, NotifyVisitors makes your work easy and effective with the above features considering TRAI regulations in mind. We hope after reading this post you may have understood how to setup NotifyVisitors SMS campaigns with TRAI regulations.


Stella is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation software that helps businesses to expand their reach. Apart from writing, she enjoys reading and cooking.