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What is UI

How to Improve UI Design? 9 Best Practices

You must already be familiar with the term UI, but how essential it is for user experience? Maybe you have not put much thought into it because you might be holding all your focus on the relevant content of a website.

You might not have heard of the fact that a website’s UI is the first thing users interact with. The rest comes later. 

So let’s get started with the very basic question.

What is UI?

What is UI?

The main focus of a UI (user interface) is on the looks and style. Whether you are designing a website or an app, designers usually focus on creating a UI that soothes the user’s mind. They must find it pleasurable and useful.

It is the process of creating graphical interfaces in any software or device with the main focus on appearance and looks.

Let your users interact with the UI. 

User interfaces are the access points where users interact with the designs and further perform an action according to them.

What does a UI contain :

  • Graphical user interfaces could be the control panels where the users could see the live analytics and reports.
  • The voice- control interfaces include the auditory interaction Where users can listen to the information and no specific details.
  • Gesture-based interfaces allow users to engage with movable 3D images and graphics.

No doubt, the user interface plays a vital role in a user experience as viewing the graphics, they could quickly judge and make a decision as to what to do next. Also, they can grasp what the context is all about by merely looking at the design of the website. Therefore, you should create a UI without considering this fact that they would judge. But build it in a way that makes it easier for the users to reach their goals quickly.

Points to remember while creating a UI :

  • Don’t put too many icons on the screen.
  • Create user portals where they could directly perform their tasks.
  • If you put too many icons, they will notice and judge more. Therefore, allow users to find their way intuitively.
  • Put features that users can enjoy more.

How to improve your UI skills :

Being a UI designer is a robust and challenging task. Technology is continuously changing, and keeping up a pace with it is equally important. Also, you need to create a UI that aligns with your business goals altogether. You should be a continuous learner and a regular trainee of design courses if you want to top up your game as a UI designer.

9 Best Ways to Improve UI Design

1. Become familiar with UI design patterns:

What is UI design pattern

If you have just begun your profession as a designer, or if you are mediocre in this field. Getting to know the UI design patterns will improve your efficiency and your designing vocabulary will supersede too. The patterns are the solutions that you can use or apply to any problems in your UI design.

2. Attune yourself with good designs:

What is Great UI design

You can brush up your designing practices by making sites such as Pinterest, Behance, and dribble a regular part of your life. See the designs of top professionals and how they are using the colors and spaces. How can you be creative with your unique designs? Slowly and steadily by learning about the unique designs. You will be able to go into detail with the design decisions.

3. Expand your networking:

Expand networking

If you want to become a better UI designer and improve your skills. It would be best if you expand your networking. That means you can attend networking events that could enhance your career. Share tips and knowledge with the other designers so that you become familiar with the solutions of your most common issues. Maybe you are facing the same challenges as they are.

4. Try to see through top professional’s work

See professional's UI designs

If you want to excel as a professional UI designer. Please take a look at the designs of the top professional designers and try to copy them. Of course, you should not copy it. Otherwise, you can be caught for plagiarism, but you can recreate their work with your creativity. This way, you will come out of your comfort zone.

5. Create your projects:

Once you polish your skills as a designer, try to figure out how you can think out of the box. Take the initiative to create your project. Be authentic and open while creating your project. You don’t have to follow strict rules and guides to follow. Think about how creative you can be with your skills. Once you open up your creative potential, you can improve UI design more.

6. Ask for feedback:

Don’t judge your designs too much. You can only attain perfectionism once you share your work with others and allow you to grasp the input. Therefore share your designs with other designers so that you can see through their perspective as well and attain perfection by improving your designs. 

7. Find a guide:

To be a full-grown professional designer, you need continuous support, mentors that help you and motivate you to be a great designer. They can give resonance to your ideas and correct you where you are failing. As they have gone through the same process, they will provide you with the quick-fix tips to improve your skills. They will help you deal with personal challenges, and you can overcome your fears.

8. Learn to define hierarchy:

Define hierarchy of UI.

You need to create hierarchical steps to set the user interface whether you are doing wireframes or building from a design system.

 Create a legit list of questions before starting with the process :

  • Firstly, determine what is the most important thing on the screen.
  •   What do the users want to do here?
  •   How shall the design help in the overall user experience?
  • What should be the previous page and next page? What shall be the end path? When will the users use this interface?

9. Create a UI kit: 

create UI design kit

Create UI kits right from scratch. It will help you know the principles such as what should be the consistency of the designs, how can you organize the design files and design structure. It will be a good learning experience for you. Always remember to create a kit that will help you align with the type of work you do.


You can follow the above-mentioned tips to improve UI design.


Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.